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Hearts mouth

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Just open you heart and write whatever the mouth cant say
Sometimes the heart wants to talk
But the mouth doesnt have the words
Lets create a place where we allow our hearts to speak and to bleed through the paper (in this case the screen XD )

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
Canada 34awards
Joined 30th July 2020
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Lost †(22)

My mind is confused hogwash
My body is confused hogwash
My soul is confused hogwash

In short it is a mess
Sometimes I just wish to go to sleep
And all forget
Yet again I wake
Another day to walk around in a daze
Walking around like a zombie and a fake.

A semblance of whatever
Trying to adapt to an environment
Which is the same as a day ago
Yet totally where am I?
I don't know.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Dangerous Mind
United States 4awards
Joined 8th May 2012
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Let me catch
your exhale †
in my lungs †
while tides †
lap against †
our bare feet,  

so that should  
I blink in this †
ephemeral moment, †
I have your essence †
indelibly captured †
in my bloodstream  

so that should  
my eyes be stricken †
with sudden blindness, †
such as plagues †
the rest of the world,  
I could still  
outline your  
your silhouette  
in minute detail  
with the  
feeding my heart  

Your facets  
in the sunlit ocean †
refract against  
and Iím left with †
oxygen-starved eyes,  
and gasping pores  

Because seeing you †
as you  
is unparalleled  
but itís not enough  

itís never enough.  

So, darling,
let me catch †
your exhale  
in my lungs, †
while tides  
lap against our bare feet, †
leave the imprint of your  


so deeply inside me, †
that I could

live without air.  

Written by Betty
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Fire of Insight
United States 6awards
Joined 24th Sep 2017
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And they lived happily ever after
An expanse of laughter lines
Warmly consoled their souls
Until the twilight of old age
Rested itself in their home

Bones no longer clattered
Night came, stars shown
And dawn found them
Huddled together
In everlasting


Birds sang in grief
At the sunrise
As our spirits drifted
Toward the skies
Wide eyed as one

Together, weíre never alone
In our loverís arms and
In each otherís hearts
We are never lost
Or forgotten

We are home

{ We are home }

We are home

Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 18th Aug 2017
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There she lies in hemostasis.
Abyss calling her to surrender.
Rendered useless by her beloved.
Shredded heart, now she is in a balance.

Commence coagulation.
Stations need to be manned.
Unplanned attack but ready.

Steady on the primary.
Hairy outcome if not triggered.
Vigor in her allows for vasoconstriction.
Conviction as the flow of life redirects.
Connecting, allowing platelet adhesion.
Lesions begin to repair.

Despair still draws, for we need secondary.
Every moment matters.
Shattering aggregation could leave her vulnerable.
Full of fibrin now forming.
Storming in are the coagulation factors.
Reactor organ, the liver.
Delivered from death, she is stable.
Able to seek her vengeance.
Written by Ljdynamic
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Lost Thinker
Romania 1awards
Joined 21st Jan 2017
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did you know
every single time I close my eyes
I see life struggle to stay inside
them cold inert bodies
I see calamities
fires scorching
razing the everything
to the ground
into the ashes astound
lies the dessicated rainfall
soaked in blood
as it carves out the craving appetite
for eternal night
did you know
every single time I take a breath
I bathe in the Lethe
its ice cold strokes running all over
all the forgotten smoulder
a faint memory
of what it used to be
yet still there
lying in the ashes
burnt to dust
and yet it's not
all gone
one by one
did you know
even though
I tell you now
there's nothing you truly know
John Doe
did you know
there's winter down below
all wrapped in your snow
the fire froze
your hope glows
no more
at my door
and the nothing is right there
I gaze
into an empty space
time stopped
the brain's blocked
nugatory fuckedupedness
purposeless nothingness
is what's next
and yet
living in your own net
there's nothing you know
John Doe
Written by Daevileyes
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Thought Provoker
Portugal 3awards
Joined 26th May 2022
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The art of being nobody in the crowd!

All being is work,
all being is prime and chromium...
All beings are one
and unique and simple...

almost all beings
are basic and some beings
are human,
most ignore it!

Viruses infecting galaxies!

Aquatic beings because wet,
aerial beings because moony.
Earthly beings because buried,
scorched igneous beings.

Dragons, sirens, chimeras or sphinxes,
each being is only what being pretends to be.

All being is work,
the whole being is prey and mass...

All beings are carbon and fiber and tone...
Almost all beings
are complex and some beings are human,
most ignore it!

Astronauts in drops of water!

Baroque beings because history,
modern beings because hysteria.
Troglodytes and polyglots.
Sacrosancts and idiots.

All being is a turned page
in the book of life,
all being is blurry writing
in the draft map of hell.

All being is humor and liquor
and blood, and sweat, and saliva...

All being is metastasis of sunlight
in the navy blue sky of an eternal autumn,
all being is paste, is mass,
clay and mother of pearl.

Every being is a parasite
on the skin of snakes,
it is a toxin in the half point arches,
every being is electric and human,
most ignore it!

Tiles on the walls of convents,
bread and roses in the white laps of queens.

Every living being is an accumulation of dead cells.

All being is Art,
every being is part of the Art of the other,
the whole being is the other part,
not complementary, of what has been preserved
of the quintessence of the Art of the other.

all living being
is discovery and caravel
and love letter without addressee...

some humans are humans,
most ignore it!

All being is apple in Eve's mouth
and in the mouth of any princess
childhood tale...
the whole being is mortal sin and eternal forgiveness.

The whole being is smile and riddle and sign.
All being is museum and gallery and wall.
All being is masterpiece
to which no other being gives a damn.

All being is cemetery and urn,
depository of the making of another being,
from the ashes of another's loving body,
any, being, that is not dominant,
because lover, because always and after and before.

All being is water thrown to the ground,
thrown into the oil of society or into the vinegar of God,
to the spittle of the mouth of atheists.

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Mister Write
Fire of Insight
Canada 3awards
Joined 13th Apr 2021
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Angelís Mighty Yearn

Winterís breeze beneath †
the morning sun † †
where its cool whisper †
melts the frost † †  
how time is loosed †
with memories spun † †
and their sweet †
seduction is not lost † †  
† †  
dreams borne upon †
silken angelís wings † †  
I will write my verse †
with fingertips † †  
delicately traced over †
your soul that sings † †
swaying to the rhythm †
of your disrobed hips † †  
† †  
from sunlit peaks down †
into fertile plains † †  
breaths stop to linger †
and slowly dance † †  
moisture begins to pool †
from summer rains † †
the scented warmth †
holds me in a trance † †  
† †  
a delicate flower with †
its pink petaled folds † †
beckons sweet attention †
to its perfect form † †  
poised a breath away †
from the beauty it holds † †  
it waits patiently for †
the coming storm † †  
† †  
how it trembles at the †
first tentative brush † †  
the serenity melts †
into a raging stream † †
your soul liquifies †
as it starts to gush † †  
and I push even †
deeper into the dream † †  
† †  
my mouth worships †
at your secret place † †
and my motion writes †
the songs of desire † †
these eyes trace curves †
of elegant grace † †  
as I work to quench †
your fire
Written by Poetic_Quill (Mister Write)
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Dangerous Mind
Canada 19awards
Joined 27th Dec 2017
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Things I'll Never Say

Her soul was once a radiant fire
But now nearly all her flames have turned to ember
Her head-strong approach was something Iíve always admired
Yet now it seems like she has surrenderedÖ
To despair and anxiety after five gruesome years
I watch on helplessly as I donít know what to do
How can I assure her that thereís nothing to fear?
Whenever she asks me what our future holds, I havenít got a clue
There are moments where I see determination in her worn eyes
But those days are rarer and rarer
Many days all I want to do is cry
We wouldnít be in this situation if life had been fairer
All her life has been one struggle after another
But she managed to push on by working like heck
I love her so, oh my poor, dear mother
I fear that Iíll be the cause of her premature death.

Emptiness inside
I didnít want to believe
That this is the final goodbye
Between you and me
I miss you Leo
Why did you have to go?
You, mom and I were the Golden Trio
Yet your life was cut short like one would blowÖ
Out a candle to extinguish its flames
Yet you, my dear cat, were hit by a car
That heart-stopping text from dad engulfed me in rage
And those unbelievable words had sown onto my heart a scar
Sometimes I dream of you, and Iím so happy
Only to wake up to reality, and I burst into tears
These last 10 months without you have been utterly crappy
Your affectionate personality filled our lives with cheer
Emptiness inside
Iíve now come to terms
That this is the final goodbye
The lack of a pulse and your immobile chest were enough to confirm.

I know I havenít been the most worshipping of Christians
Only recently have I come to terms with my spirituality
Honestly, I thought that your existence was pure fiction
Yet my life experience led me to believe that your existence could be a reality
After all, you saved my mother when she was in deathís clutches
You have made it possible for me to accomplish my dream
Whenever I was done, you have been my pair of crutches
So please help me now, or Iíll burst out and scream
Iíve made a terrible choice, that shouldnít have been so if life were different
I went all in instead of fully analyzing and opting for the safer path
I know that my face is often blank, making people think that Iím indifferent
When really, itís my only way of protecting myself from attack
I didnít sign up to pay this terrible price
This never would have happened had the opportunity exited back home
I had no one at the time to give me much needed advice
I feel like Iíve screwed up just as badly as the fall of Rome
So, God, Forces of the universe, my Guardian Angel
Please help my bearer and I to make it out of this shitstorm
This experience has left me rather gainfulÖ
In what I should and shouldnít do; Iím now informed
But I swear that Iíll bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel; no matter how painful.
Written by LunasChild8
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Dangerous Mind
United States 3awards
Joined 15th Jan 2019
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Splinter, I Remember

As the trees wear short sleeves †  
of nature's best, as a forest grows  
carrying me across the meadows † † † †
with a splinter, I can remember †
just in time the waves of Autumn †
interpreting the landscape †
and charming the acorns †
sketching a sky of a falling leaf  
watching Harlequins dance †† † † † †
in arabesque with butterflies †
As the trees wear short sleeves †  
Written by adagio
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Twisted Dreamer
United States 7awards
Joined 4th May 2022
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The Words Yet Wanting

heart silenced mouth stopped
bleeding through the snowflake pall
feral kitten dies
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Strange Creature
Joined 8th Mar 2023
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Tethered to the past

Time began with voices
Whispering in the head
They often made the choices
Enshrouded with dread
What do they want?
Loud with decisions
Why do they taunt?
Constant collisions

But along came you
A goofy smile spread
You were troubled too
Together we tread
A cheek to kiss
A hand to hold
Here in the abyss
Sweet whispers told

How theyd coo
Seemingly harmonized
The luck to have met you
I was surprised
Free I wished
From the bickering chorus
You were a gift
Who was i before us?

But as time went on
Disputes ignite
I'm merely a pawn
In their fight
Mistakes persists
You pour your heart,
Through clenched fists
I broke us apart

At fault was I
To think they were fixed
I felt you cry
My feelings mixed
Trapped with the past
The future unfolds
How did I outlast
The shiniest of golds

The future rushed
The present adrift
The past hushed
Life must be treated like a gift
Written by Cursedvessel
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Strange Creature
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Write my dissertation, the task at hand,
A challenge to face, a demand to command.
To delve deep into the world of art,
And uncover the secrets of the human heart.

Kaye Redfield Jamison, a beacon of light,
Guiding us through the darkness of the night.
Touched With Fire, her book so bold,
A journey into the minds of the creative, we're told.

The struggle between art and mental health,
A battle fought by those of great wealth,
And those who scrape by with nothing but hope,
As they strive to create, to push and to cope.

The madness that fuels the artist's soul,
A double-edged sword, taking its toll.
The highs and lows, the ecstasy and pain,
The beauty that rises from the darkest of stains.

So write my dissertation, with pen in hand,
And explore the depths of this wondrous land.
Of art and madness, of beauty and pain,
And the struggle that drives us all insane.

Lost Thinker
Joined 1st Feb 2023
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At home

When you die
Are you leaving, or coming home?
Have I ever had a home?
Have I ever been home?
Who am I to decide
what constitutes a home?
I take a guess:
To feel at home is the definition of being
at home
So I chose you
Will you stay a little longer?
Written by luddep
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