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Easter egg hunt in Witch country

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Poetry Contest

So there is this Easter egg hunt in the woods where you very well know (or suspect?) a witch or three live
Obviously a mix here. Maybe Easter and witches don't normally go together. Make it cute, nice, bad or worse or terribly ugly.
Poems 50 lines or so.  Ok:  no more than 100.  Max.

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My babuska was a witch
and she always said that
naughty boys became rabbits.

Which would dig tunnels to hell
and hide the chocolate eggs
during Easter at the orders of the devil.

My babuska was very badly behaved
and she wrapped chocolates in gold paper
that boys looked for in the circles of hell.

My babuska was very rich in stories
and punishments and curses to frighten.
In addition, she made delicious cookies.

Shaped like rabbits, shaped like boys
shaped like brooms... covered in chocolate.
My babuska was a great wacky witch!

My babuska always said
that girls should take care
what they see in the mirror...

And the boys should be prepared
to go get them from the other side
of the mirror in which they saw them.

Babuska hated mirrors, she said,
and she only liked rabbits
well baked with potatoes.

Babuska said that holes
dug by rabbits, the whitest,
they were doors to an underworld!

That the best thing was to cover them
with giant eggs made of chocolate
filled with myths and legends.

Babuska said many unusual things
while she skinned the rabbits
that she would prepare for our dinner!

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Egg hunt

The witch had no clue how to be nice to kids so slimy
Yet in her basket she dropped
Painted eggs of chocolate a few more than many
Headed out the door to the wondrous greenery
Placed them here in and there somewhat grudgingly
And yet when she saw approach cute little Goldy
She could not help but smile and give her two eggs quite readily.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Easter Keisterwipes Indoctrinated

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."    
-- an unenlightened asswipe medieval    
Deep down here underground one counterculture wicked witch    
yet gives me wood in brewing not a poesy of kitsch,    
this charmer's pot full empty of an existential awe;    
subjective feelings; private angst; opinions worth a straw;    
sweet reverence duped by Nature's beauty painted skin-deep thick,    
beneath the floral petticoat an asshole and a dick;    
suspicions proud concerning Logic's "1 is never 3"    
or Physics' "Into hurricanes, no penis wise should pee";    
the notion human apes sole own a Will true free to choose    
each ape It falls in love with and each ape It screws on booze;    
plus still in "spirits," "souls," and "spooks" vast leaps of faith engrossed    
(aside from virgin minors balled by one sexed "holy ghost");    
though underground where carpenters sans woodies resurrect --    
these brainwashed Easter Bunnies laying eggs my witch suspect.    
a dedication of Respect    
the deep Pains untold in the witch's    
a revolving helios rhyme menippean satire on    
dumb-bunny "poetry" --    
yet forcing a witch of toil    
the doubled trouble to double    
march, 2023 -- yet deep underground    
no layers of easter eggs    
revolutionaries of Reason  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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poet Anonymous

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The Shack in the Woods

A little boy wondered into the green woods
Not too far away from the church picnic grounds
For on this Easter egg hunt he wanted all the goods
So he thought he would have to go beyond the bounds
He came upon an old wooden crooked shack
“This is where I might find that egg laying hare”
Thinking this was a special place he never looked back
But the boy didn’t understand this was a witch’s lair
A scraggly old looking woman came outside
And saw the boy much to her surprise and delight
The little boy stared right back at her very wide eyed
Seeing her ragged tattered clothes and her hair so white
“Are you lost little one” she said licking her lips
“No ma’am” he said “I’m just looking for some eggs
I  thought this is where the Easter bunny lives
He’s so fast because he has those strong back legs”
“A rabbit that lays eggs?” she thought scratching her head
“I’ve never heard of no rabbit that can do such trick?”
“The Easter bunny has special powers” the little boy said
And this confused the witch as she reached for a broomstick
She looked around and said “come in” with a smile
“I have something brewing in my cauldron for you to see”
“Ok” the little boy said “but only for little while
I can’t to be gone too long or else they’ll worry about me”
The witch served him a bowl of soup from her stewpot
And while he ate she looked in a book to see what Easter meant
Then she stared at the boy and her stomach turned into knots
She licked her lips again as she smelled that delicious scent…
She served herself a bowl as well and ate along with the boy
Then took out a dozen eggs from the chicken coup behind her shack
She boiled them, then painted them with him with a new-found joy
Then put all the colorful eggs in a basket and sent the boy back
Written by wallyroo92
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