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Sunday best

poet Anonymous

Wisdom of Poetry

My heart is exploding  
because of your lovely  
words you write in your poems  
Right now your doing  
your own thing trying  
to survive the jungle which  
we call earth by any  
means necessary  
Which we used to
write these lovely  
words of wisdom  
that come from our  
Heart and our Head  
Which can be good  
and evil together
poet Anonymous


You who lies but tries to stand

You poor bastard
You smoke for looks

With crooked legs
Soulfighters bite rocks
And gather memories in their pockets

You sang your songs with closed eyes
You never washed away the sun
And you scared me
When you held your breath
You were a summer tale
You were aged fingers on an accordion
You were jewelry of aged steel
And you drank too much
poet Anonymous

The perfect storm

I stray
from where it's warm
choose the perfection
of icy wind
cutting me
in tidy little ribbons
releasing anxious pain
in whispered

It's my way;
wandering alone
roaming far away
from hearth and home
unharbored— jettisoned
finding rapture in ruins
my own shipwrecked architect

Squalls carry familiar sounds,
recognition is a meandering thought
slivers of miracles
erode time
tamp down depression
refreshing stagnant minds
hailing the horizon's harmonic rise

Wicking away tears
casting off menial fears
weathering seas
from a stiff rolling breeze
blowing strengthened air
tasting of hard toiled
tumultuous fare

Taming each wave
as courage reflects
upon a face full of brave

I build myself buoyant

I fathom

poet Anonymous

Mourning Strangers

To mourn a stranger is to say:
"I want to grieve your loss, but who really were you, to me?"
It is to know that we grew from the same, twisted roots
And still, never having access to your side of the tree
My blood tells me I knew you
But my heart cannot place from where
My mind tells me your loss should fill me with hurt
But the void in my soul asks how I could be expected to care
To reflect on our time together, where do I start?
I know there must be something, some place, in my heart
Surely, love can be found amongst the emptiness and despair  
Or maybe, there were not enough memories shared
I am not sure, yet
How I will honor your being
While still holding you accountable
But this suffering, although familiar
Has become insurmountable
I kept you at the back of my mind
Reluctant to forgive the damage your absence imparted
It seems, we were
Two, kindred souls who drifted apart, in the end
What is there left for me to do?
Disappointed and dejected
Halfway ashamed to have shared my pain, now
Could it be, in another life
We will find our way back, having figured this all out
poet Anonymous

Red Beauty

As the heavens let her shine
A passionate beauty, she’s so fine
I’ve never felt being in such a bind
Mellowed tenderness, yet never blind
Flowing satin red, fine silhouette entwined....

The colour, brightens every fold
The fragrance that makes me bold
Smooth as silk, the frock you hold
Hearing an enchanting story told
Fresh it may be, i’ll never grow old

A thousand rays or more
Fifty shades none any less
She paints at her very best
Yet its the grace of her dress
Make my heart skip the press

Elegance, seeing pace and drift
A flash, you’re unknowingly swift
The winds of change make a shift
Bold and beautiful, are you a gift?
Scarlett, the heart’s stealing thief

The calm waves from the breeze
The flutter of the red lacy fleece
Alluring smile weakens my knees
Once again and let my heart ease
“I am begging, oh darling please”

A Chinese city of Sweet serenity
Lady in red, a charming personality
Shapely brows and slender cheeks
A cheeky smile that naturally speaks
Soft and calm, glamorous and pretty
Dressed in red, oh my, what a beauty!
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