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Sunday best

poet Anonymous


Humming birds flitter
desolate garden spaces
barren, dull places

Grand orchestra assembled
vacant music hall
muted chords fall

Evening stars dimmed
forming dark cloud
not shimmering proud

Mournful child cries
tragic maternal death
never catching breath
poet Anonymous

I wanna fuck u a poet

poet Anonymous


I only see bleached bones ahead
For the entire human race;
All freshly radioactive dead
On cruise control through outer space.
They had no reason to stay alive
With God so eagerly calling them home
Where seventy seven virgins thrive
Like angels in an aerodrome!
Why keep the carcass in one piece
When afterlives are fucking great
And all the death squad hate police
We'll thank for sealing mortal fate
When all we did was waste our time
Fretting about human rights abuse
As heaven's the catch-all paradigm
For any lame immoral excuse,
Which your secular neighbor never used...
Being existentially unexcused.
poet Anonymous

A Resurrection from the House of Despair

poet Anonymous

Leave Me Here

The water is swallowing me up whole
And I am left without enough oxygen to
Breathe. I fight to keep my control,

But I want to fade away and turn blue
Because I am tired of being everyone
Elseís anchor. I am done being the glue

To hold everything together. Take the gun
And shoot me in the heart because I would
Rather die than live in misery. Take the sun

Away because I want to sink to where I should
Be, at the bottom surrounded by complete
Darkness and blackness. I am just driftwood

And utterly useless. I am not tidy or neat.
I would rather be messy and bloody so that
I can be ignored or passed by on the street

Without a second glance. I could be flat
Like a cardboard box and you would still never
Look my way. Hit me right in the gut

And it is guaranteed to hurt. It is better to sever
This while we still can rather than regretting
It all in the end. I would never have to endeavor

Or burden anybody again. You will be forgetting
Me soon enough just like everybody else has. So
While you are the one who is jetting

Off somewhere else and new, I want you to show
Me that I am right by leaving me here to wilt away
Just like everything else. I want to feel every low.
poet Anonymous

At an island of light

a lamp is lit
itís night †
but the heavens got an idea †
out there lies a mad galaxy †
the air curves and changes shape †  
in silence †
people swarm the streets outside my window †
everyone with their head in the clouds †
like out of a dream †  
I step out of bed and write a poem †  
that starts with: Itís Saturday, itís February, †
and I don't want to die
a lamp is lit
it's night
but the heavens got an idea
poet Anonymous

House Fire

I've always had a fear of fire,
the way it sets flame to whatever it touches,
it's ability to turn anything to ash,
the thought of it terrified me.
at least it did.

my perspective of fire changed when I met you,
you were an open flame,
one that I fell in love with,
your flame was bigger than me,
it controlled me.
the heat that radiated off it was invisible,
I chose for it to be that way.

I gave you room to grow,.
I provided you with oxygen,
while you spent your time setting fire to whatever laid between us.
each boundary turned to a pile of ash,
leaving me to make new ones,
ones that complied to you.
at least until you burned them again.
eventually I stopped making them,
I gave you more things to burn,
I ran into your flame,
no air for me to breathe
only smoke.

outsiders tried to put out your flame
and instead you set them on fire,
driving them so far away from me,
until I have no one left.
no one but you.

you built me a new house,
a house of flames,
no doors or windows.
I was yours,
and I couldn't change that.
why would I?
I found comfort in your fire,
the way it burned each time I touched it,
I fell in love with the scars it left behind.

I used to be scared of fire,
but now I welcome it,
never putting a stop to it.

I leave everyone worried,
they beg me to put out the flame,
but this flame is special,
it's addicting.
however, sometimes I'll find myself asking
what's outside this house fire?
and is it worth finding out?
but i guess ill never know
poet Anonymous

Dr. Michio Kaku gives me girl wood

In college, I had a
philosophy professor
enamored with string theory;
I took him three times

because he was nuts

And through him,
I developed a
on Dr. Michio Kaku,
the badass theoretical physicist
as I watched, over and over and over
his series on The Multiverse.

Simply put: every possibility, is.
There is an infinite number of
right nows, and therefore


I love that concept.
It balances shit, you know?

Because there's a universe
in which I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex
named Tim,
eating suburban douchebags in Astoria.

There's a universe in which
peanuts are banned from polite society
and one where I'm the grand potentate of
and everyone who was ever
a bitch to me
has to rub my feet and
tell me I'm pretty.

And there's one out there,
a million-million-million dimensions away
(but close enough to feel)

in which
you and I have an unstolen moment
in grassy place
in the middle of a sunbeam
shoulder to shoulder maybe,
stealing kisses
and grinning stupidly at each other,
our lips dripping platitudes
that are poison in this world

a universe
in which I can love you
without penalty,
without freaking you the fuck out,
without forcing you to feel like
you have to jump up
try and protect me
from myself,

in which I don't wish,
some days
I never hit reply

because the penalties,
especially the internal ones,
are real assholes some days

There's a universe like that,
where we can
belong to one another
for a moment

I think about that place
on cool fall mornings
until the coffee grows cold in my hands.

There's a universe like that

but it's not here

This place has †
a little less sunlight
a little more darkness

and that's fine by me

because too much time in the
sun can cause burns
and you already burn
in me
so damn hot
so damn hot
that the chick in the other
stares slack jawed in envy
on a cool fall morning
her coffee growing cold
as she imagines a universe
in which the ideal image of

is us.

There's a place like that
out there

and I wouldn't trade a moment
in our beautiful darkness
for a moment in its light
poet Anonymous

.. raise your glass

here i stand    
in front of thee,
on a world stage †  
for all to see, †
time for some words †
beautiful and humanly, †  
i denounce all killing, †  
and weaponry, †  
i propose a †  
brand new loveosophy, †
please raise your glass, †  
and vow with me, †
to share with those, †
who live less fortunately, †
to save the orphans, †
care for the elderly, †
to cherish the planet, †
the air, land and seas, †
lay down your hate, †
and be anger free, †
hellos to a stranger, †  
will concrete our decree, †
letís start a real effort †
for the whole world to be.. †
a planet of love and peace, †  
in total harmony.
poet Anonymous

American Dreamer

This is a Moroccan beat which I personally love. Please listen while reading, I really would appreciate it, thank you 😊 † † † †
††† † † †
Al Marconi : † † † †  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIog_7ME_Lw † † † † †
† † † † †
Cast upon him a burden † † † † †
a wicked curse † † † †  
born under the wrong agenda † † † † †
what could be worse? † † † † †
† † † † †
Life's value lost and hollow † †  
burned out, † † † † †
can anybody hear you? † † † †  
There's no way out! † † † † †
† † † † †
Trapped in a hell from which † † † † †
there is no escape, † † † †  
for being born on the wrong † † † † †
side of the moon † † † † †
life is cruel, look at his face † † † †  
† † † † †
† † † † †
His beauty untouched † † † †  
eyes having seen too much † † † † †
out of tune, out of touch, † † † † †
† † † † †
I can't even begin to imagine † † † † †
the human suffering where you are † † † †  
no laughter only sorrow, † † † †  
no hugs or good night kisses † † † † †
no hope for tomorrow † † † †  
† † † † †
Does anybody know what happened † † † † †
to the flowers where you are † † † †  
or the will to live not just survive, † † † † †
live, die, eat, sex and cry † † † † †
† † † † †
He'll be leaving soon † † † † †
wearing his pride on his chest † † † † †
singing his favorite tune † † † † †
dressed in his Sunday best! † † † † †
† † † † †
Yes, he'll be humming his favorite song † † † † †
long after he's gone, † † † † †
knowing his dream is now reality, † † † † †
left behind a life of psychosis banality.
poet Anonymous

Night At Ruby's Parkinglot (restaurant) part 1

Waking on the type of morning that fought the afternoon and lost.
Laying eyes stare at the ceiling it even noticed a hanging smile.
Any good conversation can have this effect.
Good communication before bed keeps a man alive inside.

Lightly walked down wooden steps to reach the outside.
Relaxing in motion the vehicle had to be made right.
Slow motion now looking back at the moment.
Active meditation at it's very beginning.
Nobody awake yet just an audience of blank white windows staring.
Time flew by it was time to take to the road.
That summer afternoon was now engulfed by the night sky and the hour of 7:00pm.
City street lights shined in.
Warm sensations from the hot day made the lights heat a little.
Windows were rolled down to stop the oncoming sweat.
People coming and going could here the cars music blaring.(Part 2 coming soon)

poet Anonymous


You who lies but tries to stand

You poor bastard
You smoke for looks

With crooked legs
Soulfighters bite rocks
And gather memories in their pockets

You sang your songs with closed eyes
You never washed away the sun
And you scared me
When you held your breath
You were a summer tale
You were aged fingers on an accordion
You were jewelry of aged steel
And you drank too much
poet Anonymous

Erotic Queen

To the Erotic Queen
you write poetry
thst shows us
lust in our hearts
Because we need our
Freaky side to come out
Playing the bongos naked
Is our way to show
that lust is always
inside our hearts
Waiting for the freaky fun
to come out and play
poet Anonymous

Roaring Women

To all the ladies/women
out there roar loudly
let it be heard
fight the system to
create a world of
peace and equality
help everyone including
the men who don't
understand why you
are fighting for your
equal rights to which
I will help always help you
by treating you the
ladies/women by showing
Kindness and Respect
and supporting your
poet Anonymous

Wisdom of the Mind

Her mind is making
me go gaga over
her because she's a
Strong Beautiful Woman
Her words are very
lovely they reach
deep into my soul
Where I would do
anything to make
her happy so she
can keep on writing
those lovely beautiful
Poetic Words of Wisdom
To which I say:
Bring it on
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