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Dangerous Mind
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The Serpent

Who told you your body was a sin
that would cause men to stumble?
Who told you to drown every God-given
bump and curve and swelling breast
in righteous shame and ill-fitting clothes,
and that pooling want was guilt?

Who told you it was wrong when cool, gentle
fingers removed the last layer between you
and your delicate skin pebbled
under his delicious thumbs?

I did not feel wrong.

The world began and ended –
sliding of skin and the slickness of eternity,
juice of forgotten fruits dripping
from shaking fingers and swollen lips,
accepting equal measures divine
and blessed ordinary in the supernova
spiraling up my spine and rushing
every God-created nerve ending.

What do you do when you know
the power of two bodies crashing together,
headfirst into pleasure and rightness?
What happens when the shackles of righteous
fall away into the freedom of claiming
what has always been yours?

Who told you
your body was a sin

and what happens when you embrace it?
Written by DaisyGrace
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Guardian of Shadows
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Thank you Asani, MidnightSonneteer, LunaGreyhawk, case28, seekingkate, Castle4achilles, Her, Betty and DaisyGrace for your respective entries.

Thought Provoker
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The best day
I've ever had
is every day
I'll ever have.
Never is a day
Too far away
Now is a day
Will not stay.
Some are pink
Some are gray
Some are real
In a sexy wink
So free to play.
The best day
I'll ever have
Is every day
I've ever had.

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Strange Creature
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the winter air begins to shift
leaving the cold
filling with warmth
flowers are blooming
music is playing
we're laughing like children
hands intertwined
the moon shines bright
stars scatter the sky
each one a reminder
of the freckles
upon your face
I could lay here forever
not once a complain
tonight we're alive
our hearts beat one
Written by kaislibrary
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Strange Creature
United States
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Captivated by Your Beauty

You walked into the room
Everything stopped
Everyone turned to look at you
At least I did
and I never stopped
My eyes followed you as you danced
Captivated by your beauty
How could one person be so perfect?
How could one person be so heavenly?
Written by kaislibrary
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Dangerous Mind
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Ebullient in a Dumpster fire

My fingertips were ice
and the bounce of my knee  
turned the paper barrier  
they put on exam tables  
into a bowl of    
rice krispies  
The little drugstore  
test with a plus  
was in my bag,  
you exhaled  
too heavily  
and took my cold  
fingers in yours.  
The doctor came  
and gave us the  
It was unlikely to  
be a real positive  
without some  
scar tissue  
The breath left us both  
at the same time  
for different reasons.  
You hugged me in the parking lot,    
dropped a big,  
smacking kiss  
on my mouth and said,  
“Dodged that bullet,  
As I got in the too-hot car  
and hid behind my sunglasses  
I swallowed hard  
because you were  
honest about how much  
you really never wanted this  
but I lied about how  
much I really did.  
Written by Betty
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Twisted Dreamer
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Journal Entry #1

We ate thick bread
by the tiled hearth

crusted, smothered
in honey. You dusted
snowflake crumbs
from your shirt,
I lit a fire, speaking only
of the wildness
of flame-shaped things.

How gentile were the bees
that met us there ravenous,
laughing. Did they gather
on that December day
cradling our warmth
in the belly of stillness

did they carry
Summer to us

where we met
in clinging light,

in amber arms.
Written by Morbs
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Fire of Insight
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Under Irish Sky

To lie in barley under Irish sky
As Herb Moon shone upon your naked form
My heart was captured by your Irish eyes
In peace before our passion’s gathering storm
That night, my love, we quietly embraced
And cultivated tenderness of touch
A lifetime’s magic in that time and place
Against which all loves since must not be judged!
My wish, to see that moon again with you
Without the cares that life has since imposed
In hindsight all my future I’d eschew
And stay with you forever, unopposed
A fool I was, to ever say goodbye
To you, in barley, under Irish sky!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Thank You PAR, Reggiepoet, Morbs, Betty and Kaislibrary for your participation.

Lost Thinker
Romania 1awards
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I love you

I walk on forsaken paths
embellished with embroideries of ethereal breaths
and sublime whispers of I love you
I love you
I love you
love you
echoes through my bloodless veins
mars the clinking sound of my chains
I love you
chimes through my brains
unveils the poison of tender touches
entwined with frail kisses
and the scent of obsessive passion
as I walk on the avenue of manic devotion
venture into its blizzard of lust flakes
inhale its aromatic heartaches
I love you
I love you
love you
lures me deeper into the wilderness
of enthralling darkness
where I walk on liquid fire dreams
pursue another heart that beams
and shelters my screams
my needs
my flickering fears
I love you
I love you
Love you
disintegrates every memory I ever had
till there's nothing left
apart from this maddening mad
I love you
Written by Daevileyes
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Fire of Insight
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Forces of Nature

Today, we are wed

Under warm rain shower
Upon a cold forest bed
Autumn leaves hang heavy
Dripping in celebration
As we’re joined in fusion
Where woods are wet

Today, we are wed

On pungent moist land
Soil damp with our tears
Some sad but most happy
That tell our long love story
Fondly remembering
The journey we’ve taken

Today, we are wed

And I couldn’t imagine
Treading any forbidden path
Through this labyrinth
Or tracing a map
Of any other trail
Than this one to your heart

Today, we are wed

As we cherish the rain drops
That fall gently on our heads
Anointing our marriage
With the waters of life
Love, joy, grace, and serenity
This is where we plant our seeds

Constellations of
L i f e t i m e s
Have brought us
To this day


Today, we are wed

🔮 { 10.31.22 } 🎃

Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Fire of Insight
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Song of Stellar's Jay

      in a forest of Redwoods
    the birds are all laughing
  and a mango sunset falls
over the mountainside

I breath it all in:
the long grass creates
 a soft bed to bare feet
    the calm summer sky
      a few clouds drifting
    and butterflies floating
  in slow-motion migration
I wish to align my vibrations
I follow deep trails weaving
  through thickets of woodland
    opening gradually akin to
      the spreading of hands
    from the shaded cool
  dampness to alarming
oppressive bright heat
I reject defeat and
  it is here that I see
    purple blossoms lining
      perilous paths winding
    now finally I’ve arrived
  at a steep little incline
washed out by the rain
I no longer feel any pain
I exhale the song of Stellar’s Jay
Written by nightbirdblue (enbyblue)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Daevileyes and nightbirdblue thank you for your entries.

Fire of Insight
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Days of unforgettable mistakes

We were always late on Mondays,  
snow only made it worse.  
The college canteen would be empty,  
still wet with slush.  
KitKat wrappers and tepid coffee,  
relics of raising student's heads.  

The light was just behind us,  
a cold night's eye opened as you drove.  
half asleep I watched the morning making shapes,  
dropping through mist pockets,  
feeling gray-scale against the Mexico’s yellow.  
Gently we drifted,  
millimeters above the apex.  
If you’re going to hit a tree  
Cedars are splendid and solid.  
If you think you might die,  
then its shape will be quite dramatic  
against the planted bulbs  
and hand-placed flowers,  
a pilgrimage for family and friends  
to find you for a while.  
Before the plastic wallet  
with your picture fades  
and flowers forget their colour.  
The force broke both my legs.  
I couldn't cry,  
I had to listen upside down,
as the engine slowly burbled  
in you throat.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Philis PriceDean
Fire of Insight
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L is for "laughter" we had along the way.
O is for "optimism" you gave me every day.
V is for "value" of being my best friend.
E is for "eternity," a love that has no end.
Written by monovox128 (Philis PriceDean)
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