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It's about loooooooooove

poet Anonymous

The Return of Romeo

To you I must impart †
You can still find me within your heart   †
Never again will I depart † †
†† †
For you I have always cared † †
The sacredness we once shared † †
There could be no better pair † †
† †  
Unlock my presence from your mind † †
Never a better love will you find † †
Speaking softly as we are entwined † †
† †  
Iíll weave soft words into your ear † †
In your heart still keep me near † †
With the memories you hold dear † †
† †  
Now I will always be with you † †
Your thoughts of me can ring true † †
My darling, I still love you † †
† †  
Though I've only existed in your dreams † †
Now I live on in your eyes that gleam † †
Iíll still be in your smile that beams † †
† †  
† †  
† †  
† †  
poet Anonymous


Goiní crazy
Got myself thinkiní bout you
Close my eyes and youíre there
Look on my face gives it away
Must confess
Iíve got to tell you
No matter the time of day
All signs point to you

Lead the way
Baby letís sway

I need you
Look into your eyes
We could make music
Harmonize the feels
The truth shall set us free
Wonít give up on you

Show me the way
Baby letís sway

Never looking back
He donít need to know
Without you the sun will die
Letís make the impossible possible
There ainít no stoppin love

Thereís no right way
Baby letís sway
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