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It's about loooooooooove

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Fact or fiction, about true love or its déboires and pitfalls. The love of your life....still going strong.or the mess which ensued when the sugar coating was over.
Only classical forms of poetry accepted, sonnets or iambic pentameter preferred. No free verse.

Around  50 lines or so  preferred, unless you want to go for something truly epic.

poet Anonymous

How Beautiful

He was beautiful deep down in his own heart
though always asleep in his own mind,  
and I loved him so but, thought I was smart,  
tried to change him, as a kid I was so blind.  
But he had lovely long, long, tight-black curls  
like some bold gypsy with fortunes to tell,  
that I swear when he shook his head the world  
heard, such a great joyous pealing of bells,  
as he conjured me to wondrous places  
some magical psychedelic kaleidoscope  
of dreams viewed by this gentlest of crazies  
but, outside his mind he could rarely cope.  
So, there's no torrid tales our past could tell  
if we could play " do you remember?"  
but such astounding things they'd ring love's bell  
round blue suburban skies dying embers,  
and oh, how fiercely rich our brief time came    
that all Titan's black oil could not purchase  
these memories nor banker ever shave  
value from these, now so richly chaste...  
But things were not to be I wasn't how I seemed  
I never was, I stole his love, a common thief  
through ciders we drank, in the dark, I schemed...  
he needed a nurse, I demanded, life!  
a nightmare sprang up out of his dreams  
that nightmare was me, an adolescent full of strife,  
spite, crazy hormones and now, tentatively, grief...?  
But how could one know what's really wanted
at the silly age of just turned fourteen  
I couldn't, didn't, wouldn't know that I'd be haunted
by his intoxicating deep embedded dreams,
I ... almost wrote your name down on this page  
as if in incantation of some witch,
with blood pricked finger thereby to engage  
some demon to come with its magic stitch  
and unravel time, I believe I'm feverish...  
but how beautiful you were, so beautiful...  
poet Anonymous


Mysterious eyes as vibrant as the deep oceans,
Brilliant hair that outshines the sun;
Strong hands that are lethal with a blade,
Yet soft and gentle on my skin.
Tall and straight and full of pride,
His voice like music caressing my keen ears;
Incredibly fearless and full of wisdom,
It’s no wonder why I fell for him.
I surrender to this Godsend from above,
The very embodiment of true love;
My soul sparks to life in his presence,
In this cursed land he’s my piece of heaven.
I rise from the depths of the abyss,
To seek out the light that he emits;
I’m blind and scattered without his grip on me,
Warm seems the candle to one who has never felt the sun.
My heart, mind and soul belong to him,
I can’t imagine my life with anyone else;
He’s the one who makes my soul feel complete,
He’s my eternal light, always shining.
I surrender to this Godsend from above,
The very embodiment of true love;
My soul sparks to life in his presence,
Our bond grows stronger as I take in his essence.
poet Anonymous

So not

I am going to tell you what love is not.
All stars in the sky your eyes can see.
All salt left after drying the dead sea.
Stone hiding in the flesh of an apricot.

Love's not the echo of a far gun shot.
Is not a meal where all is gluten free.
Autumnal flapping wings all over me.
Not giving away all things you've got.

Is not having dreams took by assault.
Wich bird sings in the glory mornings.
What started fight of thunder and bolt.

love's not count pace of heart beating.
The break in your heart is not my fault.
Love is not feeling the air while falling.

poet Anonymous


poet Anonymous

All We Have Is Now

I love you but you don't have to love me back
Why is it you say it like that  
You are the man of my dreams        
Having you in my bed surely seems        
Like I'm living a perfect daydream        
Oh my smile it does beam        
I never imagined you would be here        
Your twinkling eyes reappeared        
Your strong arms drawing me near        
My night is complete and I'm in bliss        
Never going back I’ve needed this        
Wrap me in your love so tight        
I’m thanking God for this night        
But never will I ask of you        
To give to me what you can't do        
Those other women caused great damage
Tonight I won't use you to my advantage        
I'll keep your love locked in my heart        
I pray to God we'll never part        
The guilt I feel for leaving you        
Hurting you again I'll never do        
I’ve longed to see you smile and laugh again
Just like my dreams where you've always been        
Affection for you I'll never feign        
My love for you I won't constrain        
So even though you may disdain        
Saying I love you once again        
I won't require you to explain        
I'll give your emotions free rein        
To do what I consider mundane        
And not say it back to me        
But in my heart I'll silently plea        
For you to be        
No longer in my dreams        
poet Anonymous

I'm soft hearted but firm...

My hubby despite our marriage of 20 years
still loves me perfectly,  expertly
both verbally and physically  
Then had come on my scene again
an admirer who created as if a void  
and filled it with his love letters and love poetry.
But whenever an admirer  
creates love's vacuum in my lovelife
that was non existent before
I've always managed to brush it aside
with chastity's vacuum cleaner lol.
Or I sweep it under the rug ,
can't get stuck in the dirt of the flirt😉
Only marital love can sweep me off my feet.

His poetic charm created in me love poetry's chasm
and I tried awhile to be a balm to his obsession's spasm .
Yet my wedlock is a high walled fortress
even if I'm no crowned regal princess
So while my hubby still bills and coos in love
this admirer inked me his billet doux
What a batter,  what a roux!
I'm softhearted but not towards soft porn
Thank God its over, phew!
poet Anonymous


I'd have one coffin, built to fit us both;
Much like our matrimonial bed
As a safe to keep our wedding oath
From doing us apart when we are dead.
I would leave us face to face, lip to lip,
So no variance might render amiss
A final bliss to our partnership
To match that in our initial kiss.
And thusly...we would be ever sealed...
Then sent as a message to future stars
So they might see mortal love revealed
As something outlasting brief avatars...
Who would have their honeymoon love equate
With the brightest stars that constellate!  
poet Anonymous

Beyond the Reach

To Shari Mae
At Pheasant Farm on autumn eves we keep a rendezvous
with one old pair of rocking chairs upon our porch at dusk
as list we to a greenness and a springtide born anew
upon a zephyr's whisper to a rose's scent of musk
together waltzing arm in arm alighting on the lawn
till whirling to a lyric air the nightingales soft play
they o'er the ha-ha wing and in a twinkling wink are gone
ere rising on the darkling sky in blooms aloof of May.
poet Anonymous


Youthful immaturity upon onset    
knowing well our own embrace      
impassioned, too fierce to forget      
internal flames at rapid pace      
Beware, that which burns too bright      
can turn lovely things to ash      
darkness fell amid the light      
leading us to crash      
Love meant only for a few
innocence of romance wanes      
out of fear we withdrew      
yet a connection still remains      
A place in my soul was empty      
for years I grew a scar      
not knowing it was thee      
the strings of my guitar      
Reunited through clear grace      
we resume what once was lost      
familiar warm embrace      
our hearts have been embossed    
poet Anonymous


When I saw her I approached her
And asked her to dance,
She smiled and nodded without saying much,
She had a certain touch,
The way we waltzed and pranced
Across the galaxies,
She was indeed beautiful,
But after a million years,
The lights gave out.

Sometime later…

During the epochs of kings and empires,
I saw her again,
She was by a well,
With her eyes veiled,
But I recognized her.
I had crossed the desert and mountains,
On an arduous journey.
Later that night we danced,
This time we looked into each other eyes
A little closer,
With curious smiles and nervous laughter,
But after the festivities I had to continue
With the journey.
I died at sea during a storm.

It was some centuries later when I saw her,
This time in the midst of a revolution
Of all places,
She tended to the wounded,
While I carried a drum,
We recognized each other,
But we couldn’t dance then.
Fate wouldn’t have it,
The war and circumstances got in the way.

It was 1966 when I saw her again,
I recognized her by her smile,
It had been a while but we were young,
But this time we danced into the night.

The band played, not knowing our history,
But it was a mystery,
The songs they played seemed to tell our story,
As we swayed on the dance floor,
We’d been searching for each other
Through the millenniums and centuries,
But that night was the right time,
In the warm tropical air, it was all there,
As we danced to boleros all night long.

I finally said..
Remember when we were stars?
And we waltzed across the constellations,
Or that time we danced watching the desert dunes
Under the light of the moon,
Or when I lost you during the revolution,
How many times did we cross paths?
All those dreams you and I have had,
Are our memories of the past lives we’ve shared…
So for this lifetime, and for the next,
Let's dance until the morning light.
poet Anonymous

Prelude: the soulmate

i’m your cure,  
medicine you need,
a spice of love,  
i am that seed,  
i’ll love you pure,  
deep to the core,  
massage your heart,  
kiss where it’s sore,  
relax your thoughts,  
and cry no more,  
in an oceans

of tears,  
i am your shore.
poet Anonymous

Faded Love

I loved you through it all,
The highs, the lows and
Everything in between but
Even as every single wall
Came down with your hand
In mine perfectly it was what
Tore our love into tiny pieces.
Some love is right there like
A shiny new toy and reaches
The stars but ours is on strike
And sits on an abandoned
Shelf, all alone and collecting
Dust along with the flattened
Sense of hope. It is reflecting
On you, not me as I always
Loved you, but you loved me
Far too late when yesterdays
Fade away into weeks. You see
Me for who I really am months
Too late. By then I have already
Moved to someone who confronts
Everything head on with a steady
Presence instead of waiting in
The shadows and for him to love
Me better than you could on even
Ground. So where did the pieces of
Love go when we both fled the scene?
We walked away with hands finally clean.
poet Anonymous

Sonnet 1

Thankful my soul for the tears you pick up
Take my burdens with talks of tomorrow
Shining's a sea overflowing with love
Wash me away, the tide takes my sorrows
Wherever you point a way is painted
Guess I'm the fool who can only follow
My heart is full though my mind has fainted
A lost sheep because my head is hollow
I am no puppet, no man pulls my strings
You numbed my brain but it can recover
This modern girl with confusing feelings
Is more than her heart more than a lover
My dearest, my muse, do not leave my days
Let my head stay empty, now and always
poet Anonymous

What is love

Who hasn’t tried to define love
With a poem
A song
A movie
A play
Can you really do it?
Define love
Is Love happiness?
Is Love sadness?
Is Love hell?
Is Love paradise?
Is Love pain?
Is Love laugh?
Love is
And it always will just
Nothing more
Nothing less
Than butterflies in your stomach
That finally found a home
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