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Delightfully bonkers #8: February

poet Anonymous


NOTE: A qilin is a mythological Chinese creature that resembles a dragon and a horned creature.

The sage delicately took another piece of meat
From the plate before him
Pray tell me foreign child
What tasty meat is this?
I do not know
It appeared just
Dragon like maybe a
Bit of ox with antlers
The sage turned pale
You mean to say
That we have just eaten a Qilin?
poet Anonymous

Radioactive Narcissism

sick of riding this seesaw
up down up down
getting dizzy
wanna barf
thinking about my cosmic balance sheet
and the evil that I've done
I'm running in the red
but I never meant to harm
oh well
it is what it is
but I really hope I'm not
reincarnated as a cockroach
all though
surviving nuclear annihilation's a plus
poet Anonymous

Weird Things on a Subway Ride in New York City

I"m on the subway going from Manhattan to Brooklyn  
It's and hour ride  
You can see a lot in an hour  
Sometimes more than you want to see  
Today was one of those days  
Guy across the way from me  
Maybe in his 50's or 60"s  
Dressed in a nondescript manor  
Browns that don't match  
Already a problem in city where black is the uniform  
Somewhere in Brooklyn he whips out a Bic pen  
You know that pen, it's iconic in shape and design  
Are you familiar with the blue cap with the long edge  ?
Dude proceeds to stick the edge in his ear  
Mission: to remove ear wax  
Woman next to him is reading a book  
Turns her head to witness the carnage  
Tries to move left but she is wedged in against a passenger  
Has to sit there until we reach the stop  
Everyone is grossed out while he digs away  
Stuff you see on the subway that you wish you didn't  
At least he's not clipping his finger nails I think  
A day in the life on the subway  
New York City  
Next Stop Canal Street  
Everyone gets off
poet Anonymous


I was born of splitting atoms, way before Eve and Adam,
Fitting of nuclear power rhymes with lines which sang: 
“Here comes the Krackus causing a chaotic cosmic ruckus” 
Spitting flames at ‘em I had ‘em taking aim from the Bang. 

I was brought into existence upon nature’s ill persistence, 
A mix of super stellar rhythms and intergalactic grooves, 
I was a harmonious fusion of both creation and evolution, 
A movement of hybrid rudiments meant to make you move. 

I was conceived of spirit and will, crafted with artistic skill, 
In light of elements coalesced with force and energy, 
Bringing to life this form from the midst a colossal storm, 
With a passion pulse destined to bring about synergy. 

I was birthed into the universe, with kicks in old skool Converse, 
Ready to flow ire fire in verses versus the glow of red giant suns, 
But it didn’t (dark) matter who was the first or who was the latter, 
Because I am the one son whose tongue is measured in megatons. 
poet Anonymous

By The Time, She Gets To Phoenix

What is it about memento mori, that she didn't understand? She was a good ol' dame but came up lame in the fast lane of life, knocking back nachos. Then came the corpse and the fairy in the morgue, that stole her love from Uncle Hurley. Harry is something unique and whacked his thingy off for a bluetail fly in his tackle box, alongside the pinto beans and home fries. Now cry me a river, as I watched Aunt Harriet rise. A little bit dead, in a state of zombified. Naked as a plate of sopped possum liver. If only Uncle Hurley could see her now, he has the clap and a swollen member. But what's good for the pecker may be good for the mummy. If we could slow her down by the time she gets to Phoenix.
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