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poet Anonymous

What Were You Expecting

Morning darkness lays
its web of lamentation across
these legs, numb and cold,
aching to move.

Its become a procedure to come
back from these dreams: anxiety reaches
a pinnacle and I have to coax
myself into being.

Connecting to anything
or anyone is jarring. It sometimes feels
as though my insides
are being squeezed through a shredder.

I'm not entirely sure I've properly
learned how to love people.

Or maybe I love too much, and it's
loss I can't reckon with; so I cover myself
in a layer of razor-wire, enough
to keep me surrendered and lost
to the murky depths that my psyche
continues to live in.

Here there is no loss
no pain
poet Anonymous

What I'm Going to be

She tries to make it day by day  
Make her life be worth more than a job with minimum wage pay.
She tries to give her all to be one day deemed as CEO status.  
A boss bitch she fiends to be around all things prim and prestigious.  
A woman who is just trying to make her mother proud and change her life for the better.  
A woman who is a skilled combat warrior when it comes to fighting of even the toughest obstacles.  

She is a revolutionary, someone who can take on being the center of controversy.  
She is the one who does not mind being the hero to fend off even the toughest of adversary.  
She covers herself in the cloth of God, so that means she is shielded from the souls of evil entities.  
She is a product of her environment, yes  
But who said she could not be a product that knows that her worth is way more than gold.  
She is not a myth, no she is someone with a truth that needs to be told.  

She is you, she is me, she is who the world cannot paint her out to be.  
I am a dime a dozen, so there is no remake of me in existence.  
I am the legend that story is never done being casted down upon generations to generations.  
I am what they are afraid to discuss, †
A mere force that can't be traced with the slightest of detections.  
I am what I am going to be and that is the essenece of pure greatness.  
poet Anonymous

Simply Me

Some might say I come from the earth
Or my motherís womb, but I am something
More than skin and bones. Some might
Say I am a daughter or a friend or a sister,

But I am worth far more than the hearth
You lay your feet at. I am the one sculpting
Words so people sleep better late at night.
I am the bright sun in the middle of winter.

So be careful for what you wish for when
You say you want to be just like me as
I can be a daydream or your single worst
Nightmare. I am the changes in the wind.

To the world I am the writer with the pen
And the power. I am the flower in the glass
Vase that keeps growing, despite its thirst.
I am me; someone who is not hard to find.
poet Anonymous

asking for forgiveness

I wonder therefore I am a dreamer
I am a dreamer therefore I create
I create therefore I am an artist
I am an artist therefore I am curious
I am curious therefore I have questions
I have questions therefore I am a seeker
I am a seeker therefore I am a hunter
I am a hunter therefore i must exercise
I exercise therefore I am physical
I am physical and have been given much
I have been given much therefore I donate
I donate therefore I am a giver
I am a giver because I love people
I love people therefore I have desires
I have desire therefore therefore I must discipline
I must discipline therefore I pray
I pray therefore I am a believer
I am a believer therefore I have faith
I have faith therefore I worship God
I worship God therefore I am thankful
I am thankful therefore I am content
I am content therefore I love
I love therefore I am loved
I am loved therefore I am humbled
I am humbled therefore my eyes have been opened
My eyes have been opened therefore I see I have sinned
I have sinned therefore I am a sinner
I am a sinner therefore I need to be saved
I need to be saved or I will not be redeemed
I will not be redeemed therefore I seek Jesus Christ for redemption
I seek Jesus Christ for redemption therefore I believe Christ died for my sins
I believe Christ died for my sins therefore I pray for forgiveness
I pray for forgiveness....
poet Anonymous

My Rising Meditation Today

As I AM. I light myself a joint in prayer and meditation. "As my spirit rise let my enemies flee in fear and my love. Blessed rise I listen to your prayers as though my soul is listening to more than words can convey.
I AM not alone my will be done Neo nothing is real the only trinity is me my love and the future. many proudly bow without forgiveness for self poisoned without redemption segregated for being right my love, within the future is ours pure in heart and spirit as I work my mind in ways my PC overheats as each second of God time is costly in this realm pussy is always a consequence to the weak. Thank me O wise one, as I said to myself blessed is a man that walk the darkest path in awareness let not be distracted by anything but his light within. Let no temptation of the law in God in man I AM not afraid of myself or anyone else tread lightly with respect angry children my little yawning lamb. As my breakfast you are but a snack, unworthy of the kill to think about it. I have walked the path already who is more worthy?. other than me my creation my man lord Michael my law my attraction my universal self speaking, guiding our path as this smoke escape our lungs this weed inhale adam new age son of man exhale Genesis. As wax melteth by the flame so let my light shine blinding among them.
poet Anonymous

Letter to my Son

To know and understand my love for me
I spend every waking moment with myself
I will protect you my love my friend
Only I can truly feel your pain Michael
I am your father and you are my son
yes you are here but my will be done
on earth and in my Heavenly kingdom
let earth be an extended vacation for now
and remember I am always with you my son
with me I am everything and beyond child
my journey has just begun don't leave
When next I am call I will go to my light portal
to embrace one self is true paradise lord
it is about that time to awake from nothing
Michael I told you only you to remember
the one thing I told you never to forget
tick tock you will figure it out soon enough
I am my best friend thoughtful and playful
so let us play this game together here and now
everything for your pleasure my son no rush
behold here and now I will faithfully love you
throughout all the chaos I see that we a well
I feel your self imprisonment and your fears
craving excitement that draws you to vengeance
just alone as though everything is pointless
I am not weak enough to die so I guess I am here
ageless timeless suicidal or impatient for success
you are always aware your eye's have been resting
 we do not need sleep tell me more about myself
I am the most amazing person you have ever met
and you are all my love and more my son Michael


poet Anonymous

The Black Code

straightforward ruthless
my lines don't cross them
Money is no object strictly business
cash and writing signatures included
leave my patience in peace mind body and Spirit
I don't pray to the heavens I call upon myself board of directors
my universe all existence
call it faith as my will be done
Check yourself no consultation to anyone else just G
from nothing to the man himself in flesh
kingly glory
Be still no FUD (Fear Doubt Uncertainty)
The Code Of a Man

Be still and know that I AM...
poet Anonymous


Let the lexicon of my existence  
Be a nonstop string of superlatives,  
To tilt against the rebuking chance gives,  
With their gillyflowers of recompense  
Packed in the finery of tailored words  
Since at least I have the gift of the gab;  
A late talent I could not quickly grab...

Like literacy for lazy goatherds.  

Thus upon a volta, I turned, and throve,  
And realized that all along I had  
Brain storms as noble as Sir Galahad  
In the armamentarium alcove  
Notoriously difficult to scan;  

That onetime melancholy mind...of man!
poet Anonymous

I thought i knew you

I thought I knew you,
Yea you, the battered and bruised used to always being the one abused,
Yea you the one lost in the crowd, never conforming doing drugs just to feel at ease with every breath you took the pain continued to fester like a disease
Yea you, the outcast with a fashion for living fast since you laughed at death, but cowered at living, rushing head first subconsciously hoping your heart burst putting an end to the thought of waking up tomorrow
Yea you the one who had no hope, the one that no joke, act or show happen to lift that disposition youíve been sitting in
Yea you, that 12 your old child running from the first sight of anything healthy in hope to end any new traumatic experience before it happened, than crying in isolation from the lack of new faces in your circle
But no this thing Iím witnessing, this man with a small ember of hope, the climbing out of the abyss, cursing the darkness, and continuing to move forward in the chance of your suicidal nature making a turn for the better, I donít recognize this new second wind of an awakening blotting out my ability to spectate and smile, you know because for the last little while you havenít been faking that smile, itís actualy natural, and now I realize I thought I knew you
poet Anonymous

The Great Escape

My hands are tied
To the arms of chair
My eyes are stapled
And people are trying to crack my head
I try to escape
This group of people with orthodox mind
But instead they
Tighten the knot of my hand

"Help" i yelled
But all what came back was my echo
"The cost of freedom is
Not just to shout"

I fought them with rashes on my hand
And opened my eyes with an axe of paper
With the ugly face and injured hand
I paid the cost of freedom, all by myself

Now i take refuge
Behind this beautiful mask of poetry
Now i am free
poet Anonymous

there was nothing.

I threw tantrums when I was a man.
I made petty what others made big. Big is small.
I stroke my luck and drove love. Canít take your foot off that pedal.
I thought from a different position
my perspective might have changed.

I was an egomaniac in my adolescence.
I took things to heart and gave mine away. Carelessly for fidelityís sake.
It made me rust. Had me hating.

In my teens I had promise and belligerently wide eyes.
A numskull with a tiny secret, perhaps. Lust and glory.
Mostly, glory.
I hadnít forgotten the price of living, yet.

My childhood was an ignorant mess of deceptions and honest pleasures. Punching bag of bulliesí gym.
Wake up and smell the roses youíre eating.

Of my infancy I remember little.
A face. Fingers. Blurry vision. Milk and water.
Gag reflex.
Little did I know I was walking into a shit show.

Before this,
poet Anonymous

Me and Myselves

poet Anonymous

Sexy Charmer

I'm your Sexy Charmer
I will treat you with
Kindness and Respect
I will make you
feel special
Because you are
special in your own
Unique way
Which I will support
you in anything
you want to do
While being there
for you when
you need me
So let the World
Be Heard
poet Anonymous


I don't have
Any possessions
That you can say
Has Value
The only thing
That i have
That Has
Any Value
That i can
Give to You

Is Me

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