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Painting Words in Surrealism

Dangerous Mind
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No matter the time of day, the sky is alit with light
The sun shines shamelessly during the day
Past dusk, the stars shyly twinkle, and the moon glows white
Both celestial objects are impressive in their display.

The Earth below is their common ground
All three held together by gravity
Blessed by its rays, the sun became crowned
While the moon’s reflected surface holds a hue of sensuality.

Nuclear core and reflection reach out to each other
As the sun and moon race after one another along the sky
The moon, named Luna, provides comfort as does any mother
The sun, named Nova, is always a presence that one can rely.

Their love is timeless and pure
For us simple creatures on the surface, they appear as the same size
Through impacts and radiation, they both have endured
And out of the darkness have become wise.

 Despite their love, the distance between them is great
Their fading light too far to reach even during the transition from night and day
Some say that their doomed love is due to cruel fate
Yet despite the odds, they have found a way.

The one, powerful moment where they can become one
A frightening, yet intriguing event known as a solar eclipse
A brief moment when the moon blocks out the sun
Allowing Nova the view of Luna as she’s stripped.

Nova finally sees the dark side of the moon
And deems Luna the most beautiful he has ever seen
His light tenderly envelops Luna in a bright cocoon
In that brief moment, nothing can come in between.

Alas, the moment passes, and they separate once more
But they cherish the rare event close to their hearts
Their everlasting love warms them to their core
They remain loyal to each other, even though they are far apart.
Written by LunasChild8
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poet Anonymous

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Chere R Sarver
Lost Thinker
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No way to state it but...The words displayed most beautifully spilled of ink...makes one think & realize the truthful meaning that every single person interpretes on their personal voyage !!!

Lost Girl
Fire of Insight
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ghosts of Titanic, a gothic

Look, here. Where the longing gets soaked into the lace handkerchiefs. The chandelier lights glimmering across the ocean floor, her slender throat perfumed by rosewater and lavender, the most secret of kisses. Shoes of exquisite crimson while hungry fish swim the icy interiors. All cameos and cuttlefish. How the piano keys tinkled as he licked the velvet lining of her ear. The ladies finger the gold rims of broken dishes clinking in smoke-filled rooms. Nothing to do but waltz all night, all porcelain figurines as they pass breathless from gentleman to gentleman. Their braceleted wrists and soft pink cast while the moon floats like an eye above deck. Fillets of brill give way to the terrible sweetness of custard pudding, the inherent ache of ivory buttons and cream satin gloves. The cruel yet delicate exactness of pearls at her neck. How I moaned when you tasted the salt blue on my lips, my thoughts traveling to the men pensive at their brandy decanters, to the darkest of places.
Written by toniscales (Lost Girl)
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Strange Creature
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The Undying Fire

Such mysterious beauty,
More unfathomable,
Under lovelorn scrutiny,
 More Intangible,
When I gather you,
To me.
In eyes as dark
As gleaming onyx,
Black and magnetic,
Your beckoning sex,
I lose myself,

Written by Penrosespar
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