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Funeral: The Last Rites

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Ascension of Vapors

When we lowered you into the ground
My cries broke the barriers of sound
Not having you around is hard to bare
Even today, it feels like it still ain't fair

But the trumpets blare signaled it was time
Your ascension to Heaven felt like a crime
I'm not saying you weren't worthy of wings
Just that it hit me harder than a bee's sting

Like I'd been in the ring with Muhammad Ali
Tears blurred my vision until I could not see
This'll be 8 years now since you've departed
I must honestly say, I'm still broken hearted

Uncharted waters is where I've had to sail
Unwavering tides have been like pure Hell
Life's no fairytale; it's a box of chocolates
Oracles can't reveal the type that we will get

I'll never forget you nor would I ever try
Time's just a vapor that'll dissipate til dry
All eventually dies; I was blessed with you
I gotta keep marching til my war is through

I'll mourn you til I join you in the astral realm
I'll adore you til I'm with you at God's helm
Overwhelmed with emotions this time of year
In the midst of commotion, I've learned to steer

Wish you were here but glad you're at peace
It gives me solace knowing your pain has ceased
Save me a huge piece of your mac n cheese
Granny meet me at the gates; pretty please
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
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Somewhat cold

The body of my formerly huge brother
Was right there in that small urn
On that fancy table in front of us.

A small chapel at the cemetary
Can't say I had strong feelings
As I never could really relate
To my older brother

Afterwards the family
And a few of his friends
Gathered at some restaurant.

I never even spoke to the new widow.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Dangerous Mind
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Grief Isn’t Always Complicated

Your face had a look of true
peace, but your hands
gave away Death,
with bloodless, loose skin.

Just days earlier you were talking
about hearing angels sing,
and I wondered what it sounded like

I will never forget that open room,
the odd smell, my six-year-old,
curious about what an empty
body looked like, nearly pulling

the casket off the stand trying
to get a better look. My heart
stopped, and as I moved
to snatch her up, I heard you say:

Leave that baby alone,
she’s not hurtin’ nothin.

I smiled a little as I moved
her away from curiosities she could
not fully understand.

Your spirit was on to other things,
but you lingered in my heart: clinging
to my best memories.
Written by Eerie
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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I've written 3 eulogies
Mother, Father, Ginger (Dog)
Ginger's was the hardest to deliver
I knew I was going to cry at the end
Indeed I did
Not a total breakdown
Just choked up
Voice trembling
Emotion you could cut with a knife

I dream about all of them
Last night however I dreamt about funerals
Gathering with my family
Writing them all over again

I take Melatonin to sleep
It helps keep me asleep
Without it I lay awake for hours
Then feel like crap the next day
Wondering which is worse
Feeling like crap or my dreams ?

Written by PoetSpeak
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Dangerous Mind
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At Last

Darling dust
of yesterday
must I brush you
from my heart
before I love again
Flowers on the casket
never eased the pain
Talking at the grave
I felt you
push me away
though our memories
always remain
Must I brush you
from my heart
before I live again
Written by Abracadabra
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The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Thank you to everyone posting to the competition, it's great to see so many coming together to lend unique perspective to a subject of such ubiquitous gravity.

Thought Provoker
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There is no respect for the guest,
no enthusiasm,
everyone stands with their heads bowed,
because this is the last meeting
with someone,
n it is a funeral.
The person who used to be
flirtatious has become silent today,
the person who lived under
the burden of responsibilities
has slept peacefully today.
Don't know how much he or she
has cried, how much he or she
has run, and how many compromises
he or she has made
for the happiness of a few moments.
nd now is separated from
the world with empty hands.
Many people have cried,
many people have been sad
without crying. n
after few minutes they will bury
him or her and go to their place,
to cry and laugh in their own lives.
nd just the lonely person
sleeping in this grave
will remain lonely forever.
see .. this buzzing flies
are roaming around,
and butterflies are fluttering
to suck the juice of flowers
lying on the grave.
This is the bitter truth of life.  
One last gathering after
death and all relationships end...
N it's a funeral...
Written by olivia (oliviaaah)
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The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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It's great to pop in each day and find more entries into the comp. Thanks again everyone.

Lost Thinker
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I stared into those glassy eyes
and I cried cried cried
my tears dripping right inside
wishing to make them alive

even for a single second
I craved to fill the emptiness
to find the missing bond
feel less of the mess

then I closed them lids
as if sleeping they would say
but they felt heavy amidst
this forsaken sunlit day

I heard chatter from afar
gibberish and some laughter
I could not make sense at all
of this forever after

they lowered the coffin
deep into the ground
the thuds filled it to the brim
a soul never to be found

yet I still see them glassy eyes
and I cried cried cried
dried up tears and sweet lies
as on that sunlit day I too died
Written by Daevileyes
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Everyones here....its almost time....
We've gathered together to bid you goodbye..
In this room the closet family is gathered
To comfort each others hearts that have shattered

All the pues are filled with family and friends
They've made it to see you to the very end..
Each one you touched in some special way
They wouldn't miss seeing you on the last day

Everyone will say their goodbyes
With so many tears and so many cries
Everyone will ask "are you ok"?
What I really want is for you to go away

They'll show pictures and play songs
And tell funny stories of things you did wrong
This is the hard part because no one is talking
The silence is here is oh so haunting

Now that its over and we've laid you to rest
Everyone can share stories that are the best
Now theres laughters and smiles all here
Even in death there is also some cheer

Now weve gone home, it isn't the same
I wish you would say let's play a game..
Cards it would be, the only one you play
I know We'll get another chance someday
Written by Sapphirewolf
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The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Thanks again to everyone posting to the competition, your entries are impactful. 💖🙏🏻

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Buried Alive

Black suite, and a black tie
Both are signs, that say goodbye

Why did you leave?
So many people miss you, and they want you back
Does that mean nothing to you?
Maybe it's better that your gone

It's just me staring at this casket
Tears of regret, fear and anger
Warm rain
Perhaps God cries as well today

Was it society that killed this part of me?
The cloak of kindness I wore is gone
Stripped from my righteous back
Only to be put in a grave

A part of me died today
It was buried deep within my heart
Instead of flowers in the casket
Joy was thrown, along with love
Laughter tossed, mixed with smiles

Welcome to my one man funeral
I'm the only one who showed
Maybe it's for the best
I'm the only one who knew me
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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All these entries from their unique perspectives have shown me how much our lives, those of us that remain, come into focus and question, as we process the loss, at times, it seems something that cannot be processed, the absence of someone who was such a fixture in our lives. The rituals and rites lend guide rails to such a fathomless experience, I guess, and offer us the solace of each other. Thank you to everyone posting. 💖🙏🏻

Dangerous Mind
United States
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A Kiss Goodbye

The last time that I kissed you needing tissue quickly followed  
Face so cold, devoid of soul, from your body being hollowed  
It took years for me to swallow that you're no longer here  
I bawled like a child for quite a while, dropping innumerable tears  
My greatest fear came to fruition causing bouts of depression  
A nonslip vice grip placed my heart under compression  
Until poetic expression became my weapon of choice  
Finding a way to convey with my newfound voice
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Of Sunflowers and Smiles

There is always a silence that comes before the tears
The memories
The cherished recollection of the departed…

When I heard the news she was gone
It was a shock
She had taken care of my boys since they were babies
She had become part of our family
I didn’t know what to say or think

In the times of COVID
Many lives were taken
Many risked their own health to take care of others
To take care of their own
And that’s what Yvonne did
She took care of her husband, her children
Only to succumb to the virus herself

I had never seen so many people gathered
Old friends
Families of the children she helped raise
And the babies she once took care of were now young adults
Mourning the loss of someone who gave them love and care

Our hearts went out to her husband and her children
Especially to her youngest girls who looked just like her
Their mother was taken too soon

Standing in line
Saying goodbye
My boys and all the kids whom she babysat
Lay sunflowers on her coffin

There was a silence
Right before the casket was lowered
Followed by soft tears echoing in the air
Young girls weeping
Remembering childhood
As my boys stood quiet
My heart ached for them

She was great person

We had a two-hour drive back
All of us were silent in the car

It was while I was driving
That I remembered
Yvonne and her husband stopped by the night before we moved away
They prayed for us
She cried and embraced my boys
She cried when we unexpectedly stopped by a few years later
Seeing my boys grown up
And though we kept in contact
There was a guilt in my heart that we should have tried harder

It was while I was driving
In the total silence
And soft sniffles
Memories of smiles felt imprinted forever
When I too quietly wept
Written by wallyroo92
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