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Invisible and Unseen

Guardian of Shadows
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Poetry Contest

Write about being invisible or the concept of invisibility
What if you could disappear and become invisible , yet still exist?  What would you do, how would you feel, how would life be?  

Write about not being able to be seen , poems, prose, as many entries as you want, but no collabs or porn. Tasteful , thoughtful erotic components ok, if they fit the narrative and concept of your writing for this comp.  2 weeks to enter.

Thought Provoker
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Non-present me!


I proclaim myself invisible...
I am transparent and shine
watching the void.

I see you in the mirror...
Telling me secrets,
painting my lips red.

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Tyrant of Words
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June did not believe in Ghosts
But then she died in a car crash
And became one
Refusing to accept her fate
As she roams the halls
Of the castle owned by the man
Who drove the vehicle in the oncoming lane
Scaring him nightly
And driving his wife insane.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Fire of Insight
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With Gods help, it i never as bad as it seems

I have slipped into a dark place
I struggle
Webs of history
in the shadows
I try to illuminate (2 Corinthians 4:6)
but feel like their is
a blanket of darkness over me
My mind says familiar
My heart says
I am as low as dirt
Is this what it feels like to be invisible
Even smells are dank
Simple things are so difficult
it makes minutes feel longer
Voices now faint
A chill all around

I pray to you God
help me to get out of this funk

I then spring forth like
a jack in the box

I do not like working
under the house
next time I call a plumber!

Inspired by
A time for everything
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
"A time to laugh"

Written by TIG
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Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
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A Ghost I Am To You

With cold dead hands,
a ghost I am
to you alone now.

With cold dead hands
that are unseen,
unfelt, and unanticipated.

With cold dead hands,
my visits unknown to you
making you shiver,
and lips embalmed in ice.

With cold dead hands,
I will call on you
to feel your fire of life.

With cold dead hands,
itís almost as we were.
We are one in ice again.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Twisted Dreamer
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The Invisible Realist

In youth, if I may say so, I was cool as well as hot,
though in old age on ripening, I swift commenced to rot,
my epidermis sloughing off and blistering with pus --
plus bloating due to gas (producing such an awkward fuss),
the muscles, organs, private parts decaying in a flash --
though on the privates rotting off, decayed that dreadful rash --
till last, alas, my dignity grew truly mortified
to learn on turning into dust, it too, with me, had died --
yet worse, the dust, of chemicals and minerals composed,
dissolving into atoms left us frightfully exposed
as nothing more than loathsome quantum flecks of force and mass
full irredeemable -- much like the common working class --
and just as vile and heinous as le petit bourgeoisie,
the quanta loosed throughout the void still ceaselessly run free --
sans meaning, purpose, goal, design, or transcendental plan,
nonconscious and unfeeling like each simple, average man --
indeed, my dignity and I -- both impotent to lie --
confess we are INVISIBLE to every naked eye!
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Voiceless, Faceless, Lifeless

Silent steps, no one notices  
Echoes in a crowded place  
Voiceless, I blend in with the faces  
A ghost among the living, unnoticed
In the throngs, I am invisible  
A stranger in my own skin  
No one sees me,  
no one is able to hear my thoughts,  
my cries within
The weight of loneliness, a constant load Days tie together, a monotonous blend
I am invisible, unheard, alone  
Trapped in my own personal end
I scream for help, for someone to see  
But the world keeps turning, indifferent The ghost inside me, slowly fading  
Out of sight
Written by ConsequentialChaos
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Lost Thinker
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What Goes Unseen

It begins with the invisible work
What lies beneath?
Mentally: anxious (or is it stressed?)
Either way, I'm uncrossing these wires before things go berserk  
This consciousness, a broken stream  
Such messy thoughts  
Don't dare open your mouth  
Unless each word's placement is pristine  
Deep breath in, and let it all out  
Time to release the hold  
What will escape?  
An unintelligible shriek? a disfigured shout?  
Here is where the visible work starts  
Where disorganized pieces become cohesive  
And fractured thoughts make art
Where what lies within comes out  
And there is no longer room for the unwelcome company of doubt
Delivery, crystal clear, with a pretty sheen  
This is the effort it takes to overcome  
What goes unseen
Written by a_piscean_dream (Tierra)
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Dangerous Mind
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Most mistakes are hard to mend when oneís full of pride
No one else matters, itís just ďme, myself and IĒ
By the time one realizes theyíre wrong, itís often too late
Open your eyes and help stop the endless cycle of hate.
As beautiful as a rose is, beware its prickly thorns
Donít believe empty promises thatíll be forgotten come the morn
Over the horizon lies the sun fighting to reach the sky
Donít disrespect the sacrifice of those who had to dieÖ
To offer you a world full of peace and hope
Familyís the only way we can learn to cope
With the losses and pain that are inevitable
Your eyes only see the warnings as invisible.
Trust your gut instincts; itíll never fail you
Acknowledge your limits of what you can and canít do
Become someone who you can learn to love and live with
Encourage and practice common curtesy before it becomes a myth.
Work on yourself first before you bind yourself for life
Find positive and useful traits to become your drive
Donít be ashamed to ask for help, we all need to grow
Youíre so beautiful, donít become as cold as snow.
I promise you that Iíll always be loyal
As the rain falls down to quench the dry soil
As long as we support each other, weíll be invincible
But first youíll have to learn to make me visible.
Iíll be your eyes so you can see
Iíll give you air so you can breathe
Iíll whisper in your ears the words that you want to hear.
Iíll pick you up when you fall down
Iíll sing you a tune when thereís no sound
When you need a place to land, Iíll be your solid ground.
Yet that ideal world is all but a dream
Quickly disintegrating as it flows downstream
You allow outside influence to tell you itís impossible
For the moment, Iíll just stand beside you, invisible.
Written by LunasChild8
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Guardian of Shadows
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Thanks for your entries , everyone , so far!  I read everything at the end of the comp, all at once , to not become biased at the get-go and start leaning toward a winner before everyone is done writing.    Another week or so left!

Tyrant of Words
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I'm jagged
cut off at the sleeves  
taking unguarded risk  
not doing what they please
out here in the breeze
standing with the masses
not knowing who I'll be
I'm dust
swept off to the edges
hidden from the sunshine
not wanting you to sneeze
drifting to a different tune
trust lost along with the heartache
not taking it anymore
giving voices to those with alternate choices
trying things that make you sing
not alone †no longer
Written by JusTim_
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Tyrant of Words
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You have seen me before  
Just another face  
That fades to nothing  
In an endless sea of people  
That you pass by  
As I live and breathe  
Did you ever notice me at all
Maybe I am as invisible as I feel
In and out of your consciousness  
Like the noisy static of the world  
Was I ever a thought on your mind  
Or just an autumn leaf  
That blew right Past you  
I know Iím nothing special  
But I breathe the same air  
If you opened your eyes  
Would the sight of me register at all
Cause I see you everywhere  
Iíve never changed the world  
Or stood out from the crowd  
Yes you have seen me before  
Iím the one you looked straight through  
Regarding me less than human
Just another piece of dirt  
You wanted to shake from your shoe  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Twisted Dreamer
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Oh My Ghost

When your dreams of me fade into the morning light
And empty, the comfort you grasp for amidst the night

But you know I'm there when the tears never fall;
I hold them in my hand like diamonds, raw

Cabinet doors left open and the lightbulbs shot
You know I'm there, though they say your mind is not.

We never listened to them, their sayings, or charms.
Smile for me once more and I'll be back in your arms.

Walk with me back, back beneath the pinewood trees
I'll call out again as the wind shushes the leaves
Written by Josiah
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Not Seen

If you really want
to become invisible
live in poverty.

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