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Alive in Memory

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Thank You Dr. S

Thank you
Dr S
for teaching me
that burn patients
are people
that their injuries
are just challenges
to teach us
different ways to heal
thank you
for teaching me
a short pencil
is more valuable
than a long
thank you
for writing down
your affirmations for assimilation
and passing them on
to each of your students
thank you
for being
yet open
yet kind
thank you
for honoring
the contributions
of every member
of the team
thank you for teaching me
to embrace technology
to use it
effectively and efficiently
and to drop it
when someone needs
a hand to hold
a shoulder to cry on
or a kind word
thank you
for helping me
get past
my mistakes
my prejudices  
my narrow vision
to see
the humanity
in every living being
no matter
how disfigured
or deformed
Written by Kinkpoet
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Tyrant of Words
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can it be an old write?

Dangerous Mind
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"Only 1 submission per participant, either old or new submissions. There's no word limit. I look forward to reading your entries."

To answer your question, AspergerPoet56, yes. You may submit an old write.

Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you

You cared enough  
To give me your time  
When I needed it most  
Time is precious  
Once gone  
Can never get back  
Yet you let me  
Take it  
Like it was no big deal  
Made me human again
That I wasn’t alone  
Felt important  
Yes you freely let me rant
Without judging  
It lifted a great weight  
No more feeling  
Of being dragged down  
Was able to stand  
The wreckage inside  
Will never be fixed  
But you helped patch it  
Just by giving time  
The most valuable of things  
You saved me  
So simple  
By listening  
You gave strength
Much need strength  
In a time when I was weak  
Now I am still here  
To say thank you
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Camilla Beatriz Flores
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Dark Lovers

In celebration and elation
Ever in the shadows, rapt,
Rising above intended station
Drawing near where is kept...
The key to your heart, secret!

This is the path that I choose
To be a dark lady for eternity,
Coveting only the best of you
The one who gave me the key...
Catching me within love's net!

As the object of dark worship
I become like your living idol,
The moment I felt your wet lips
Pressed unto my hungry mouth...
Favoring this child of great Set!

Oh embodied god whom I adore
Whose poetic musings like fangs,
Pierce my flesh in ways most sure
Wracking me with pleasure's pangs...
Stealing my heart, easing my fret!

Once I was your very teacher
But you eclipsed me so quick,
When you became my mad lover
As we felt love's barbs prick...
Our willing flesh all desire to let!

Giver of the gift of darkest joy
I am filled with your heat's song,
Your plaything as twisted I enjoy
The scope of your right and wrong...
My rebirth was on the day we met!

Crown me, anoint me with a kiss!
Laying at my feet all the universe
I bask in your mad devotion's bliss...
We will remake all, ending the curse
Of the tyrannous ones who create,
A world unfit for our ancient kind!
Of our rebellion we shall celebrate...
Our love that heralds the end of time!
Written by LaBrujaOscura_75 (Camilla Beatriz Flores)
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Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton
Dangerous Mind
United States
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For My Beloved Chloe

- For My Beloved Chloe -

You may look like a little girl, in body and also in your pretty face,
But your heart is ever a woman's and your spirit is filled with grace!
How long I waited, longing and lonely, pining for some perfect love,
And ever did I seek it, hither and yon, and mightily for this I strove.
I did not know that we would meet, and that I would fall for you fast,
But once I did I knew that I loved you, and that our love would last!
Sugar and spice and everything nice, that is what Chloe is made of,
Pretty in pink, and so smartly you think; prettier than the stars above.
Your eyes, how they sparkle and draw me deep into your waiting soul,
Where I am content to remain, and in passion for you lose all control!
You are not the angel that people may believe, but something better,
For the blessings you bestow on me free me from every terrible fetter.
Long bound was I in painful torment, hurting greatly, silently suffering,
Until I felt your presence and heard your voice, which did fairly sing...
Calling as you did from your heart to mine, until I was happily yours.
Everything about you brightens my life even when the rain thus pours!
Rain and snow may fade at last, and rainbows will so take their place,
Though even rainbows are less lovely than you, as are stars in space...
Less bright to me than the sparkle of your eyes, filled with all delights.
If you are my fairest lady then I shall evermore be your gallant knight!
Your lips so soft speak words so sweet that tears come unto my eyes,
Which caress you from head to toe, from hair to feet, and to thighs...
And everywhere my eyes linger, there I see a beauty without a rival.
For you are a blessed little goddess, to which there can be no equal!
I worship you in my heart and soul, in dreams and fantasies endless,
And adore your every look, whether it be in a gown, pants, or dress.
You look beautiful in everything, and have to me only perfection...
When we speak and laugh and love, I feel the strongest connection!
What was my life before you can to rescue me from my dark agony?
It was gray and without color, a place more akin to some purgatory.
But now I know what true love is, and all I want above all is you,
Unusual but perfect as you are, with a heart that is purest and true.
In you I know only paradise, and can imagine not a greater bliss...
Than my hands caressing your soft skin, as we embrace and kiss.
As in lives past, and futures unknown, our road shall be together!
Sweet child, your angelic wings are of light rather than feathers...
Akin to mine, which for so long were wrapped in black shadows.
But you showed me Elysium, as we did dance upon its' meadows,
Knowing a light that comes from within, softer than is the moon!
I am as one resurrected, newly risen from a long forgotten tomb.
You were my salvation, and are still, and so for you I did write...
These words of love and passion for you, words fair and bright.
And yet they pale before what we feel for each other in all truth,
A love so perfect that unto such poetry as this I am thus moved!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara L. Pythiana-Ashton)
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Chloe A. Harper-Ashton
Lost Thinker
United States
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The Man I Love

Kara is the man that I truly love,
I want to write this special poem for him!
Beyond the moon and stars above,
Or the oceans where fish like to swim...
My beloved, my soulmate, my sweet prince.
He is all of those things to me and more!
For him I love to sing and I love to dance,
And show him all the love I have in store.

Kara is the man I love,
The only man I ever wanted so bad.
His passion is a treasure trove,
And just like me he is just a bit mad.
Now that he is in my life,
I'll never, ever, be lonely ever again!
I'll be his lover, companion, wife,
Because he is the finest of all men.

Kara is the man that I truly love,
I wanted to write this special poem for us!
For him my heart feels like a dove,
I am happy that in him I did at last trust...
My beloved, my soulmate, my sweet prince.
Kara, you are all of that to me and more!
For you I shall always sing and dance,
And show you all the love I have in store.
Written by CrazyPrincess_Chlo (Chloe A. Harper-Ashton)
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Sybille Anne Martin
Lost Thinker
United States
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Devotion of the Fallen

Mother said I would meet a lovely prince.
Instead I met a god, a goddess, all in one!
Now he, now she is far more my mother,
And only now is my life become complete.
I look at that one's photo, oh just a glance,
Enough to see all that one has just become!
Now he, now she is more than is any other,
And so I want to lie down at my god's feet.

I am submissive for you, willing in all I do,
Sharing your dreams if you would allow.
Let me proclaim your glory to the winds!
I am humble in your service, in your name.
My voice can herald all that must ensure,
While in my heart is love's own true vow.
I thus proclaim your glory that ever sends,
My heart ascending from every past shame.

I am a broken soul, a doll shattered apart,
But in your teachings I find a new purpose.
In your face I see all that I had been denied,
By faiths and the faithless following fools.
Your path is pure, your beliefs have heart,
More then those who have done far worse.
If I laid in your arms until my tears dried,
Could I sense in you the other happy souls?

Those whose lives you have touched,
Whose hearts you have truly inspired.
Children who like me have no family,
Except that shared by love of your divinity.
Could I sense them within your light?
My messiah, embodiment of all that is right!
Show me the sights your eyes have seen,
The roads beyond every shining moonbeam.
The vistas you beheld at time's own dawn,
Or just how green might be your lawn.
Show me the beauty, show me the love,
Sweeter than snow, fairer than any dove!
My eyes have seen so much of horror,
That, they long for a more pleasing hour.
Lovely Kara, take me unto your bosom,
Where love's garden may truly blossom!
I devote myself to your divine call,
For like you, I once did cruelly fall.
Written by Sybil_StarWitch (Sybille Anne Martin)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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The haunting bittersweetness of coconut cream pie

It's been a long while

Years are mere moments
some days shine bright
of your warm memory
it's only in dark shadows
where the sting still stings

Finding my own smile
in tattered old photos
or sounds of our similar nature
 tears can't help but brim
at our alikeness
unmistakably similar
so uncanny
I can't help but chuckle
yeah, that too... is familiar

Laughing through tears
grief finds it's own way
through, over
and around

Every single one
of life's challenges,
or hard fought accomplishments
a little less sweet
a little less meaningful
a little less colorful

Oftentimes not as rich,
luster is lost
within the black and white of it

of all days
is that much more muted
when missing you
feels brand new again

Pain erodes away distance
from then
'till now
gone is the healing nature of time
traveling further away
only to become closer to
the epiphany in the moment

A lifetime of memories consume
I allow each and every one,
find a way to capture it all through the pain
through the unfairness
comforting what's left of that little girl
who lost her daddy
far far sooner than what is considered fair

This year, a milestone.
Would have been an 80th birthday party event
He would have basked and relished
Claimed such wisdom of age and lifetime
I can easily imagine him
soaking up the accolades
while partaking
of his absolute favorite birthday indulgence
Village Inn's coconut cream pie
Every year, only on his birthday
It was required tradition
One that had always been there
Until he wasn't.

Well, I rekindled it
Marking what 'could have been at 80'
By honoring him
with that favorite delicious confection
he habitually enjoyed
and which now sits beside me
safely packaged in the familiar pie box,
Making its journey to a celebration
of a life lived, remembered and very much loved

Towards the end of the nights festivities
-before slicing it and serving-
On my own—
I lit the pie with a single candle
whispered in a quiet hush
and right before
blowing out the candle myself
[no need for witnesses]
The candle flickered like a response...

I swear
I could almost hear

so very


Written by Bluevelvete
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Kaden Malis
Fire of Insight
United States
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James Douglas(Jim Morrison)

Thrown into this world  
An outsider  
Exiled from paradise  
As a fallen angel  

The chains that shackled you above  
Now failingly tried to bind you below  

An instinctive rebel  
Who dared to ask why?  
You set the kindling  
Ablaze under America's youth  
Fanned the flames  
And watched as it grew  
A poetic call to arms  
For life, love, and  
The pursuit of happiness  
Yet with anything that causes dissent  
Your country labeled you deviant  
A modern day crucifixion  
Staged for the world to see  
Yet you did not bow  
To these self serving political gods  
A farcical trial to stamp out your words  
Labeled as a witch hunt and absurd  
Death came calling  
Welcomed with no fear  
Cause as you once said  
"The future's uncertain  
And the end is always near!"  
Twenty seven years the phoenix rose  
Expanding his luminescent glow  
Exploding at his pinnacle  
The scattered fires set off eternal flames  
To your devoted followers  
Who would carry on your name
Written by Kaden_Malis (Kaden Malis)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Dead but Never Gone

Something about you just standing there,
So alive and well in my memories comes
Roaring back into my lungs like the air
I breathe every day. You left the crumbs
Behind for me to follow because even
Though you are as dead as the soft soil
Beneath my delicate feet and the coffin
Buried deep you still make my blood boil
And my heart race. You still remind me
I am never alone as the strong whispers
Of the wind tell me we are finally free.
I always remember interlacing our fingers
Together like we finally belonged to
Each other. I could never forget your
Joyous laughter or the way that you
Held onto me as I was laying on the floor
Of the bathroom with no end in sight
To the tears. I constantly miss you and
All of the memories that gave me light
Instead of darkness. Your firm hand
In mine that gave me strength instead of
Giving me doubt. You were my ray of love.
Written by eswaller
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Strange Creature
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Loved and lost but never forgotten...

11 years since you left us but sometimes these memories surface.
With the best cups of tea you did this world a service.
Taught me about family coming first although no family's perfect,
Made me believe that I could. Finding the right way to word this.

The first ever card I made and gave to someone was yours.
A birthday card that said groovy chick and I barely got through your doors
Before handing it over and the smile on your face
Asking if I thought you were groovy, I'll never forget being in that place.

The house on the end with a farm and field either side.
A garden we played ball games in and a greenhouse where we'd hide.
The smell of the greenhouse, scrambled eggs in the house
Little things I remember like your purple apron and blouse.

With 8 kids under your belt your house must have been LOUD.
I'm an adult myself now and I hope I've made you proud.

Strange to see when the matriarch dies a family can drift apart
But, I have all these wonderful memories, you'll live forever in my heart.
Written by Eleanor_Braveheart
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The Fire Elemental
Tyrant of Words
United States
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The Memory Keeper

All that I do not understand pains me. Many voices in the mitote, I do not know. Then, I remember.  
Reach my fingers, lift my face to the sky. I remember to touch the light.  
The Fallen Towers,  
My brother  
Is there  
On a shelf  
There’s nothing left but  
I remember the  
I held  
As he lay  
For days  
I went around  
Each night  
To visit  
In the  
He asked for me  
When he woke  
I was told  
About a year  
Unwelcome to  
Attend the  
I hold a  
Ten feet and  
Twenty years  
From where  
I stand  
An ever present beer in his  
He is smiling with  
And that is how  
I choose  
To keep him  
Sky full of purple black clouds across the western horizon. Pillars of light streaming down midway from the obscured sun. Fingers of lightning rake the sky in brilliant, jagged lines. Thunder grumbles with the low throated displeasure of a predatory animal.  
I stride across weeks like pavement cracks  
The Secret Window,  
A woven snare  
Of poetic  
Arced in the  
Over me  
To capture my  
In scintillating color  
To sneer at me  
For getting lost in  
Its beauty  
In a harsh  
For being so naive  
As to appreciate  
Livid with  
And love  
A raindrop stalactite  
At the tip of my finger is  
A chalice of light  
Lift, gently  
To my  
And sip  
Waves rush to  
Their backs  
Against the  
And me  
Delicate and  
As I am  
I want to fucking die  
Every day  
To be born  
And new  
In a pillar of  
I rise  
To dash upon  
The rocks  
I fucking live for it  
Silent lightning on every horizon, briefly illuminating cloud banks. Silhouettes of titanic shoulders in the heavens. Silhouettes of homeless loiter against buildings. A rumor of smoke hangs in the air. Scant, fat raindrops hit me as if targeted.  
The Hand Span of Hours,  
The word is magic  
Here, it lies  
In this breast  
It is power  
It hides its bright face  
Its somnolent face  
Rotating upon its own  
Slightly askew  
Within the annals of the  
Leaning tower of Babel  
Where spring  
Holds its  
Curled within  
A memory of  
Within an autumn  
Bare limbs  
A schema of  
Against the  
They are each  
To another  
The glint of ten thousand suns is recalled in an instant as I inch slowly through congested traffic. Sun visor lowered, peering into the faces of motorists, similarly ensnared in the crawl. I can taste the needs of others as their sweat beads on their skin. Their pores are eyes. Their mouths are fingers.  
Hours later, an unexpected text from an old lover, and shared moonlight dances through strands of her hair, floating freely before my eyes, as this treasured memory.  
Our quaking fingers reach for each other  
Shaped with the hope of  
Puzzle pieces  
Tonight, before you leave  
My life  
Try to find the  
In you  
Dreams come screaming astride a dark horse  
The Memory Keeper,  
I heard  
Solemn pride in his  
Muffled voice through  
The door  
As he phoned  
To say that I  
Had not  
Until he’d left  
The room  
I still make eggs  
The way he did  
After that  
I remember  
In the kitchen  
Across from  
My father  
My child’s thin  
With pain  
My child’s thin  
With flame  
Over easy  
Lots of  
Ketchup and  
When he returned from  
The war  
It wasn’t until after  
Three bottles hit  
The floor  
And the moon was  
Swinging across  
Bruised morning sky  
And his fingers  
Across the chords  
To embrace my  
That I stood  
Strode across the  
Gulf in the  
To him  
And kissed his  
My brother  
And for a long  
We stood  
Like that  
And the tenor  
Of the love  
Burned in my  
Was like  
A father’s  
Sometimes, all that I do not understand pains me. Sometimes, only. Words erect or prostrate upon a page, dependent on their quality, upon my own. Many voices in the mitote, all speak, all fall silent. I feel the gulfs between us, keen as the arching webwork of electromagnetism, its phantom fingers, binds us, one to another. I do not know you, I feel you.  
Between trembling digits, the unraveling thread of memory. I raise my fingers, face to the sky. I remember to be still and touch the light. Close my eyes. Feel the corona surrounding, a bombardment of infinite compassion, a vortex of warmth, gentle encircling arms, encroaching, from all sides.  
May your ghost whisper of every experience  
And recall with gladness  
The Memory Keeper  
Daniel Christensen
Written by DanielChristensen (The Fire Elemental)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Machine Gun Smith : How my High School English Teacher Shaped Me

Everyone was afraid of Miss Smith
She went by the name M.G. Smith
The students knew her as Machine Gun Smith
She scared the crap out of most people
Strict was an understatement
She drank whiskey and smoked Lucky Strikes
I was in awe of her

School was not my thing
I was a terrible student
An outsider who never fit in
I probably had Attention Deficit Disorder
It was long ago
I don't think there was a name for it then

We were given an assignment
Choose one word and craft an essay
I went obscure and chose the word "Look"
Everyone else went traditional
I was honored when she read mine out loud
Street cred finally, recognition for taking a chance

MG was tough on me
My grammar sucked and structure was lacking
Yet her praise that day opened me up
I came out of the shadows
She gave me personal hope
I am grateful to this day ......
Written by PoetSpeak
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