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Alive in Memory

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Capture in poetry a moment in time or a person you wish to immortalize
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've last hosted a competition, but I've now returned to DUP full time.

This competition is meant to allow participants to share with the community their homage to either a person who's made an impression on them or a significant memory that they'd like to immortalize forever. To keep them alive in memory.

Only 1 submission per participant, either old or new submissions. There's no word limit. I look forward to reading your entries.

Feel free to ask me any question. Happy 2023.

Thought Provoker
United States
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Folgers coffee scented sundays

I remember you, as a kid, and how you and I would belt out Rod Stewart songs; but what I remember the most of you,
Is the smell. The smell of Folgers coffee in the mornings, and how it always put a smile on your face.
I remember that you would call me sue, and how warm your hugs were, and how rare they were to come by.
I remember peaceful weeks with you, and how you taught me how to make an entire thanksgiving dinner, even if it was only for the three people eating it.
I remember you called me an old soul the night I made that dinner, after the sun himself had gone to bed and I hummed Johnny cash as I washed the remnants of thanksgiving down the kitchen sink drain.  
I remember so much about you; and yet it is never enough,
Until I smell the Folgers coffee, and it pulls me right back to you.  
You died before your birthday, and before I could tell you I’m changing my major, before I could tell you that I liked women even more than I like men.
Before I could sit across the living room on the couch with you, and watch another episode of jeopardy.
My birthday is on Thursday, and you will not be here with me to celebrate it.  
But I have already bought the coffee, and when I am drinking margaritas like we planned, I will be thinking of you.
And I hope that it is warm, wherever you are;
And that is always smells of Folgers coffee and fried eggs and bacon on sundays.
All my love,  
A. Sue
Written by Fallen_Angel_194 (Angel.)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for kicking things off with your entry, Fallen Angel. My condolences for your loss, but your entry is a peaceful and heartfelt homage to that significant person in your life. It's true that just the scent of something familiar can trigger a cascade of memories and take us back in time. Nicely done.

Tyrant of Words
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Can this be a fictional type of character?

Dangerous Mind
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Hello Robert. Thanks for bringing this up. I'd prefer the entries to be dedicated to someone real or an actual life event that made an impact. Nothing fictional, please.

Thought Provoker
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She and the sea

Adriana sometimes stopped
and looked at the sea
and she would remain silent looking at the sea
she was always just silent
when she stopped and looked
at the sea and sometimes
when she looked at me.

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Tyrant of Words
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I Remember Fondly

She had become like a motherly figure
A mentor
Always challenging me to think for myself
To think outside the box
I was only ten

She had a rough childhood
So she learned to fend for herself at a young age
...and became successful

She was one of my mom’s employers
But in a short time, they became good friends
At times I know they were more like confidants
Because I could see my mom’s confidence growing in those years

She was strong willed
Spoke what she felt and meant what she said
In a time when men in the office could be…misogynistic
She stood out like the voice of reason    
And at times vulgar whenever it was necessary

I was happy she attended my high school graduation
She was part of our family
She had seen us all grow

We had lunch a couple of weeks later
I could tell she was excited I was attending college in the fall

In early November I went to visit her
All the chemo had taken a toll
And though she may had lost her hair and a lot of weight
She still had the same sass
She could still kick ass

Leukemia took her a few days before Thanksgiving
My mom had been there for her every day

In the family albums…birthday parties and gatherings
She always had a smile
But my favorite is in the one with her dog

And to this day, over thirty years later
I remember fondly
Our family friend Sally
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Empty Rocker on the Porch at Pheasant Farm

Ere memory tombed be deep beneath the snow  
and winter come to mine aged sorrow seize --  
farewell to May, her flowers from a beau,  
bouquets of hummingbirds and honeybees,  
silk zephyrs wrapped in rainbow tissue glow,  
card garden glazed, shade penned with sea green trees,  
a lazing idyll, late noon nap, and grin,  
the candlelight a gloaming ushered in.  


in remembrance of  
Shari Mae
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Thought Provoker
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There is, perhaps, some artless art  
here, not quite a studio pose,  
but complete calmness on the part  
of the subject soon no one will know.  

There are three generations here  
but two without a living voice  
to express things which they held dear  
except through this simple device.  

The third, of course, it the viewer  
reflecting on this photograph,  
seeing my grandfather anew  
then father, reflected in the glass.
Written by Rew
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Thought Provoker
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Hi regarding your competition are photos allowed?

Dangerous Mind
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Hello Rew. Yes, photos can absolutely be included.

Thought Provoker
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Hi LunasChild. Thank you kindly for the response. Rew.

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The Shore

In the sunshine
with you by the sea
where I long
to always be

Fondest memories
of late afternoons
we lay resting
just beyond the dunes

I still hear
the tide coming in
waves crashing
comfort within

Din of children’s laughter
seagulls in flight
sun setting
dimming earth’s light

The shore was our place
always content
grateful for you
and the times we spent

Forever my safe place
I hold it in my heart
an accommodation
where you cannot depart
Written by mel44
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Just Another Day

I heard my mama call my name    
on this morning’s warm breeze,  
straining ears to listen closely  
while I blew smoke at the sun;    
though impossible, she’s gone    
and I stand on lazy weekend legs    
turning into my father’s house;    
divvying boxes take up space    
where she no longer lives    
I heard my mama in the kitchen,    
rinsed dishes held to the light ~    
a thorough inspection compelled;    
frustrated breaths blow    
unruly hair from her face    
~ but it sticks to her forehead,    
curling inward and outward again    
in the mid-afternoon Florida heat;    
she curses softly before fading    
I heard my mama sing to me,    
her beautiful, clear voice tainted    
by the pain within her mind    
where it gripped her by the wrists,    
to the sorrow beneath my soul    
where it grips me by the heart,    
begging me to rest before I wake    
to just another day where    
though impossible, she’s gone
Written by LunaGreyhawk
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Fire of Insight
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When I learned how the listening light invited my soul.
Grace within dew clung to my scarlet scar free soul
as I was witness to each trail wind that wove
sounds of my name  
And you were beside me  
Little miss fix it with curls like Shirley Temple  
Spot lighted, high lighted crown of the sun  
I was a crescent moon shape shifting in unfolding dark,  
Earth on the soles of my socks.  
The sides of my puffy cheeks never looked softer  
brighter paler , more present than in that present moment  
Modelled in my being was a halo  
Perhaps I was your shadow  
We held hands confiding  
None saw into these deeper templates  
they never knew how mahogany tables  
resembled waxen scent where long lost ticking  
hides faint cuckooing clock  
Her antiquities left unfit for marmalade fingers  
we peeled oranges and watched the peelings fall  
on the twelfth day of Christmas  
each year  
when women spirit is faced  
unveiled in matriarchy  
they burned ever greens  
each year I remember  
Old woman  
She who was my cloud  
The one who was  
She of no face  
The one  
of becoming  
at bay  
let us once more  
share palms  
 Ⓒ copyrights owned by Rianne  
Written by Rianne
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