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Delightfully bonkers #7: January

Tyrant of Words
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Mixed drinks from the pits

Rotgut is one of a kind,
Favored by those with nothing else to lose
Rat de Goût, an imagined drink
Also created with lime and slime and  which helps
To drive you even lower down the pits
Rat d'égoût....another imagined mixed drink
Created with remains of slews and mews
And sure to drive  you down to the lowest pits
Of dégout.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you for your amazing entries. I think this has been our best month to date! ALL of them were fun, evocative and full of colour. Writing about writing is always a sweet spot for me, and the winner and runner up both did it in such a whimsical and clever way. Very well done to Kinkpoet and Rew.

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