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New Beginnings

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Positivity for the New Year
Hi! I'd like to read some positive, uplifting and hopeful poems for a new year. You can write about the new year, resolutions, or any other real or fictional new start, e.g. moving house, changing job, a new relationship, new life... whatever you like.

Poetry only, please.
No erotica.
You may enter more than once if you like.
Images/ audio etc welcome, but I'll be judging the words and how they make me feel uplifted or hopeful.
Two weeks.

Fire of Insight
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The News

Good evening, here is the latest news,    
eleven-thirty p.m. G.M.T †  
December 31st, read by Rew †  
on this eve of twenty-twenty-three. †  
Just in, Trump found guilty of sedition †  
sentenced to twenty to life in Sing-Sing, †  
the judge knowing the shafting Trump has done †  
advised, " to take lots of condoms " with him. †  
† †
Moscow's police report Putin's body †  
found torn limb from limb in Moscow's city square, †  
the case was quickly closed they said that he †  
" Had wrastled once to often with wild bears." †  
† †
Sport now, Pakistan set to beat England †  
In the test-match at sunny Edgebaston, and...
Written by Rew
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Dangerous Mind
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Thanks for kicking off this competition in style. I'd love to see Trump and Putin get what's coming to them. We can live in hope!

Fire of Insight
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next year
I will send you postcards
to say where I am
or what do I do
and that I miss you

letters and letters and letters
full of things I didn't say
that you don't know
that you don't know that I didn't say
or did you dream that I would repeat

I'll send you a million
of photos and all the same.

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Tyrant of Words
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Onward to a Beginning

when finally, I can say
letís move onward
to a new beginning
I want to hear a silence
except for the chirps
of the cricket
on warm hearth
and shift pearly curtains
to never ever-land

I want to hear your smile
through the words
you say even ever so faint
in scribbled words
you will say
I will meet you
among the fairy rings
where flowers bloom
behind our home

when I finally can say
this day today I traverse
the midnight-to-dawn sky
the hands entwine will be
of I, aurora and you boreas
to create colours
that blends in the northern sky
rare and eternal

thus, the silver will bind
your heart
to mine
fingers alike.
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Tyrant of Words
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Evelyn could not believe the numbers
She had them all
Millions in her pockets
The Victorian House of her dreams
Recently on the market
Papers signed
Save for a very few and precious possessions
She left all her crummy second-hand belongings behind
And moved in for a superb segment of her life.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Fire of Insight
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Hi, Jake. It's Been A Long Time.

Jake had gone
to his best friend Brad's New
Year's Eve party and was surprised to
see his old flame Dori walk right up to the guy
only to have her get hugged and kissed
by her new husband... the
man named Brad.
Written by Green_Arrow
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Thought Provoker
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The Spirit to Uplift

Though ancient as the Flood, this body hopeful is each year
its swift approaching day of Doom shall not be one to fear
since thanks to chemotherapies -- and yet the morphine drip --
the bladder nearly makes it to the toilet every trip;
the innards suffer diarrhea but from time to time
between the times it takes to polish off an ending rhyme;
the gullet somewhat able is to keep the gruel down;
and, too, the half lung left, replete with fluids, fails to drown;
while though the eyes are both excised, the eyelids both prevail;
plus once cut out, the tongue straight ceased to scream, screech, squeal, and rail;
the cancer bug on sucking up the marrow in the bones --
as well as all the phallic flesh and meat inside the stones,
the fingers, thumbs opposable, toes, ears, cheeks, chin, and nose --
full hurries lest the skinned remains and hair quick decompose;
still upbeat is the heart of not sustaining any pain
this brand-new year as brand-new tumors lopped are with the brain.
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Tyrant of Words
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Affirmation For The New Year

go forth
who you are and
who you are
called to be
always find
beauty and wonder
in sacred spaces
around you
care for and love yourself
as you care for
love others
on this journey
of healing
awareness and
fullness of life
Written by Kinkpoet
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Tyrant of Words
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Private Pacts

Another year to add to this personal chronicle
But this time Iím not feeling melancholic or nostalgic
I think Iíve passed the midway point of this journey
And I didnít even know it or at least felt the magic
Who knows what cards Iíll be dealt by the hands of fate
I just take it day by day with short terms plans ahead
Anything longer than that requires a speculative contract
But I learned to slow down to appreciate the now instead
Yeah yeah, Iíll write another list and then tuck it away
Occasionally taking it out to fuel the dreams Iíve had
Goals unwritten are just wishes carried off in the wind
But on paper, theyíre private pacts that have made me sad
Self-Agreements are usually changing, always in progress
Adapting to the shifting factors of life that happen everyday
But most importantly, always leave some room for error
Because sometimes things may just fall deep into the fray
Call it a resolution or a self-decree to be held accountable
Write it up, type it up or whatever it takes to create the magic
Itís the end of the year and Iím older but Iím not looking back
Because this time, Iím not feeling melancholic or nostalgic
Forge ahead
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
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Out With the Old, In With the New

I say goodbye to all the people and things weigh me down
Because if life taught us anything it is the fact that we do not
Deserve it when our megawatt smiles turn into sullen frowns.

Say goodbye to the things that turn our stomachs into knots
Much like a lasso that does not untangle or come undone.
Sometimes we miss the people we used to know and spots

Where we used to hang out. We are more worthy of the sun,
Moon and stars when we trust the people who give them to us
Instead of questioning their motives. Some days we have spun

Out of control, but we learn to let go of the things we fussed
Or fought over. Much like we shed the things that no longer fit
Us like the clothes and skin we used to wear, we adjust

To the changes and loads we must carry. So as the world sits
And watches just remember to breathe and never quit.
Written by eswaller
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you! I loved them all, without exception, and will leave you all some nice feedback when I have time. Well done to you all, and special congratulations to Rew. It might be wishful thinking, but really cheered me up!

Fire of Insight
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Cheers Dear.

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