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Poetry Contest


I am building a universe, based off of ClIve Barker’s book,
“Hellbound Heart”, which became the movie: Hellraiser.

(Not the title, preferred by the author.)

In this conception, the place of the Cenobites is not hell and…

The Cenobites are not demons…  But there is much mystery
surrounding these things…

And where there is mystery, there is opportunity…


Barker recently bought back the rights for Hellraiser,
a franchise with great potential, which was not capitalized upon…

I have read both, “Hellbound Heart” & “Scarlet Gospels”…
(I found the prose to be deeply inspiring…)

And the “Leviathan Mythos”…

Is very interesting to me…  A solid framework to work within…

In any event…

I am building a new universe…  Thinking of maybe doing
an ebook type project with some twists…

I am looking for people to write first person accounts of their
experience as a:

Soledadian Cenobite…

Soledadian Cenobite

- A special lineage of Cenobite

- Artists that make Lament Configurations through the elements of their art forms.

- Because of the special lineage, they evolve in unique ways, keeping more human traits, longer than a typical Cenobite.

They could be like…

Interview with the Vampire sort of complex psychologies…  That sort of thing…


You make Lament Configurations out of your art…  And if a person goes deep enough…  

If they solve the puzzle…  

A portal opens that summons you…  

Maybe just you…  Maybe you and a Motley Crew…

Maybe your pet made out of parts of pets…  

Think outside of the box, in terms of the structure, and things like that...

I will select a winner, however all entries will be introductions to the universe…

You are:

Travelers in the further regions of experiene.

So anything goes…

Please visit the Hellraiser Bible, for creative inspiration, here:

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Related submission no longer exists.

This is more a realistic piece and not an invokation but I wanted to send an entry

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In the Synderjysk Antique Marble Sarcophagus, Van-der-Hilst-Tailormade-Gold-Edition

Pillow Talk    
"I fear mine experience as a Soledadian Cenobite be somewhat limited --      
my being, like, totally clueless, dude,      
as to that which a Soledadian Cenobite, like, is, bro."        
-- from eons past, an antic fart        
"Alack, my dear Lestat, how tasteless modern mortals be,        
our feasts full interrupting with 'Hey, dude, I gotta pee!'        
or worse 'I'm low-key freakin' out!  Don't be so thirsty, man!'        
and most egregious yet 'Whoa, Brah, you, like, could use a tan!'        
Such incantations dark quite vex the noble vampire chef!"         
"Indeed, dear Louis, each such curse is so not cool AF!"        
a dedication of Respect        
the antediluvian fop but a FOP in Pain        
a revolving helios verse menippean satire in dialogue        
on the generation gap        
between the teeth        
november, 2022 -- the two-hundred-year-old vampire        
e'er slow of his dignity    
being defanged        
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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I love poems  that relax and give strength!  

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