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Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Perfect place

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

The city of your dreams: you have visited, you want to visit....it can even be that Utopian city in your dream....but that would have to be on a different planet?
Poems up to around 50 lines.  Could also be a short story

Twisted Dreamer
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City Boy

"Beneath the city sights lie the dead."
-- sepulchers, crypts, tombs, and graveyards


To long explore his bright-lit heights
and roam his wisdom's
and handsome empathy
his patience
his shady silences
till stopping at his sidewalk laughter
sharing passion's kiss  
descend I to his catacombs
of age-old darkling fears
in care
to lie beside his twilight brief
his interest still  
and deep respect in
this city girl.


a dedication of Respect
the Knowing

a revolving helios free verse menippean satire on
the typical city tour

november, 2022 -- yet countless glad
to be back home
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Montserrat The Emerald Isle

Sweet little Caribbean vibe,    
Rich with pride  
From cassava bread
to coconut dumplings  
Beautiful Emerald Isle    
Watched Soufriere Hills volcano kiss the sky  
She ruptured, fire  before our eyes,  
Ocean floor to shoreline,    
Preserve this land which is mine,    
Reducing pollution,  
Recycling debris    
Protecting this Emerald City  
Steel-pan drumming,    
Masqueraders parading    
The street's festivity,  
Such freedom exude    
As culture expressed by  
The local dances and dress  
Need I mention the food  
This land that nurtures  
It's people and creatures  
We show our gratitude.  
Our animals are our gems    
We must respect them,    
Mountain chicken down to hen.  
There is history in this island    
It's history we embrace,  
tracing back to slavery and the ancient days.  
The land we stand on is a blessed land    
and so  
I can proudly say,  
Montserrat is Paradise    
and so it shall stay.  
Written by ClassyBird (ClAsSyBiRdMeLlA)
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Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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Emerald Empress

- Emerald Empress -

If love is a maiden, then I am: she incarnate!
In palaces of emerald beyond enchantment,
Where I am queen and empress, so intimate.
For my people love me beyond all sentiment,
And my heartbeat is that of a whole empire…
Faerie land of one thousand and one delights!
And to know them all would mean to expire,
From the beauty and grandeur of the sights…
Which only I can show to one thusly initiated:
In lovely arts, which only my hand may teach!
I am the greatest sorceress, long anticipated,
Yet whose kingdom only the few might reach.

Beyond azure mountains and lavender sands…
Where trees sing and where wisps may roam,
In faerie rings hidden in deeply forested lands:
Beyond all these things I have made my home.
In emerald attire, to match my emerald throne,
I wait to work my magic, to spread such joy…
As a symphony playing on high celestial tone!
Just as a child is oft one with their favored toy,
I am oft one with my fair enchanted kingdom.
Let me delight you, let me cause you to sing…
For, in my realm, our song is one of freedom!
I grant you, this gift, for such is mine to bring.

If love is a maiden, then I am: she embodied!
In palaces of emerald beyond soaring spires,
Where all spirits are those who magic freed…
To bask in all the glory of my sorcery’s fires!
And my heartbeat is that of the realm eternal,
Faerie land of dreams and of nightmares too.
Paradise, beyond the divine, and the infernal!
Let me show you where fantasy is made true.
For my beauty and my grandeur seduces all,
Yet my heart is for one alone, whom I adore.
I am the emerald empress, with a siren’s call,
And, I have so many enchantments in store!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Tyrant of Words
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Enchanting.  Good luck in the competition.  Regards, Robert.

Fire of Insight
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Removed for reasons stated below-

Tyrant of Words
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Nice. I like.  However the contest  asks about your perfect place, the place of your dreams, even if Utopian..........

Strange Creature
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Distant Volgorod

Sweetened mountain air of distant Volgorod,
never too far from the warmth of quiet
recollection - oft occasioned as I  
sit in gladdened throes of  
wistful contemplation,  
the stark grandeur  
of its spires climbing high the great expanse  
of a watchful firmament, great piercing eye,
the sclera but a patchwork, floating islands,
inverted eye, as we gaze following, those eyried
towers - carriers of sight to meet the mystery of  
endless skies.  
That anywhere soar outstretched, the measure of the  
surest sight - yet nowhere beneath, than distant  
Volgorod, topples distance most of all from  
Earth, where angels themselves could swear,
there ingress to the heavens ascends,
where skies fly on as anywhere,
But no nearer reached than there,  
in distant Volgorod.
Written by EvanescentSirius21
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Tyrant of Words
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Makes me want to visit the place.  Regards, Robert.

Fire of Insight
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O Great City No More, Be Gone!

Palace spire and residence stone, I once so loftly dashed,
Dreaming views and bustle, in fluffled collar, straight fine cord;
Traipsed canal bend, stairs embassorial, brass railing curl,
Whistle with tea, some smiling commerce, few winks and chuckle,
Then pleasantly park slopes to the neighbourhood home.

But oh how terrible twisted the Mind of City Man has become,
Shadowy arbitrary, rule counted and perniciously surveilled!
Out! I am no more there! There ist no fitting place to bother with,
No point of continued worth, useless experience and wealth!

Now I find small heaven in time, among branches and far sky,
Among paths and rivulets wild, bramble, chipmunk and jay;
Now the Vision is Peace, and Stillness, sitting with Thought,
For with calmed eyes more Beauteous Paramount is wrought.
Written by jIMNUT_rOARIN
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Dangerous Mind
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A Place Like Home

With a piece of paradise between
My fingertips I am finally home.
The place that kept me warm when
There was no warmth in the bright
City lights. The place where a Queen
And peasant are welcome to roam.
A place where the women and men
Are created equal. But as the night
Fades away and turns into the early
Morning daylight I face the harsh
Reality that I cannot always get
What I want. Paradise sounds easy
On the tip of the tongue as the pearly
Gates open up and I stand in the marsh
All alone as home is never easy to forget.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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Birnin Zana

The first time I laid my eyes on The Golden City
I was amazed at all it’s beauty and splendor
Skyscrapers nestled between rivers and mountains
A scenery that only the imagination could render

In this true symbiosis of technology and nature
People go about their way wearing colorful clothes
There’s a sense of peace and harmony amongst them
When their king walked around without being grandiose

This society is a wonder of scientific advancement
Respectful of the environment and its protection
It’s a utopia that this country has kept a secret
A paradise on earth that is close to perfection

I long to visit the city and the towns in the countryside
Converse with it’s citizens and all that they’ve achieved
Marvel in the science and fellowship of this nation
Witnessing the creation of all that they’ve conceived

But through all these descriptions there is just one flaw
Is that I’ll never be able to travel for this endeavor
And it’s because this is part of a cinematic universe
Even with the passing of their king – Wakanda Forever
Written by wallyroo92
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Twisted Dreamer
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Oh, my Seoul,  
From a distance,  
A single way, and  
A thousand miles, and  
At times this bridge  
Seems a thousand miles  
To me,  
Though right next door,  
This painfully familiar  

Give me Yeosu,  
Where the waves are gentle on the shore;  

Or some Hanok Village,  
Where I might momentarily forget  
My every  
Heavy, stark regret;  
But no,  
I can’t resist the song  
Welling up within my Seoul;  
And while I Can’t  
(Necessarily) Stop Me,  
Oh, sweet Seoul,  
There’s nowhere I’d rather be.
Written by tell_me_wy
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William Woodruff
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I am really happy to see this.

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