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The masks we wear

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Use the title as a prompt

Onward with the spooky season theme.

I would like a free verse poem using the prompt of ”the masks we wear”.

See where it takes you in your mind.


• New writes only
• Free verse poetry
• No erotica
• No restrictions on length
• Visual / audio / video poetry allowed
• One entry per human being
• Comp judged by host
• 2 weeks

Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Each Mask She Wears

Each mask she wears dilutes her soul
They hide her sparkle and take her whole
The businesswoman who can never fail
The working mum whose façade is stale
The wife who must love, honour and obey
Those expectations fade her whole being away
That whole being feels like a distant star  
One dimming speckle in a galaxy afar
A woman of all trades, and a master of none
With the weight of the world, fulfilling everyone
Every person in her life accepting each disguise
The more they want, the more she tries
The more she tries, the less she can feel  
Until there will be nothing left to heal!
Written by RedEmma
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poet Anonymous

@RedEmma - thank you for your entry 👍🏻

Lost Thinker
United States
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Counting the lessons
Submit to tension
Rose tinted face slips away

Callous and jaded
Sheepish and dated
This act is over and played

Covet forgiveness
Don't think I need it
What will remain is decay.
Written by Fishmander
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Crocodile Bundy

I make a mask of my smile
The dimples crease to conceal
What inside of me is real?
One moment I am afraid
The next my heart seems as if to stop

Paralyzed by depressions overlording slave trade
When my soul feels as a gamble in a game of demons
A roulette of spiritual warfare

Another person I admire
I wear their skin on my lips
As I steal their voice to tell a story as if it is my own
My heart whispers their success to my ears
As I stand before an ovation of my imagination
A fan base of delusion

Self obsessed the narcissist
I taper my entitlement
Vulnerability parades as authenticity
But my heart is a liar
They only see what I let them see
As I slant my confessions to favor me

I am not the victim
Merely prey to the predator within
Suicidal conscience
I am a feast to the cannibalism of my own appetite
Both satisfied and sickened by myself

I am the living dead in a full body masquerade, a shell
Faking like life is heaven
As on the inside I am the kindling of a self made hell…
Written by DeathRattle89
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The Unmasked

dust viral swept
buried under rugs by monsters lax
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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enough of those masks you wear

pressing down
into your pores  
feeding slowly  
off gorilla glue
as skin forgets  
how to draw
light inhales,
lay down  
plastic dreams
ironing out
every pleat
in existence
without any
pull away
every thought  
that believes
your name
was made
to be marked  
for burning.

Written by ragaire
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Thought Provoker
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Behind Those Eyes

Some wear masks to contain the pain
Some wear them to hide their sorrows
Other use them to hide deep dark secrets
And some use them to masquerade something much more sinister...

But no matter what disguise these masks may be
It’s always in the eyes that tell the story
The windows to the soul are sometimes a deep chasm
A void of the unknown into the lifeless pit of some evil and vile –

If you’re keen enough, you can see that behind a smile or grin
Something much more guiling lies behind those eyes
Waiting for an opportune moment
To reveal its true self
The beast hidden underneath this skin

Yes, monsters are real
But they wear masks of beauty, cuteness, and charm
And yet at night under the light of the moon they shed their skins
Baring the visceral severed vessels and seeping cavities
Crawling with night
Slithering slowly between rot and decay
Waiting for day to commence once again
To find another victim

And the mask hides this hideous face
With a friendly smile but ominous eyes
Lingering patiently
Until she comes into my grasp…
Written by wallyroo92
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Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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changing faces over time

Today every face is wearing
a mask or I can say that every
mask is wearing another mask.

even I'm also wearing a mask,
yaa… whenever I get a chance,
I always wear masks. In fact you
can say that I have been wearing
mask since my childhood.

I want to say something here,
A relative physically abused me
as a child, The school teacher also
gave pain at the age of 9 by putting
his hand into my school uniform skirt.

N when I told my mom about both
those unbearable incidents,
she taught me.. baby olive...
''sshhhhhh.... wear a mask of silence''.

And now even after growing up,
I am still wearing a mask…
Sometimes for the lover,
sometimes for the father,
sometimes for the mother,
sometimes for the relative,
sometimes for the society
and sometimes for the life.

And I know none of them is
going to give me anything,
with time everyone will leave
me and move on, Still, to keep
them happy, to keep myself happy,
I put on a mask.
N yaaa there is a naked mind
behind my many words too,
which wants to tell a lot
but is afraid somewhere.
N I know till the end of life,
for some reason or the other,
I will have to wear a mask,
then only I will be able
to live peacefully for two moments….
Written by olivia (oliviaaah)
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poet Anonymous


Don't wear a mask
That's all I ask
It's too common place

Know that it's right
Step into the light
Let me see your face

There's nothing to hide
I have seen inside
How beautiful you are

Please let it all go
Discontinue the show
Dare to raise your bar

Look love is all around
Don't be shy be found
In the company of men

There's nothing to fear
Wipe away that tear
You will be born again
Written by Northern1
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Northern1 said:

Hello, I’m afraid this comp is new writes only. If you would like to write another entry I will gladly accept that in this comp.

Thank you 🙂

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Cigarette smoke

I'm our Frankenstein
green and stitched together
condensation breaths out
Marlborough breaths in,
as I take your hand.

I'm a wort nosed old man
white haired and extended chin
I watch you breath out
Marlborough breaths in,
waiting for eyes to close.

I'm the question that's asked
when they think they know
Marlborough breaths in
as my mouth answers no,
curling at the corner.

I'm the sideways glance
that tell you where it's buried,
the fingernail that I bite
before I ask you for a light,
Marlborough breaths in.

I'm the bead of sweat
that makes you want to run
the heaving chest that
Marlborough breaths in,
as a cracked black lung, sings.

Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
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The Internet Invented Poetry

“Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

The Libraries are full of luddites
Weeping Wikipedia tears o’er
Keats and Yeats eulogies.

Breaking News on Sky:
Scientists are cloning souls in
Bunkums of human abattoirs.
For a moment, the sky dies.

Spinning blackened skeins on unrequited looms
Sentence is passed on charlatans & grandeurs deluded.
As the webs weave, terminally it seems,
Words are kindled in Sanskrit flames.

In brown rooms, a cursor flenses coward skin.
Steering fantasies into lonely harbours
See how the sails are red and flagged.

What became of the existential poets?
Ironically, they have ceased to exist,
The poor animal fatally forked.

Each comedy is not divine,
A Latin loving wordsmith’s final bow:
There but for the grace of Godot,
Always waiting in homes of strangers,
Waiting always. Still.
Sitting wide to receive
A power cut now
Would quell the fleeting hope.
Left to my own devices
I probably would.

To browse or not to browse
Is the quiescent of our age,
Rage against the dying of the page
Or controversially, in tautology,
Find reality in the real world.
Written by Strangeways_Rob
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Filling in the blanks

Filling in the blanks
The question that I ask.
"To reveal, the future of temptations needs
as the phantom of the opera
to stalk and pray, hide the truth
hold up your fantasies, unto the light
and they just be like sculptured wax
or Paper Mache
waiting in the theatre wings, where our ego fashion's us
As Janus held the mask to hide excess
tread faltering steps along the precipice, not here
but silent screams from the valley deep beneath
to hold the spotlights brilliant arc  
a thespian as Dionysus was
Spread the greasepaint of tragedies last laugh
Be the clown that wears a single tear  
the choice, a poet never fears"
Written by slipalong
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