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Poetry competition CLOSED 15th October 2022 2:47am

Detachable Penis

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Obviously the title is odd enough to limit entries, there are no rules
Give me your weird, your crazy, sad, exogenous, or scary. Poems to 35 lines or so [max], short stories of 500 words thereabouts [max]. With a title this weird rules are meant to be broken and the only requirement is for you to think outside the box and have fun.

poet Anonymous


…and the wind whispered “if you fuck ‘em, they will come”...
That’s when Viktor decided to build himself a machine,
An apparatus designed to make the women cream,  
Like a dream schemed in the mind of a deviant teen,  
He'd lure them into his lair and fuck ‘em to the extreme.  
Viktor spent years building the device in his basement,  
For one day it would take over as a replacement,  
But if you ask anyone, this was no easy task,  
He customized it so it would fit into his shaft.  
He made it look natural, complete with brakes and pads,  
Hooking up the electrodes right into his gnads,  
He built controls to be able to change length and girth,  
A fitting for each woman always making it their worth.  
Then he’d prowl the clubs at night and seduce the females,  
Promising them bliss with all the vivid details,  
And those who took a chance on Viktor would enjoy the ride,  
His contraption always left them very satisfied.  
His became a thing of legend and urban erotic lore,  
Every woman fell in love because they wanted more,  
Viktor kept improving the machine he erected,  
He'd work until his performance would be perfected.  
One night in his lab as Viktor tinkered with the device,  
He heard the voice again giving him the same advice,  
He looked around and couldn't see where it had came from,  
As the voice again said: “If you fuck ‘em, they will come”.  
Just then a loud bolt of lightning struck across the sky,  
He removed the wires quickly so he wouldn’t fry,  
But the computer registered a strange anomaly,  
Viktor became supercharged anatomically.  
The shaft became fully engorged and it grew quite large,  
And the voice said “MOTHERFUCKER, I'M THE ONE IN CHARGE”,  
Baffled that he didn’t know how to control his bone,  
Viktor screamed “IT’S ALIVE! It’s got a mind of its own!”.  
As Viktor trembled with fear, he felt a strange spasm,  
“What do you want to do?” He asked almost out of breath,  
And Viktor went out into the cool October nights,  
Picking up women who were curious with delight,  
But ORGASMATRON would leave women so elated,  
He’d pound them so hard until they were dehydrated.  
Women would scream and cream in the agony of bliss,  
Leaving Viktor unsure if it was real or just piss,  
They would pass out as ORGASMATRON would then connive,  
Escaping into the night unsure if they were left alive.  
And Viktor would go off and find another victim,  
Then it didn’t matter if it was a male rectum,  
ORGASMATRON took over until Viktor was numb,  
Obeying his new master, fuckin’ em until they’d come.  
So men, protect your wives and girlfriends it’s your duty,  
And if you’re not into it, make sure to guard your booty,  
A ferocious dong prowls amongst us ‘til early dawn,  
Beware of the sexual monster called ORGASMATRON.
poet Anonymous

Mable: A Coy Dutchess

Two buns and some meat
A burger or some anal
Two drums of some skeet
The synagogue or the cradle
I have chosen the crib
The results could be fatal
This baby needs a bib
Some cream cheese for its bagel
It wants to reason with me
It’s age makes it unable
I’d ignore it if it could
Some would call me unstable
We sit at opposite ends
Of the mahogany table
I think “slip the tip in”
I want my hog in ye, Mable
But before I throatpie the infant
I gift my sack with a staple
My cock oozes sweet syrup
I’m not talking about maple
poet Anonymous


It's time for a change of pace and produce something new
So naturally the next step is to focus on poo
I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson, did not intend to upset your daughter
I only tried to share a glass of my finest shit water
That pungent smell and the unmatched viscosity
These uncultured swine call it a terrible atrocity
They fail to consider the potential of art
One can produce with a fugazi fart
So coat your brush as well as ink blotter
This modern Picasso paints with only shit water
A master of strokes and a blender of cultures
The smell is so awful it repels even vultures
Create new beginnings while the toilet faces slaughter
The power within comes from stanky shit water
poet Anonymous

Your Orders

Tickle the cock, the balls, and the gooch
Then come around
Give anus a smooch
poet Anonymous

rocketships are not everything


it's kind of funny
how we always
create machines

in glorified
phallic shapes
to feel victory
in our lives

as i sigh
into a teacup
while the world
keeps figuring
it's shit out.

i've often
thought about
how easy it
would all be

if i was born
into the correct
body, the right
puzzle pieces
i can proudly
call my own

it doesn't quite
work out in
that way

it's amazing
what questions
have arrived
my way too

so how does
sex work out
for you?

do you use
a detachable

does your
grow at all?

if i've learned
anything from
this war torn
body i own

is that it blooms
in the aftermath,

if you learn
your own body

it will bloom
in ways you
would never
dream of,

instead of
thinking about
blasting yourself
into space

take this—

you're one
fucking glorious
human being.

poet Anonymous


oh I’m so lonely!
need a dose of ecstasy,
for my fantasy,

a man’s substitute,
he ain’t but my prostitute,
just interlude,

he’s strong and steady
even when I’m not horny,
teases my fanny,

he’s pink and sturdy
exciting vibing beauty,
true discovery!!

“oh my sweet baby
watcha doin to me, baby?
I need you too much!!”

“need that soft touch,”
subtlety electrifying,
that shock! what a rush!

I’m coming undone,
a quick romp and I’m so done!
minute carnal fun!

Oh My! How Groovy
he’s here to make me happy,
yeah! quick and nippy!

oh low and behold
orgasmic, saying hello!
oh well, it’s Lelo!!!
poet Anonymous

King Missle - Detachable Penis

To King Missile, with all the lust
and cum I can bust
Because of DP
not double penetration,
but the creation
of Detachable Penis,
I dreamed this

Sensual, Naughty Noise club-house grooves
to make your head bob
like ropes of pulsation
draining balls that spewed
and pussy that squirts
from pleasure, delight
 my sexual soul was made bold
and longs to excite
your inner freak desires
from samples personally created,
not some random shit
Cum get intimate with me
from the oohhs, ahhs
from a half century, of OMGs
fuck faces, and curling toes
I welcome the world to the story I sowed
Made to get you sexually amped
Get near it, go hear it
on bandcamp
its DOM the dirtyoleman=

DP was the seed that birthed we
DOM/SuperPerv/ yours tru
da Poet FreakNasty
poet Anonymous

Xenomorph Erotic Empress

     "Her alien sexual fantasies caused her a permanent exile
Now a pariah of her race, because her exploits were forbidden and vile,
      "For many alien species she is called a galactic forbidden sickness
Or better known as the cursed Xenomorph Erotic Empress,
      "Her reputation throughout the cosmos grew
Creating a twisted following who were limited and few,
      "The fools did not know they were messing with venom
Until her sought teachings transformed them into a victim,
      "A pornographic predator who prey on primitive worlds
Not giving a fuck about religion, race if they're boy or girl,
      "Just flesh to be bio-reconstructed in the worst way
Then leaving them transformed and mind raped from her erotic play,
      "She visits galaxies that has an abundance of births
Her preferred choice is the deformed and retarded at first,
      "A seductive charlatan promising a better life
But not telling them its only possible if they survive her surgical knife,
      "From creating artificial orifices to erotic toxic skin
Even cerebral euphoric seizures when her victims think about sin,
      "Forcing unwanted pregnancies to any gender she is fuckin
Then in midterm performing xenomorph orgasmic curettage abortion,
      "Gender transforming transsexuals for her is a sick dream
With no anesthesia administered their asses begin to scream,
      "Sexual torture and uncomfortable surgery get her xeno wet
And if they die out of the nearest airlock their bodies she jets,
      "Those that survive are tagged with a kiss of false love
Infused with a parasitic enraptured sickness that incubates in blood,
      "Years later she returns to perform her xenomorph sexual hunt
Rape-killing those captured with her polymorphic cunt,
      "The innocent around she makes sure there is no escape
Receiving a mutilating penetrating tentacle fate,
      "Then once again teleporting back to her ship
Lightspeed to another planet performing the same shit".
poet Anonymous

Better Never To Have Been A Bit-Off Penis

"In every neighborhood lives horror."
-- a global Truth beyond all Reasonable doubt
Across the street live Tool and Tampoon Crass,
employed by Rubbers, Inc. six days a week,
whose lawn has but a touch of common class,
with grass where Killer craps and takes a leak.
Three teeny tadpoles "Poony" spawned by "Grunt" --  
though not an egg wished ever to be hatched --
"Leukemia," "Down," and "Pittbull-Mauled," the runt,
whose limbs and dog bone Killer slow detached.
The neighbor babysitter, "Foo Foo Juice,"
a longtime dropout close to sweet sixteen,
comes daily with a gimp and pussy loose,
as well as "Shit for Brains" on mescaline.
Each Halloween, Shit dudes the toadlets up --
as Casper, Frankenstein, and Pittbull-Sup.
a dedication of Respect
a revolving helios sonnet shakespearean/menippean satire
october, 2022 -- yet somewhere a baby Quasimodo  
being pushed  
into a neighborhood hospital of untold horrors
poet Anonymous

My Naughty Thoughts For You

Separate my ass cheeks and slide inside my slit in and out my pussy playing with my clit.

Moving up my body you grab ahold my tit as rotation of your finger makes my pussy drip.

 My body starts to tremble
as adrenaline kicks in
 knowing in a moment you're sure to cum within.

The throbbing of my pussy will grab ahold your cock
the lust of our obsession makes our bodies hot.

Our sweat is like an oil that lubricates our skin how I've waited for this moment
to feel your cock again.

 Teasing every second you graze upon my skin my body starts to tremble
as you lick me from within.

 Melting in the pillows soaking up the sheets feeling every inch of you makes my body weak.

 Paralyzed from Passion with loss of all control no longer can I hold it
I let my pussy flow.

 Soaking every inch of you that lays upon my path you quickly flipped me over and slide inside my ass.

 Feeling all the ridges from veins inside your cock my body starts to shiver
as you hit that special spot..

 The pressure of your cock is more than I can bare screaming in the pillow ripping out my hair.

You grab ahold my hips and thrust from deep within in that very moment I soaked the bed again.

The warmth from all my juices and the pressure from my ass puts your cock in ecstasy no longer can you last.

Again you flip me over as you cum upon my face licking every drop of you savoring your taste.
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