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Drop your Hottest EROTICA

poet Anonymous

Underage Sexual Graffiti

No late cabs along the wall  
just a jazzle of new moon whores    
parading thigh for their regular  
harbor side tricks  
Slut mouthing    
slink titty touch  
all wet tongued    
tugging at the night  
firm ass cheeks    
splashing pink come and get me's  
eyeing to pry the pesos    
from your fist  
Wouldn't you like to hear    
her paper panties rip    
See the skirts hiked high    
long-leg forever heels    
spearing shadow on your shoulders  
while the brimful of darkness  
shakes you blind alley wild  
slams the shot glass down  
moans baby    
there's no way out  
Your cock is a candle    
burning now  
look at it go  
look at it go    
I'll finish you with French  
if you ain't quick  
And did you dream  
you might rescue    
this child or that  
return one foundling  
through twisted kindness    
gently towards the light  
but after conscience shucks its breath    
your heart gives itself a rinse  
then you feel obliged    
to spit out the truth    
The craziest wishes  
can turn sourer than grandma's lime mix    
with barely a smile or a tilt of the neck  
she'd be back on the street    
in a week
poet Anonymous


I met an old granny  
from deepest Dundee    
she danced to the bedroom    
as fit as a flea    
When I jiggled her titties    
she groaned like a goose    
so I tore off her bloomers    
and sucked up the juice    
She wailed, I am ready    
for full intercourse    
then leapt on my cock    
and rode like a horse    
I asked do you do this    
for all the young men    
She said not that often    
only now and again    
Now and again    
and again and again    
Now and again    
only now and again    
But granny grew breathless    
as she ground down the beef    
She said would you mind    
if I take out my teeth    
I'm afraid I might choke    
as your member's so fit    
they'll be safe in your navel    
and can chew on my clit    
Now and again    
and again and again    
now and again    
always now and again    
But then came disaster    
with my rod like a rock    
her gnashers went wild    
and they bit off my cock    
Now and again    
and again and again    
now and again    
always now and again    
So please heed this lesson    
I've learned to my cost    
Send your granny for check-ups    
and always use floss    
Not now and again    
never now and again    
not now and again    
never now and again
poet Anonymous

master of dampness

poet Anonymous

To bind or be bound

To bind  
   Be bound  
That's the question.    
Maybe it's spank or be spanked instead.    
The two don't always go hand in hand    
Your cock my pussy, your cock his ass, her pussy my fingers?  
Tonight I'm in a mood  
You as well?  
We'll find a third and take him/her to the edge of punishing pleasure.    
Let's explore some more:  
I'd like to  
Succulent twat  
Lick my lips  
Get all inundated with her juices  
In fact, let's pause a moment here  
I take my time, tease round your clit  
Such a treasure for my mouth    
not touching yet    
get nice and wet    
I want your thighs glazed    
I slick my tongue across your folds, you quiver  
feet slide further down the bed.    
Get comfy now, gonna work you hard, you'll be here for awhile    
Cumming over and over in my mouth    
Shrieking as I bring you    
with my tongue glissading on your clit, fingers dancing inside, caressing deep.    
I'll know your body when I'm done because I'll hold you down    
My mouth on your pussy until you're a quivering, sodden, twitching wreck  
Watch, luv  
See me  
Face covered  
Lips glistening  
Essence of her covering me  
Want a taste of her  
Pheromonal fragrance from my lips?  
Better yet  
Dip inside  
Drive that rampant beast deep  
Bring it out again dripping luscious honey  
And glide into my mouth  
Mingled flavors of the two of you  
Drive me wilder still  
Clamp my pussy hard  
On air  
I require  
Filling me  
Your fingers  
Someone DO something  
Ah yes  
Binding now  
Or spanking  
Too feral to contain otherwise  
The savage is out  
Please don't be too gentle  
I crave  
A firmer touch just now  
You've clamped my nipples  
I'm going to cum  
"Not just yet, you wait."  
"I can't. I"m going to..."  
Twisting, contorting, all internal (bonds too tight for actual movement)  
I thought this night would be different  
We'd take another to the brink  
The tables turned  
(shifty things)  
I'm topped  
pussy Cocked  
mouth full of Hers on top  
No question.
poet Anonymous

Revenge in  C u n t s v i l l e

If I catch you    
one time in Cuntsville    
gorging on your latest    
snappy-stocking whore      
If I find you    
with some wimpy    
little bitch    
you thought might    
make you happy    
suck by suck    
and fuck by fuck    
screaming up her darnedest    
moaning dirty bed slowly    
more more more    
I promise you    
my lover    
you wont hear me    
coming softly    
up the stairs    
nor sense my breath    
while I listen at the keyhole    
before I blast out the lock    
on our bedroom door    
The bitch will scream    
and maybe dive for the window    
but in the flick of a minute    
just like you taught me    
I'll have her pinned down    
and hogtied    
roped hard on all fours    
I'll introduce    
her pretty-poo asshole    
to the biggest meanest    
barbed wired dildo    
you bought under counter    
at the sicko store    
She'll get the full    
no holds barred    
lube free demo    
and I'll make xxxtra sure    
she gets acquainted    
with every big red inch    
So then    
those baby    
lick my ice cream for me    
will be all ready to watch    
beg me for your life    
before I saw off your cock    
with the jagged little penknife    
I always keep    
in case of emergency    
at the bottom of my purse    
I know her gash wont enjoy    
being reunited with your cock    
now it's off    
but don't you fret none, lover    
you have my word    
I'll see she chews real hard    
on everything that's left    
especially your balls
poet Anonymous


I met Jill when her family moved in next door
At eleven years old and already a whore
...and I, only ten, stood not even a chance
Because she wanted more than a childhood romance
She was queen of the wading pool, primed to seduce
The little boy (me) barely past mother goose
Her cigarette smoke mesmerized my young nose
And then, for the first time, my penis arose! 
She bossed me around like some angry school marm
To inflict on my psyche some serious harm
She made me strip naked, right there, in her pool
And she and her sister made fun of my tool
She unveiled a bottle of something called “gin”
I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was sin
She gave me a drink, and it made me feel good
After that, she grabbed hold of this 10-year old's wood
While her sister just giggled, she pushed and she pulled
‘till I came! ...For the first time! Just a little spoonful
She said, “Stupid boy! You just came in my hand
Now you must do everything I demand!”

I didn’t know then, what she said was so true!
To this very day—what she says, I will do
She’s still my Mistress. Now we are adults
...But I was the first boy to join her sex cult!

poet Anonymous


My wood needs splicing
My tomatoes need dicing
Please damage my hose

She punches, I sing
Release my icing
And watch it drip onto my toes

Don't care about pricing
The pains too enticing
I yearn for the thorns of that rose

Infertile is sufficing
Healthy cock sacrificing
Ball torture craving fellow
poet Anonymous

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

I caress her cheek
As my knees start to tremble
They begin to feel weak
Pull down pants, reveal thimble
She laughs at its size
Tears fill up my eyes
But not in embarrassment
In amusement of her clueless demise
I feed off her taunts
They help my tic tac grow
It begins to swell
To the length of big toe
Her laughing subsides
As it reaches mid-thighs
I begin to grin
As it reaches my shin
How did she not know
Had she not heard from other hoes
That mighty meat reaches capacity
When it brushes my toes
She is now officially dumbfounded
Before, expecting a thumb poundin
I insert into her cavity
She now gets the full gravity
Of the cum trap upon which she has fallen
She leaves my room eleven seconds later
Not walkin, but crawlin
poet Anonymous

Mable: A Coy Dutchess

Two buns and some meat
A burger or some anal
Two drums of some skeet
The synagogue or the cradle
I have chosen the crib
The results could be fatal
This baby needs a bib
Some cream cheese for its bagel
It wants to reason with me
It’s age makes it unable
I’d ignore it if it could
Some would call me unstable
We sit at opposite ends
Of the mahogany table
I think “slip the tip in”
I want my hog in ye, Mable
But before I throatpie the infant
I gift my sack with a staple
My cock oozes sweet syrup
I’m not talking about maple
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