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Poetry competition CLOSED 6th October 2022 1:09pm
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Drop your Hottest EROTICA

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 18th Feb 2017
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Poetry Contest

New or old writes make it hot dirty short and sexy

I want hardcore Porn extreme Taboo content your dirtiest freakiest write
Involve the entire family... I want everyone getting fucked

the kind of poetry that describes a picture that can get you permanently banned  from DUP if it wasn't written

Max submissions 3 Poems per poet.

New Poems Preferably but old one's are welcomed too


I had my Aunt for Christmas In the kitchen Bent over the counter right next to the Ham and grog
Anal No grease and she loved it for all but 30 seconds till I got it in and stretched her tight red ass out
Loving the sound of her voice I couldn't stop as she tried to fight I slammed her into the Pantry head 1st
I couldn't care less I needed to break as I CONTINUED Abusing her till she pissed herself and started shaking Anal orgasms she calls it
screams even more while begging me to stop I pinned her down and fucked her none-stop  until I had enough
I finally pulled out then she proceeded to suck knelt before me not wasting a drip
I loved it even more when she looked me in the eyes and swallowed me all innocently like a good little girl her soft curly hair wrapped in my palms while proceeding to pound the back of her throat with 9Inches plus balls

Gag my little slut you know you love it Spread your legs Aunty let me fuck you senselessly till you can't take it anymore let's see if you can die from dick

here take a shot of Gin so I can fuck you harder without as much complaints
womb shift with this merciless stamina for days I just wanna live it you till I'm satisficed with destroying you from deep within sacrificial pussy on a slab of meat genocidal pussy slaughter house in her bedroom and when I'm done Ik your nieces know what's happening in the next room
all 4 of them are patiently wet and waiting to be next with anticipation and fear of what's to cum
old and young cunt all for the taking and trust me they all want to be fucked in the ass and taken but nothing is hotter than a genuine school uniform with a touch of innocence and desire for the unknown

Come hun I want Aunty to watch as each of you willingly deflowered with sweet cries sucking each-other off for the continued excitement with a pussy buffet of virgin blood descendants of my personal family sluts

It's a vicious addictive cycle of Incest until your older brothers and sisters come home and we all mix and mingle together in sin and passion  

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 18th Feb 2017
Forum Posts: 187

Christmas Taboo †Uncensored

I had my Auntie for Christmas In the kitchen Twisted around the counter right close to the Ham and grog
Butt-centric No oil and she adored it for everything except 30 seconds till I got it in and extended her tight red ass out
Adoring her voice I was unable to stop as she attempted to battle I hammered her into the pantry head first
I can't muster enough willpower to care I expected to break as I Kept Mishandling her till she pissed herself and began shaking anal orgasms she calls it
She screams even more while beseeching me to stop I nailed her down to the cross and screwed her none-stop until I had enough
I at long last taken out then she continued to suck bowed before me not squandering a drip
I cherished it much more when she looked at me without flinching and gulped me all honestly like a decent young lady her delicate wavy hair enclosed by my palms while I continue to pound the rear of her throat with 9Inches in addition to balls
Gag my little whore you realize you love it Spread your legs Aunty let me screw you pointlessly till you can't endure anything else we should check whether you can kick the bucket from dick
here take a shot of Gin so I can bleed you harder without as much objections belly shift with this defiling endurance
It's been a long time coming I just want to live in you till I'm satisficed with obliterating you profound and deep inside on a section of meat destructive pussy butcher slaughter house type rough sex
Disrespectful In her bedroom and when I'm done Ik your nieces had at least some idea what's been going on in the following room
each of them 4 are calmly wet and holding back to be next
The expectation and apprehension about what's to cum
old and youthful twat for the taking and trust me they all need to be screwed in the ass and taken
yet nothing is more sweltering than a certified school uniform with a hint of innocence and craving for the unexplored world of dick Behold the excitement  
Come now hun I believe that Aunty should behold drenched in her juices and to ashamed to say anything as every one of you energetically ravished with sweet cries drawing each-other off for the proceeded with fervor with a pussy smorgasbord of virgin blood  
relatives of my own family prostitutes
It's an addictive habit-forming pattern of Interbreeding until your more established family return home and we as a whole combine and blend as one in transgression and passion for fucking each other to the brink of extinction.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Lord-Karma)
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Twisted Dreamer
Joined 17th July 2012
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Suspense for raw entry

I am not in the mood to be soft and gentle today... so don't expect it.... kneel before me with your head bow and palms on your thighs, then I walk forward to you, drop my pants and lift your head towards my dick "suck it"... I command. You take me in your mouth...without hesitation as my hips move so i can fully lose myself in your mouth

"play with your pussy!' reach your hand down between your legs, you are wet with excitement and start to play with your moan, fully enjoying the sensation

"Get up!" I hold your hands behind your back and lead you to a desk, push you so your torso is laid on top of it and your legs are spread open as your pussy drips, I strap up... and return to where you wait... in my hand is a vibrator that i place right by your entrance enough so you can feel it but not too much that you cum "Do you like it?" I spank you on your ass for refusing to answer me, I tease you and ask again... "Do you like it?" you respond and say "yes sir" I reach for a piece of ice and slide it inside of you and then quickly place the vibrator inside, your body jumps at the shock. that's a good girl...I withdraw... And place my cock at your entrance... teasing..."tell me you want this dick" you bite your lip... I spank you again, harder this time..."Tell me!",
"Yes sir... I want your dick".
I enter you with force and you cry to my ears... I fuck you until I feel your body start to shake signaling your release and I refuse to stop... your body can't take anymore and you start to collapse I catch you and place you on the table to lay on your back... then.... I begin to eat...
Written by Asani
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Thought Provoker
Joined 25th Jan 2019
Forum Posts: 86

Oh My Master

have I been so naughty, my Master?
will you punish to make me better?
shall I lift my skirt and lie on your lap?
will you pinch my ass, give it a slap?

oh my Master, there nothing like a hard spanking!
redness on my ass with your hand imprinting.
mark of your fingers, there nothing sweater
longing for spanking makes me wetter and wetter

Oh my Master, why are your lovely hands are on my mind?
why does pleasure and pain only come from behind?
squeeze and pinch my butt cheeks, make me scream
spank on my ass till it stings, wake me if this is a dream

Oh my Master, on your lap my ass with a naughty pose
no pain no gain, so hot so wet, the lusty lips I expose
donít let it subside, spank harder on my left rosy cheek
squeeze my right puckered rose tighter, let them juices leak

Oh my Master, please caresses my curvaceous behind,
donít forgive me, this is not the time, donít you kind
rain your hands on my ass, harder and faster
let me hear the spanking pleasure like a ghetto blaster

Oh my Master, please make my cheeks glow
swinging wildly, the pleasures of the redness flow
let your warm tongue soothing the burning sensation
let your gentle caress, excites me with
sexual temptation

Oh my Master, just please donít stop punishing me
you turning me on, making my inhibitions go free
sensations and temptations are mixing like fire and ice
wet swollen pink lipsí sweet squirming isnít a surprise

Oh my Master, how wet you made me, please see
let your fingers probe the moisten lips of my pussy
feel the juices flows down my legs, Iím all spent
Iím your slave in heat, with an arousing scent

Oh my Master, my body is yours, do what you please
my only yearning is the permission to release
pinch my tiny little clit and rubbing me hard and fast
succumbed to your wild passion, an orgasm to blast

Oh my Master, Iím your slave a passionís disciple
you have pleasured me, within a moment, multiple
my ass bucking on you lap, Iím speechless
your orgasmic experience, Iím breathless
Written by XiaoLong
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Thought Provoker
Joined 25th Jan 2019
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oh Iím so lonely!
need a dose of ecstasy,
for my fantasy,

a manís substitute,
he ainít but my prostitute,
just interlude,

heís strong and steady
even when Iím not horny,
teases my fanny,

heís pink and sturdy
exciting vibing beauty,
true discovery!!

ďoh my sweet baby
watcha doin to me, baby?
I need you too much!!Ē

ďneed that soft touch,Ē
subtlety electrifying,
that shock! what a rush!

Iím coming undone,
a quick romp and Iím so done!
minute carnal fun!

Oh My! How Groovy
heís here to make me happy,
yeah! quick and nippy!

oh low and behold
orgasmic, saying hello!
oh well, itís Lelo!!!
Written by XiaoLong
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Dangerous Mind
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The Calling

The Calling
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Tyrant of Words
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In The Mirror

He makes her ride him on a leather chair,
As the image is becoming clearer,
Her legs spread wide so she can watch,
Everything on a full length mirror.

He penetrates slowly at first,
As the ecstasy makes her tingle,
Feeling his cock deep inside her,
Her body becomes taut yet nimble.

Her reflection stares right back at her,
Delightfully inquisitive as sheís plucked,
Enjoying the vulgar display of submission,
She finds she likes to watch herself get fucked.

She has the look of agony and pleasure,
Almost as if though she canít believe her eyes,
A complete showcase of watching the coition,
Thrusting steadily between her thighs.

She reclines her luscious naked body,
As he kisses and whispers in her ear,
And when he slides between her velvet lips
She curiously sees his member disappear.

A moan escapes from her here and there,
Tilting her head back from time to time
And as his hands glide all over her,
She then slowly begins to writhe and grind

He lightly strokes her swollen clit,
The reflected image becomes profound.
As it seems to increase the pleasure,
When he precociously wets her mound,

He begins to pump a little faster,
She whimpers like a naughty girl,
The sound of thumping skin and flesh,
Heighten the senses that fully unfurl.

From his vantage point he can see,
Her pussy and shapely legs spread wide,
Stuffing her with his throbbing cock,
As he kisses her neck and side.

The images in the mirror,
Show a remarkable work of art,
Where her sex is trimmed and pretty,
Sheís an exquisite tasty little tart.

Her beautiful and supple breasts
Bounce with each and every single hump
Their bodies then start to quiver,
To the point they want to jump

For joy

She moans louder without holding back,
Taking him deep with every thrust,
And with a sweltering passion he delivers,
A hard fucking thatís full of lust.

She cries with sighs of full delight,
As he rips into her with skill and craft,
Then she releases her sticky honey,
That trickles down along his shaft.

She pants and moans then bites her lips
To a point where she begins to cream,
And with a wild fever thatís about to burst,
He drives fast and hard she begins to scream

And her love juices spurt and flow,
Like a river of love between their thighs,
And like some unspoken mutual accord,
He too climaxes inside.

And for a moment they sit there,
Basking in the blissful afterglow,
Bathed in the cum she blessed him with
That only the mirror could show.
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
England 2awards
Joined 30th Sep 2022
Forum Posts: 63

An interesting idea for a competition which has generated lots of interest.
Good luck with the judging.

Fire of Insight
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Love the One You're With Even When Taboo

My dad often sang the line, ďIf you canít be with the one you love, love the one youíre with.Ē Even as a child, I knew he followed that edict, not only loving, but having sex with many women. He always loved my mother and me. About the same time I started liking boys, he started loving me differently than before.

I felt sad, but not scared, when my fatherís silhouette appeared in front of my bedroom window in the early morning hours. I felt sad for my mother but never told her he came to my room.

I smelled liquor on my fatherís lips when he kissed me. He never said anything and I sometimes wondered if he knew who I was. I could usually anticipate when he would place my hand over his cock. He always moved my hand up and back as if I didnít remember from before.

When he was ready, heíd caress my face gently and whisper. His only words were, ďThank you,Ē as if he were saying thank you for cleansing me of my past.

I bent down to him. The smell of another woman always lingered there and I wondered what she was like, imagining her with my father as I felt his remaining cum squirt against my lips.

Today when I fuck, I always think of my father even though heís been dead for years. When I hear the words, ďlove the one youíre with,Ē I still smell the scent of other women.
Written by Nizana
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Thought Provoker
England 2awards
Joined 30th Sep 2022
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This is clever & erotic

Fire of Insight
United States 2awards
Joined 18th Feb 2017
Forum Posts: 187

Y thank you although I may have to extend the time for this competition...

Lost Thinker
Joined 27th Nov 2019
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Let Me Be Your Mechanic


Tonight I wanna crawl under you like a mechanic. Your body needs a tune-up I can fix it baby don't panic. You have been going through a lot of stress lately. And what I'm looking at in my Bernie Mac voice lawd have mercy. I see your filter and I wanna unscrew your drain plug. You're my addiction and they say that love is a drug. My hands are on your ass with a tight grip like a basketball. So you can't move, I want you to drain in my mouth like a waterfall. Your clitoris needs special work and it's going to be hours. Going deep within your mind like I got mental superpowers. My tongue licking down your vagina and I solemnly vow. To have you flowing rapidly till you drain out I'll have you saying wow. I won't mind getting nasty & freaky for you, you deserve it. I'll keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny I'll never quit. You taste so damn delicious I just can't get enough. I'll take it nice and slow baby I won't be rough. You never had a real man that's good with his hands & tongue. Baby one lick is all it's gonna take to get you sprung. You can come back anytime whenever you're due. Because after I get done you'll be feeling brand new.
©2020 Corey ďVERACEOUZĒ Houser
Written by Veraceouz
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Thought Provoker
England 2awards
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Tyrant of Words
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That Poem I Should of Posted Yesterday, but Didnít

baby, put away the party favors
the kids are fast away in bed  
your mouth it waters with desire  
like a vanilla ice-cream cone †
you must lick it all up †

tell the maid to go away  
you have some breath play to do  
I want to hear you slurp  
then choke  
as I honk your big red nose  

I have weird fetishes, I guess  
so bring the balloons  
we can tie them to your ankles  
as I put that Harley skirt to good use  
head down, ass up  
a few smacks before I clown that behind  

itís getting rather difficult not to bust  
so play with that oversized mallet, Hun  
you can use the handle to relieve some tension  
while I jerk my erection  

tell me when itís soaken wet  
my dick is ready for some deep sea diviní  
fondling your tits while smearing your lipstick †
and those mascara tears are a nice touch †

yup, yup, this is it †
louder, itís too good to hold back  
those screams of passion have me there †
take that candy cane, put it in your ass  
holly fuck, this circus shit is hot †
Written by DevilsChild
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
United States 7awards
Joined 2nd Apr 2020
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Fucked Til Noon

Sheís warm and pretty
not an ounce of fat. †
Got flexible legs
like a pussycat.

First time we fucked
dogs started to bark. †
Her children came runniní
from out the back yard. †

They paid no attention.
Ran right on by.
Her big tits a swaying †
like balloons in the sky.

Oldest girl stopped
and gave me a stare.
Her mamma felt good, †
so I couldnít quite care. †

The little girl's hand †
was rubbing her cunt. †
She pulled off her shirt †
to show me her front.

Her pretty little tits †
were so cute and ripe.
I didnít see nothiní †
another man wouldnít like. †

Mamma stopped humping †
looked down and said. †
ďPull out that thing
let me give you some head.Ē

She glanced at the door †
and gave a little wink.†
Daughter walked over
I didnít know what to think. †

They took turns suckin' ††
till I thought I'd die. †
When I finally came †
I blew sky high. †

A creamy hot rain †
came falling down.
But they just smiled †
didn't make a sound. †

Mamma sent the daughter
on out the room. †
She hadn't had enough †
so we fucked til noon.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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