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Love and Lost

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

write a poem in which some one falls in love and loses love

Dangerous Mind
United States
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From the moment she walked into my life
I wanted to be with her until I died
I would watch as guys were turned down
When I tried to ask I backed down
In the end she asked me
I couldn't breathe
We were happier than anyone
We were in love
Paradise never seemed to end
And one day it did
A drunk driver drove straight into you
It nearly tore my heart in two
I was devastated
I never spoke again

Dangerous Mind
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The Five Mile

It seems winter lasts forever
out on the Five Mile
when the snow blows in
She wraps her coat up tight
lights the fire in her heart
before she goes a wandering
chasing memories in the wind

Why is it
there's always one more
like wolves at your door
they call
and who knows if she's hiding
because she cant see
the wood from the trees
on the path
to the church
on the Five Mile
when the snow falls

The ice sometimes melts
in her heart
but one part
she knows
will never be thawed
all alone
in the dark
on the Five Mile
when the snow falls

When her head
hits the pillow
it feels warmer outside
as she deafens her ears
to its call
the sound of her sorrow
sobbing gently goodnight
all alone
on the path
to the Five Mile

When the snow falls
on the Five Mile

Fire of Insight
New Zealand
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Re written a thousand times
Still nothing seems to stand
No old archaic symbols to measure her beauty
No sonnets to accompany her lovely tone
Its so lonely waiting for love
With her hair entangled in my thoughts
Almost ashamed to love
To be free and let it go
Iíve been waiting so long for you
If only you knew
You could at least slap me
Tell me to get on the fucking train

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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- The Faerie Tower -

One day, in old Britain, a knight did ride in search of adventure high,
And walked the lands until he came unto towering, rugged peaks...
There, to the home of a lady necromancer who lived alone in a vale.
Once with his fellows he fought demons and beasts 'neath red sky,
But when they forsook all chivalry, he wandered away, for weeks...
Until he was a knight apart: without an Order or even a Lord to hail.
And thus was he come in search of something new to crusade for,
Thus was come the wandering knight, unto the necromancer's door!
She was in the gardens outside her tower, tending to the roses red.
The knight asked her if this was her abode, for it was a lonely stead,
And beautiful was the young maid, despite her robes of black hue...
She told him that this was her home, and that her word was true.

Thus had I come unto her abode, and now can tell my tale as it was,
So sit before the fire and be warm, as I tell of finding my new cause!
It was autumn, and the tower of the lady was brooding, all of stone.
I wondered how a maiden could live thus; she shivered to the bone!
Yet however cold the air without, the tower within was warm of air...
And the candles that were arrayed therein did light her face so fair.
She wore about her slender neck, an amulet ancient and so strange!
Eight arrows from a central hub, a circle all round about it did range.
Chaos, she called it, constructive and good; old symbol of creativity,
Lost to man since the times did change, but not lost to all antiquity.
And as I spied this, it stirred within me a memory of seeing it before,
In lifetimes past, and so I learned much within the tower's oak door.

A secret there was west of the tower, within a cavern old and deep,
And thus the necromancer led me, past things that crawl and creep.
Through tunnels dark with air both moist and thick with earthen dirt,
We came to a place deeper than all others, arriving wholly unhurt...
Vast was the cavern and lit by torchlight, yet filled with grassy floor,
Where beautiful gardens stretched out like none I had seen before!
Some other illumination was there, green and violent mosses I saw,
That had lit this subterranean garden in a glow primeval, and raw.
Rabbits hopped about unheeding of us as we walked in the garden,
To a horrid pit where an evil scent did cling, and icicles did harden.
There a harrowing of old did take place, and something evil slept...
And the lady warned me not to stir it, and so back above we crept.

A year I spent in that lady's arms, as she taught me all of her arts.
The lore of a thousand generations gone, artifacts of many parts...
Magics and mysticisms unknown to philosophers of even this year,
As well as arts of love I had not imagined, to conquer every fear!
The sword I once wielded I did lay aside, taking up staff and book,
My armor grew less important, the more I learned wisely to look...
And so avoid the perils others see not, when they leap unseeing.
I even learned to see other worlds and feel other states of being!
When a year had passed, she bade me kiss her once upon her lips,
And to hold her one final time, with my arms tight about her hips.
I closed my eyes for but a moment, and gone was the lady at last,
The once-comfortable tower was now in ruins of an age long past.

I walked west to where the cavern lay, but rubble of ages blocked,
The way into that magical garden below where, of old, we walked!
I felt a sensation at my neck, and discovered the amulet of chaos,
The only proof the maid had existed; all that passed between us.
I journeyed back to Britain and met a blacksmith along the road...
To whom I told my tale in full, as he eyed me with eyes very old.
He did not think it passing strange, for in the times of elder tales,
Many a man got lost in Faerie, carried off hither by unseen gales.
And so I came unto this inn, and now stand before this fireplace,
Telling you this peculiar tale, and seeing the look upon each face.
Yet still I wear the amulet of my lady, behold the arrows it bears,
A light of illumination in the darkness, a light to whomever wears!

Thusly, the former knight told his tale and the patrons listened well,
Although many the devout among them thought him as lost to Hell.
For when we walk in worlds unknown, and witness things strange,
It is easy not to be believed by those who have never thus ranged.
What became of that knight I cannot tell, for it is secret that I know,
Learned in places no less unearthly, where Faerie winds still blow.
Around my neck an amulet rests, eight arrows just as in the story...
Symbol of my devotion to a goddess who shared a glimpse of glory,
With this knight who penned this poem, and had lived once before.
In another age, when he came to knock upon a stone tower's door!
In life everything is a cycle and sometimes we return where we start,
Wandering far from the roads we know, and seeking to do our part.

Fire of Insight
United States
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never date your boss

I loved the way he looked at me
beautiful baby blue eyes
one of those smiles that opened legs
at mere suggestion;
yeah, I was hooked

he was ten years older by admission
which meant maybe fifteen by reality
but I was nineteen and took a few trips
around the block
I thought I could handle
even if he was my boss.

Our bodies melded
sweat and lust
we had a relationshp
that was a month long
but months end
styles change
and I wasn't the current fashion

but he's still my boss
which means
his new acolyte
reported to work on monday
and I had to train the whore
while I showed her the codes
I imagined her in bed with him
I wanted to bash her head
through the terminal
but I bit my bitter pill
and showed her the system

he married that whore
had a whore couple kids with her
and I still worked with
the two of them
and when childbirth made her stomach
her eyes narrowed
at my mere presence
and she would forget
I came first.

Death Plane for Teddy
Tyrant of Words
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[font=Courier New][size=2]    < Jane I love you so >

    Jane was quite the athlete
    (how many?)
    ran the marathons
    Richard (they called him "Dick" you know)
    and Dick so fell in love with Jane
    in love
    in love with Jane
    he ran
    he ran as well
    he ran
    and "Jane" he'd think
    and "Jane I love you so"
    but then
    the truck
    the truck so fast
    so fast the truck...
   "oh Jane"
   (last thought)
   "oh Jane I love you so"
       - - -

Twisted Dreamer
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African Drumbeats[/u][/u]
[color=Purple]your palms slam the wall
with the words that you speak
your amorous gaze
the stunts that you pull
accents your allure
the slams breach my walls and creep in

you hammer my heart's molten ore
till it turns fluid from your endless passions
a chaotic harmony ensues
your signals turned to beats, beats of my own
my skin tingles,
blood dances to the African drumbeats that have taken over
distance stretches and distorts the rhythm, the pace
you lull it into a slow tranquil hum
a melody forms from the jungle within
i have relinquished all power, you are now my sovereign

i have come to fear affections
adoration smothers me with hate and apprehension
of life's delectable offerings
the more exceptional the prize is,
the more heftier the atonement
my cell's ringtone cuts through the air
my insides cringe
it's 3 in the morning, i add up the odds
restless turbulence sets an arrhythmic pulse in me
it's either you, for you, or about you calling
i stare at the phone but don't reach for it
i walk to the kitchen and boil some chamomiles
it could be you from your plane, coaxing, imploring
it could be the mother of your child checking, yet again
if you have managed your way back into my barren bed
or maybe it's that inevitable call i'll still get as your next of kin

the tea is ready now, i sip it slowly
my walls are up again, im ready
the African beats are no
longer heard

Fire of Insight
New Zealand
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you canadians

i love you

Twisted Dreamer
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poet Anonymous

Dwelling on moments
I'd forgotten
from years previous,
I am overcome once more
with a tender, childish terror.

An image of her
with some proud English baron
still cripples my heart.

Kayla Moreau
Thought Provoker
United States
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Blood Filled Fists

You loved me greatly  
in the beggining  
of our two year relationship.
Gentle, scared you were
when you touched me.
You got rough
our first time
when you showed me the world of
We learned new and exciting ways of pleasuring each other.
We found out terrible, dark secrets about each other
that we never told anyone.
I thought you were perfect
I thought you were
the one.
But two months ago
that changed.
One night
I didn't feel like making love with you,
you hit me,
nose gushing blood you grabbed my neck
throwing me to the floor.
You yelled telling me to get on all fours
so you can punish me
for saying no.
You had the whip in your hand,
the one we have yet
to experimate with.
You brought the whip down on my bare back.
I still have the scars from that dark night.
After that nothing was the same.
You grabbed me to tightly in public
and you screamed at me in front of our friends
and at home
you beat me, punched me, kicked me.
You even threatened to kill me once.
I know I was into BDSM
but you caused me to much pain.
To much physical pain  
and to much emotional pain.
So I left you.
But now
I want you back.
I still love you Jeremy.
Is that bad?

poet Anonymous

For years and years I waited
For our forever to start,
We vowed to each a life of love
But we had to do it right!
We both had to finish what we started,
We had commitments there,
It really wasnt little ones fault,
Mum and dad just werent in love.

To each we were so faithful,
Never tempted by others smiles.
We made a promise of togetherness,
Once we had done our time.

The pain and sadness grew and grew,
Forever will never start.
We hid our every desire
No one could ever know.

One day in the early spring
You came to my front door
Holding a basket full of love,
Scattering blood red petals across the floor.
Come with me my sweetheart
Forever now awaits
We have cleared up all our commitments
Now my love its time.

Standing there before you
I had to catch my breath
I dont believe its happening,
I gave up so long ago,
"I wanted to believe this day would come
But I dont have very much luck with love
Are you sure its what you want?"

"I did not waste but half my life,
To give up here and now,
Today we soar on through our pasts
We are not turning back."
In his hand he held a piece
Of the most amazing purest gold
He bent on one knee and kissed my hand
And recited our solumn vows.
"You and me together once more
Our patience seals our fate.
I am yours and you are mine
Forever no longer waits!"

2 days layer we had set our date,
one week from that very day,
Our forever had waited long enough,
Aint gonna tempt this fate.

You whispered in my ear so sweet,
the night before our biggest day
You told me that im all that counts
We will have so many beautiful years
You told me to stop my heart
To save all the love I have left
As tomorow I will become your wife
And it will be in shock with so much love.

Just before he turned from me
He sighed and kissed my eyes
"I love you so fucking much my sweet
Tomorrow we start our life!"

I slept so peaceful, I was amazed
No nerves to make me twitch
I have waited forever for this day,
just so forever can start!
Smiling from so deep inside
I waited brilliant, to be called,
Minutes then an hour or two
My smile is slowly gone!

Finally I am surprised to see
His dodge parked out the front
It looks so different but im sure its his
Less dents im sure there were.
I ran down stairs to hear his fear
Why had he left me alone
When I realised it definately was his car
Mangled wreck parked out the front.

I ran to him to see our fate
When I heard the feintest cry
"Come here baby, im sorry im late
I think our forever is gone
I didnt see the drunks back there
And they pushed me in to the tree.
But I got here to make sure you see
That I love you with all my heart
I could never ever let you believe
That I woud leave you standing alone"
"So come here now and sit with me
We have forever to wait!"

I sat down holding his twisted mess
The purest blood was draining his life.
He winked once more and blew me a kiss
And gently closed his eyes.

"Goodbye my beautiful, I love you so much
Why is forever so unkind?" I spoke, as a single tear rolled out my eyes.

He lie there dead in my arms for time
I dont know how long I cried
Forever finally showed some love
When it chose a tree I called "Mine"

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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does it have to be a new poem?

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