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Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

You went to sleep feeling just fine....you woke up in a different place, to find a different you...
You no longer know who you are. You are in search of your identity.
Poems up to about 50 lines preferred.
Short stories up to around 1,000words.

Fire of Insight
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O, little brother, where do I begin?
Its a story, an allegory, of unoriginal sin
There wasn't room for another within the womb of our mother
so I absorbed you into me, my little twin brother
Not quite alive, yet not fully dead
You're a rumor of a tumor living inside my head
I hear you scream out curses of all kinds all the time
shrieking verses in my mind at the tormenting divine
within your prison, your forsaken and unholy shrine
yet you've risen to take over half of my mind
A material ethereal presence, refusing to bend
A nemesis of symbiotic essence, my evil twin
So tell me, dear friend, where does your consciousness end
and where, little brother, do I begin?

archetype23Written by archetype23
Published 27th Aug 2017
Written by archie23
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Fire of Insight
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Soon I will be you and you will be me
together forever eternally
together alone in this flickering room
in this moist and dimly lit motherly womb
as my flesh slowly caresses your delicate body
slowly slithering into every crevice of your mortal being
the melding of flesh and anguish unseen
upon a slick slithering sensual sheen
No part of your tender flesh or mind will escape
the sensual embrace of my tendril rape
And if I shall die before you are fully absorbed
know that a part of each of us will always remain
within the other, now one and the same
in eternity's game,
A reconfigured immortal meshed together
through a neverending
tortuous portal
forever bending, reshaping, reraping
forever splitting into pieces of new flesh
new entities dividing
with all aspects of our old and new essence
bound together as one being
in continual non consensual agony
for the sake of our survival
We are many
We are one
And this thing that we are
Has only just begun;
Written by archie23
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Lost Thinker
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Identity Theft

"Death a thief knows not of death or thievery."
-- a nothing to search for    
† †
* †  
† †
The "I" the brain † †
the body † †
each decays †  
disintegrates † †
the quanta freed †  
no knowledge of existence †  
of themselves †  
the universe †  
the earth †  
or man †  
no memory of an "I" †  
a "you" † †
a "son" a "daughter" †  
"mother" "father" †
"husband" "wife"† †
"dog" "horse" "rat" †  
no thought still of "the promised end" †  
† †
* †  
† †
a dedication of Respect †  
for †  
the happy ending of no Pain †  
† †
a revolving helios free verse/menippean satire †  
† †
september, 2022 -- yet no one to save from "the void"
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Thought Provoker
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Wow! Excellent writing, brilliant!
Well done!

Twisted Dreamer
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My hair is knotted, shirt stained with blood.
I can barely walk, I am lost in the pouring rain.
I have no where to go. I can barely see.
My nose is broken I am bruised from head to toe test after test, x-rays, and blood taken.
Doctor after doctor after doctor, I have cried for weeks my heart aches, the trust I once had has vanished, it is impossible to look at myself in the mirror, I am now disgusted by my own name I have nightmares and flashbacks, I am only seventeen, and I've truly feared for my own life. I had to give constant statements. Endless pictures were taken, at the time I looked my worst. The self-confidence I once had built is now shattered. Though it appears I †have healed, to the outside world, when I look in the mirror All I see is bruises, blood, and tears. I am raw.
I am cold. I know I am a beauty, but all I can see is a beast. I want my life back, but the constant reminder is there, everyone pulls me in a different direction to "cope", I have been to a literal hell on earth and back, now that I am the victim, now that I am me, can I look someone in the eye and say "Not guilty" with ease?
Written by Asani
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Strange Creature
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I like this very much.  Regards, Robert

Fire of Insight
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Consciousness. Aware;
What's with all these goddamn scars?
Must have over-dreamt.

Dangerous Mind
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I was Cursed...

I woke up as a woman
so I thought
was I cursed or blessed?
I walked out with the thought
everything comes easy
for a woman...
I could see the eye gazes
dropping from my eye level
every time I spoke to a man
I tried to pull the  
blouse up
I sensed them following me
I couldn't look back
I didn't understand the fear
so I walked fast.
I felt a hand on my waist
rubbing down
I couldn't move as I was
trying to stand steady  
on the bus
I slowly started to  
realise the curse
with that thought
on a seat, I relaxed
I knew I was falling asleep
I woke up with a hand  
rubbing my thighs
I poked him  
with my umbrella
I saw one man  
pushing his crotch
on a girl's shoulder
another man
on another woman
trying to balance  
her self
and then I realised
why I was turned...

Written by dejure (vick)
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Strange Creature
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Phantom Self

Did it take place all at once?
Or gradually did I digress to such an existence
Who is the ďIĒ that I refer to as myself
When Iím lost for knowing who I am

Waking up resigned to a life of involuntary becoming
Or so it would seem
Desires creep in like snakes through whispers

I feel imposter to myself and yet self feels just as fraudulent
When the concept of how I define self is an anchor to ideal

Yet what is ideal but illusion apart from something concrete
Is it safe to talk to myself when Iím told not to talk to strangers?

I am a stranger I cannot escape the company of
And there is a fine line it seems between recognition and what is but familiar

Identity obscured like amnesia to reflection
Like Iím aged out of a sense of self perception

What do I call home but this place that I reside
Yet everyday is simply passing through
Yet it seems the more that I live here the less that I belong

Caught in cycles of routine I fall asleep and wake up to the same dysfunction
Home digresses to just a house that is not mine
Lost for knowing my place
I cannot escape this sense of feeling lost

I pulse between two versions of myself and even then they are not me
But I feel that I have never truly met the man that Iím supposed to be

On one hand an addict with nightmares undisclosed
Just a haunted mind
Like cave diving to catch a glimpse in the dark
Only to open my eyes to see that I am blind

Repressed within, a memory of invention
Itíd be easier to make sense of this sickness that fractures my intention
To think there is a part of me that is not me
When I am the expressed symptom of a scar too deep to bleed
And even then what am I the offspring of, this world or a divine seed?

Iím a child called reborn and even then I do not know if it is true
The better part I imagine of myself is just as much a phantom to the monster locked inside
What part of me is alive and what part is but the ghost of what has died?

Even then does who I am reside within the mystery of all I was
As every photograph becomes clues to piece it all together
When smiles lie to lenses and frames surround the pretense
All I know myself for is but the role I playÖ
Written by DeathRattle89
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Twisted Dreamer
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an unknown dream

slept late at night,
woke up early
and caught the train, †
it was a sprinter train journey, †
it was only half an hour to pull †
to reach at the destination that was Gouda Goverwelle, †

n got a comfortable seat, †
I started falling asleep as soon as †
the train started After a while, †
a soft sound jinks started to be heard in my ears. †
I was about to wake up from my sleep now, †
in few moment my eyes opened, †

I was surprised to see the scene around me, †
i saw that i was a participant in
the national skating competition, †
and stood in line to show off the wonders of my skills,
to show off my skating wheels,
One by one everyone's name was being announced in the mike.

I was waiting for my turn,
Everyone kept moving forward and
my name was never announced,
I was the last in line,
now I started worrying that when will my name be announced? †

Then suddenly a thought came to mind that †
heyyy...what is my name? I was shocked, †
I started panicking n started to get nervous, †
I started looking at the people around me with helpless eyes, †
I started feeling mercy for myself, tears started flowing from my eyes, †
why can't I remember my name? †

I started asking myself, †
is there any person in this crowd who knows me? †
All around me the noise of people and applause was continued on. †
N In just a few moments gradually I started to hear the voice less and less,  
I felt dizzy n suddenly I fell to the ground... †
Written by olivia (oliviaaah)
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Tyrant of Words
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Run All Day

I woke up with blood on my hands and blood on my face
My head is semi-bandaged and Iíve been stabbed in the eye
My body is hurting like Iíve been beaten by many
I canít remember anything but I keep asking myself, who am I?

Then I notice there is a body lying lifeless on the floor
I feel myself getting tense from this odd situation
The lights overhead are intermittent and humming †
I think Iíve been beat badly for some interrogation

The room is dank and cold and the steel door looks heavy
Then I hear footstep approaching from the other side
My knuckles are bloody but I make fists and get ready
Even though they hurt I donít know why Iím also terrified

Three men enter the room, two of them huge armed to the teeth
The little one says ďOh youíre awake, are you ready to talk?Ē
ďI donít remember anything; I donít even know my nameĒ
He said ďdonít play this game or I'll place you in a cellblockĒ

Just then one of the other men started to take out some pliers
And before I knew it my fist hit one of them in the face
The other one pulls out a gun and shoots me right on my side
But the bullet grazes me and against the steel door it ricochets

With my other hand I grab the gun and hit him with an elbow
While the little guy tries to shock me with a cattle prod he grins
And without knowing how or why, still asking myself, who am I?
My bare foot went up so fast it just connected with his chin

I turned and let the big man have one hard punch to the throat
Next thing I see heís down on the floor trying to catch his breath
And I, without thinking, let the other have another punch to the gut
Then ran out of the room, bare foot like I was trying to escape death

I ran down the dark halls of what looked like an abandoned asylum
Feeling that at any minute more of them would come after me
I donít know why I had skills to kill or let alone fight like that
But my life was in danger and I had to fight to break free

I escaped through a window and went into the empty streets
Buildings were in shamble, fires blazed and smoke filled the sky
I heard gun shots in the distance so I started to run for hours
Looking for people, running all day and asking myself, who am IÖ
Written by wallyroo92
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