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Wet dreams

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Freestyle poems centered on sex dreams, succubus or incubus experiences.

poet Anonymous

Carnal Nights


Remanded to the jail of dawn
Enjoined from dreamscape’s lewd delights
By morning’s rays, like cell bars drawn
My punishment for carnal nights

From slumber’s escapades, betrayed
Remanded to the jail of dawn
Sweet touch of randy nymphs, forbade
From phallus sanctioned and withdrawn

My favored succubus foregone
I wake, forsaken, craving sleep
Remanded to the jail of dawn
Imprisoned, impotent and weak

Have mercy, Hypnos! Grant me sleep!
Frustrated by a flaccid yawn,
Convicted by the dreams I keep
Remanded to the jail of dawn!

poet Anonymous

wet dream

he crept over the windowsill
the moon made sure he knew the way
and with his heart, he found my body
tucked away
holding me as i stirred
his fingers touched beneath the sheets
i groaned, when he traced behind that hot pink lace
where it all erects
then i smiled, but he’d beat me to it
he kissed me, and our tongues began to dance
and then he teased that sensitive little clit
twitching and shaking, heart pounding
sex never felt so good
pinned against the frame
so helpless under him
slender wrists, naked dainty rib cage
completely exposed
he smirked, and thrusted in
i gasped..
was quick to climax

…sex never felt that good

i blinked when it was done
underwear on, hot pink lace smothered in
a wet dream.
poet Anonymous

A Tropical Island Wet Dream

It was the sudden feeling of something
being pumped in and out of her cunt
that made Judy open her eyes and
find herself naked on some tropical
island with Mike's cock inside her.

At first, she wanted to scream for
help. But that was before she felt
how hard his cave dweller was in
her honey pot and begged him to
keep on doing it no matter what.

But just as his cum gun was about
to shoot a full load into her, a loud
beeping sound made Judy wake
up back in her own bedroom in
time to get herself ready for work.
poet Anonymous

Wet Dreams

soggy panties
dripping hole
a small feel of delight
morrow spreads my legs
asks if i crave more
the fantasy consumed my mind
and smeared between my thighs

it is now
when my hand is enticed
gentle friction
breathy whines
bittersweet cream guided to my mouth
down my tongue
hidden in my throat
the wet dreams
they call it
taste sensational
poet Anonymous

Wet And Wild

He looks so good hiding his horn  
Wearing the peak of his passion, my inner thigh his tongue adorns  
His hand moved  
Cushioning my buttocks, the back of my legs will have to do  

Lips meeting nothing but extended hard flesh  
Kissing the tip.. asking him who love you among the rest  
Sss…is the only answer I will get  
Rounding my mouth with the glossy mushroom tip
His pre-cum my tongue worships with the drift  
Tongue cruising over my Brazilian mound  
Clenching the covers, lustful moans shadowing my begging sounds  
Mm… zigzagging his tongue back down  
Kissing my skin asking me, “sexy, what you like”  
Please me you handsome man, mind, body, and soul, with all your might  
Dance your desires inside me like your thrusting your chocolate magic Mike  
Those drips caressing my skin, as he palms my curvaceous hips  
Weakening me with such engaging oral magnifications  
In and out, my body trembling from the tantalizing sensations  
Raising his stature bending me over the stool  
Getting down on his knees, dividing my buttocks, his tongue swimming in my creamy pool  
Oh, sweet mercy… his hands over my body, leaning his face downward licking over my spine  
Reaching over uncapping the bottle of Tennessee Whiskey…no, use the Chardonnay wine  
The drips rushing down the curvature of my back setting in the chasm of my soft buttocks  
Bending his kness, the stool rattling, deeper and deep inside my cunt his erection locks  
His girth thrasing inside me, has my walls caving, right before the damn pops  
Flinging off his Kenneth Cole shades  
Kissing up and down my spine waiting to see if my cunt really tastes like honey or peach marmalade  
Dividing my butt cheeks... his tongue inside my wetness steady crawling  
Hungrily tasting me before the hurricane  
My dewy jucies meeting his tongue before the pouring rain  
Oh God, this man is breaking every rule of ecstasy’s game  
Stroking his dick  
The tip of his tongue snaking inside my pussy with each clit lick  
Fingering me, tasting me  
Listening to me purring in abandonment behind my wanton needs  
His nostrils all inside my butter rum… smelling the sweet sauciness of my sugary tease  
Oh… baby… I’m… oh I’m about to cum … don’t stop, please  
“Then dammit cum on my tongue”  
Palming my hips, his tongue thrasing, funneling, dipping in and out, slipping  
Pussy juices on the run  
Oh yes… drowning his tongue in my gushing soft release  
Spitting on my pussy hole, then sapping the remaining droplets seeping down my downy hairs to be free  
Pulling me by my curls, pivoting my head, kissing me…mmm…. I will have to say honey... loving the taste of my mystique
poet Anonymous

House-warming Gift


Truth or Dare...?.........?...................?

 creepy morose voice
echoed as he was
drawn back
from his fellow winged heroes
in  the lands without gravity.

"Did I just woke up to a dream?"

   does nightmares exist?
because he was never scared in his dreams
but this sudden damned feeling constricted his veins.
that noise
or is it a voice

"What is this feeling?"

   that blistering voice again.
his stare gazed into the windowpane
he's certain
he saw something
a cold thread pulled through his spine
as a nail draw a line in the window glass

"What the fuck was that?"

   a face sneaked out with a smile
she came passing the window
like a smoke


    his voice is gone
torpid arms
numb legs
frozen gaze

only heart's beating...



   it sounded like
the whole room spoke

   giggles, laughs, orgasm breaths,
echoing randomly

TRUTH?   ......    NO?!
DARE? !.........? ....?..?


his head is nodding


   she disappeared
into the sheets
slowly crawled
revealing her face
connecting to his gaze

   she is in flesh
amber grain pattern
on her pale skin
vermilion hair

   she moaned
she rode
he is mute

   in their climax
she disappeared
in a flashy smoke

crickets to

"Oh my GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!"

   that's his
house warming

   he stared
at the scratch mark
left in the

"Best Halloween of my life"

he stayed

poet Anonymous

This was aroused (creatively speaking) by the picture accompanying KristinaX's poem 'Soaked sheets in the aftermath'.

Morning After The Night Before

The morning after night before,
I woke, some fingers in my core.
For I'd dreamed I was bonking you
but (as alarm went) you withdrew
and vanished into thinnest air,
left me with wettened pubic hair.
I was stark naked, sprawled on sheets,
in which pointed my erect teats,
overflow from hot lust was spilled
as from an orgasm fulfilled.

That's what you've done, after last night,
when I was smitten by the sight
of your moves upon the dance floor,
raising heated thoughts of amour
that I could not get out my head,
though we went home to not same bed
and not even a non-hot shower
could shake off the grip of lust's power.
I should have offered you a date,
then wouldn't have to masturbate!

poet Anonymous

Slippery When Wet

Drifting in and out  
on the cusp  
edging close  
coiled tensions  
into wanton mist  
Sense memory  
alights the night  
lucent vagueness  
foggily takes shape  
of that mouth  
the taste  
of her
Tingling fingers and toes  
are harbingers  
to the steady throbbing  
between my legs  
Wild cadences climb  
beat after beat  
My heart  
rushes blood  
flushing pure fantasy  
I feel her  
drenched desire  
perfectly meeting mine  
I feel her  
grinding....right there  
I feel her  
sliding up and down  
twisting together  
our dire ache  
Smells of rich  
intoxicating lust  
magically perfume  
our essence  
I can't help but moan her name  
and press into  
the lust swirling  
lure of my greed  
Tornadic and wicked,  
she matches  
demands more;  
soft powerful bodies  
find rhyme and rhythm  
through smoggy confusion  
dazed in wet decadence  
Lost to all else  
pleasure swells;  
we stormriders canter well  
bringing time  
to stand still  
   in one dreamily caught      
a kiss  
long, deep      
exquisitely earth shattering  
She drinks deep  
my moan  
which turn to begs  
then prayers to God herself  
The flavour of her—  
on my lips  
my arousal  
I dangerously  
on the  
crumbling brink  
she whispers  
poet Anonymous

Sweet Dreams

nested under warm down comforter  
two bodies
gentle unconscious caresses
subtle scent
of last nights
lingering pleasures merge
into pleasant dreams
nested under warm down comforter
two bodies
melt into one
poet Anonymous

Phone sex

She told me "she said my girlfriend would kill me if she knew I was here with you". And I told her this is business and its time to put my money where your mouth is, verbally she had the words and my fingers to take me over the moon one hundred time over the phone, but hearing her moan because of me she didn't need much work, to get me where I needed to go in this bed, clearly I wasn't the first girl she been with and probably wouldn't be the last after tonight but, I'm sure she's going to have a hell of a memory, being so concerned over her girlfriend but she have my name down pat, this let me know I did my job right, but tonight, let's see if she can let me physically remember how I let her feel over the phone, because her aggression level was out of this world, and secretly that turned me on, she grabbed me by my legs and strattled me on the bed like we were playing an adult only game of twister, she let her tongue explore between my legs and though I wasn't the type to be penetrated, I wanted her to fuck me, the type of aggression she brought into this verbally made me wetter in the world of twister, who needed KY jelly or any of them fancy shit, she began to run her fingers up and down my pussy it felt so good, my pussy became so much wetter, I was feeling for her, she brought her face closer and I pushed her head the rest of the way, she was waiting too long to please these needs, she began licking and sucking and was feeling better, I kept tighten my pussy to get more of the effect, I have always been more of a clitoris girl she had me opening my legs wider I felt myself, about to come but I wanted her to own this pussy, even if it was just for the night, she had me grabbing her head so tight, cause I felt it coming and she kept going until I came, she said I'm not down with you, she reached in her bag and pulled out a strap and a condom, she told me get on all fours so I did she gently slid it in and out, i pushed back and she pushed in, in the same rhythmic movement is was feelings so good, she pinned me down so she could control me, be once again I was building up with cum, tightening with each stroke she kept telling me to let it go but holding it in felt so good, smacking my ass and pulling my hair I came the hardest I was done she laid down next to me and we fell asleep, when I woke up she was gone.
poet Anonymous

Dreams of Silhouettes

Their skin is wet
With beads of sweat glistening by the dim light coming through window
Synchronized heavy breaths decorate the silhouettes
As lips and hips come together without restraint or control

A soft feminine moan escapes
While these lovely shapes straddle softly with intertwining limbs
As gentle caresses embrace one can see outlining tongues
Dance sensually in the dark and still of the night

A little giggle echoes in the room
Like a playful banter and an exchange of words as they indulge
When one slides down kissing every single inch of skin
To nether regions for slow and torturous delight

Then, one of them lets out a whimper
Her mouth is agape trying to catch her breath as if she’s dying a little
While her lover tastes the delectable nectar of paradise
In what sounds like surging and undulating waves

She grips the sheets
Her other hand goes above her head and pressing against the wall
Pushing her body downward, upward into her lover’s face
Thrusting slowly, writhing rhythmically in ecstasy

“Oh baby” one says sensuously
Amidst pulsing gasps and small pouts filled with ooh, aahs and hums
While her lover’s mouth is buried deep, lapping, licking, sucking,
Trembling until she turns her head and looks my way

And all I can do is sit in the corner and watch
Aroused and trapped in a suit and pants while my heart beats fast
Observing both feminine silhouettes relishing in bliss
As her lover’s kiss sends us right over the edge…
poet Anonymous

MY FANTASY (in-between visits)

MY FANTASY (inbtween visits)
Smooth as silk on black sheets
Sliding and gliding in unison
Rhythmic hearts beating
Nothing in comparison
The heat splashes in waves
Our minds in a daze
Lost in intertwined bodies
Skin on skin, lips on lips
Tongues soothing like wine
Electricity at our finger tips
Wrapped up and warm
But oh so paralyzed
Lost in the others eyes
Totally hypnotized
Dancing to our own beat
Singing our own lovers tune
Words all spicy and sweet
The ending will come too soon
The beat gets faster, we move as a whole
Locked together as one soul
Sweating, panting, barely able to breathe
Eyes lock, arm tightens
Sensations move as a prefect one
Space around sudden lightens
The dream is over but never done
poet Anonymous

GOLDEN Orgasms

Dream or reality? ... Reality or dream?
Her wet lips and a sexy groan for her Caribbean God King
Everything is dazed, obscures in her eyes,
It is absolutely impossible 2.5 feels like 9
Golden Shower time...

Black hard firm slide between moist flesh
Spreading her sweet innocence submissive temple
My heart beats ridiculously No weed
I've awoken My Goddess! kneel before my grace!

Ravaging blood boils through her veins
Once more, every muscle in her body shakes.
From this Dick, the body Stiff N Firm in a moment.
You go down so diligently

Spirits entwined in a LAW of energy,
All that we need presently is an option to conceive!
Bodies dance passionately in an animalistic rage.
Thrashing around, embracing me firmly

Drenched sheets the Aftermath of my Loving
On thy lips a consistent stream of blessings
My temperature consistently climbs like the sun
Awakening my Queen screwed by A Saint
Michael's the Name, Godlike ecstasy the Game.
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