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Inner light show

Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Tracing the Light

- Tracing the Light -

I trace my hand over my womanly face,
And try to feel the beauty mine eyes see.
Like grasping stars in the deep of space,
There is a fire that demands to be free…
Such is the flame that burns in my flesh.
It is a part of my spirit, my divine spark!
Fingers cannot touch it with mortal zest,
For it is divine in nature, not just in part.
Not just a little but in me it is the whole,
A manifestation of my true, higher self!
Just as infinite and eternal, as my soul…
For I am a vessel, for a celestial wealth,
Beyond treasure, beyond price or worth.
I feel oneness with grand cosmic forces,
Even as I feel the life of this very Earth!
These are the hands that pen fair verses.
I long to show the world the full beauty,
Of the infinite me, and all: that I can do.
These hands held the strands of destiny,
And my lips speak of knowledge true…
I give such knowledge to all,
And in that, I heed Fate’s call.

What can a mirror show me of divinity?
I know what lies far beyond my visage.
The truth of my nature and its’ nobility,
Reflected in my form’s angelic image…
Stuff of the stars, and of things beyond!
Alien to some, but to me most familiar.
I strive for one great victory to be won,
And I have striven, oft, in every sphere.
In every facet of reality past counting…
Whilst this flesh shows but the surface,
As, beneath it, the inferno is mounting.
The emerald flame of an angel’s grace,
My wings of light, waiting to emerge…
To enfold those I love, and all I desire!
It is an indescribable, heavenly, urge…
Like when a poetess takes up, her lyre.
Few mortals ever feel aught as similar,
To the otherworldly notions I oft hold.
In mine eyes, there is a blue glimmer,
Like the Earth amidst the stellar void!
Eyes that hath witnessed all,
To better heed, of Fate’s call.

Within the depths of the infinite self…
I trace the light, in the velvet darkness.
My spirit’s light, fair as faerie or elf…
Kindred who so revere their mistress,
Even if they forget, my ancient name!
Such reveries, no human may fathom.
Look deeper; see not all is the same…
Cast thy eyes, from top to the bottom.
Gaze into the vastness of all creation,
See its’ origins, and taste its’ endings.
Join the very gods, in a celebration…
Of rising up, and swiftly descending,
Unto pleasures and joys so profound!
The power of gnosis in me manifest…
Which I teach to others, so profound,
Reminds me, of what none can resist.
Truth in beauty, and also beyond it…
So many gifts to receive, and to give,
For a goddess bestows, as seeing fit!
My gifts, I grant, unto all as so live…
I give such knowledge to all,
And in that, I heed Fate’s call.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Finding our way back home

sunlight plays across the wings of a dragonfly,            
shatters light in a thousands rays of laughter.            
Mirth bubbles up from the well of my soul              
With spirits set free,          
I drift on the whispered breath of fate,            
seeking the beating heart of faith,          
finding our power          
is belief in one another              
I am in the trees,          
I am sunlight,          
playing tag across golden meadows.            
I am the dragonfly scattering the sunlight into joy,          
I am the journey that was meant to be            
We have lost our way          
and forgotten how to play,              
lost within the maze,          
turning our backs          
our innocence long forsaken          
listen with love          
to beating heart of the sun.          
Hear the sunlight deep within your soul,              
paradise was never lost,      
we gave it up          
There is a map            
tattooed on our souls,              
guiding our spirits          
so we might find our way back home        
Who am I?        
I am you
Written by APissPoorShaman (Ryszard)
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