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Inner light show

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

"If everything around you seems dark...look again, you may be the light" - Rumi
One poem about our inner light.
One light about our inner poem.

Tyrant of Words
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Inner peace

I am poor
I am old
But my soul
Is at peace.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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Terzanelle, Nr.06 — Floating Ark

My eyes became accustomed to the dark
accustomed to the subtle shades of light
as silhouettes became a floating ark

The labels we invent like day and night
cut up holy cycles into bits,
accustom us to making dark the light

Defending all these labels gives us fits,
we rage against another’s point of view
and cut up holy people into bits

But holding back and asking is it true?
maintains an open mind…, we try … forget …
and spike again the other’s point of view

The signals clanging loudly force a bet:
how crucial is the message in our veins
supporting open minds that soon forget

The light is biting, tugging at the chains
as eyes become accustomed to the dark
we greet the crucial message in our veins
and thank the silhouette, the floating ark.
Written by Josh (Joshua Bond)
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Strange Creature
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I will use words to describe that which is unspoken.
I will use words to describe that which is unspoken.

And yet, in this betrayal, perhaps you will trip, and stumble upon yourself.
Written by mUdr6Bh7ZZ
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Thought Provoker
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We Are Made of Inner Light

Electric, I am made of inner light,
encased in meat you cannot see the spark;
primordial in the prelapsarian sight.
A place of freedom, free from name's delight,
I dream of photons bursting into parts;
electric, I am made of inner light.
Collapsing chakras' colours into white,
dividing atom's leptons, before the quark;
primordial is the prelapsarian sight.
The stars above the firmament are lies,
I close my eyes and rest upon the dark;
Electric, I am made of inner light.
Negation of the gaudy and the bright,
the sacred ground beyond the question mark;
primordial is the prelapsarian sight.
The visions of the inner world collide,
transcendent is the realm of inner heights;
electric, I am made of inner light,
primordial is the prelapsarian sight.
Written by Deathkitty_134 (Khach0)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Inner Light

They think they can diminish your inner
Light, but you still glow like the 4th of
July. They portray you as a sinner
Or non believer when you got that love
And pray for the light running through
Your veins. You hope for someone else to
Be the protector of your light and energy,
But no one knows your heart or spirit
Like you do. No one knows the memories
Of bad things keeping you awake
Or the foundation that keeps shaking.
No one can ever take your inner light
Just remember that. All the nights
Will fade away and you will be left
With the inner light that fills your heart.
Everything that was once hefty
Will feel light again with a new start.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
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Inner light

 ( written today sept 5 2022)

"If everything around you seems dark...look again, you may be the light" - Rumi

When all seems too gloomy and dark
a searchlight to search for inner light
for your soul might just  have the spark
to light up and to reignite

When murk and ignominy surrounds you
tap in to that inner light
Keep the path lit, find the switch
Fire away the stardust element

For we're made of the stuff of stars
to resist the pull of black holes
Rise and shine from your inner sanctum
Recharge the battery of your soul.
Written by Zaynab_kamoonpury
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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The lamp lighter

Is there only, left just shards    
headaches come like thunder cracks
dark passages that are always blocked by bars
but stars of hope, I see their glow refract
Thro' the fog when life brings grief
those lumens bright: a carbon arc
spotlight, the glow of self-belief
shadows flee, your glimmer flash and dart  
Light the lamp within my soul  
as dawn breaks on sleepy eyes  
speed the heart and take control  
release the spirit, stir its spark to fly  
Light the tread on each dark path  
torch I hold within, burns brighter    
it is my shield and my ever-trusty staff  
for each must be their own lamp-lighter
Written by slipalong
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Lost Thinker
United States
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The Assault on Reason

"Each mystic is in the dark." -- the light of Logic 101  


 Surrounded am I by these "inner lights"  
of mystics, oracles, and troglodytes.  
a dedication of Respect  
for the Rational Brain  
a revolving helios couplet/menippean satire  
september, 2022 -- the rumi's of the world yet interested in fluff  
in lieu of Facts
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Thought Provoker
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Light 'em Up

In darkness floats a lonely orb  
Inhabited by lonely folk  
Their universe is harsh and cold  
An existential dirty joke  

Find a candle!  

Little sparks through history  
Philosophers and sages, bold  
Dismissed, as feeble sophistry  
And so, the dark retains control  
Light a candle!  
Even though their hearts cry out  
They choose the darkness, cold and dank  
They mock the light, as too devout  
And chase the things most foul and rank  
Light your candle!  
Alone, you can’t illume the world  
Yet, you can light a single heart  
The light of love, when once unfurled  
Two candles’ brightness now imparts  
Light your candles!  
Trust not in principalities  
And rulers who in darkness reign  
Light your own locality  
Your love and light will break those chains!  
Light more candles!  
With all these billions candles lit  
Our universe, so bright and warm  
Then, bearing out the holy writ  
Love’s light becomes a fire storm!  
Light ‘em up!  
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
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found buried  
beneath self-judgment  
muddied in other  
people’s opinions  
next to this week’s  
flavour of anxiety  
space to shine  
grounding in self-trust  
sweeping the mountain  
of debris away,  
realizing how  
Light, I am  
knowing all else
is powerless  
over me.
Written by ursa
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Dangerous Mind
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dejure (vick)
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pho3nix 999
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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this is a beautiful write!!!!!loved it

Tyrant of Words
United States
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the dark ache with visions
it saw you in its mind eye and breathe beauty into being
it was a breathtaking sight your gentle soul come to life
tenderly it cared for you
seeing to your need

caressing creativity
it watch on while you dance
sincerity reflected back it began to glow

with a shimmer you touch the darkness
wisdom was inside the dark
it taught you how to speak
showed you things that were to come
and put you on your feet

on a great journey of discovery
meeting other souls along the way
your inner light beam a glorious spirit
you shine with kindness
and with your shine you created things lovely

touching the souls that surrounded you
uttering dreams born of understanding
your honesty your crowning glory

this is the story of a life given
residing on the earth
but born of heaven

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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raising the wreck


for a time
i lived with
my father

i was around
12 years old,
wasn't doing
well in school

the marge
clueless as
ever about
what to do,

she decided
dropping me
off to the site

like some
divine miracle
would fix all

"not my
to fix"

i distinctly
her yelling
at him.

i think most
people knew
what went on

but didn't
want to believe
or think of the

of twelve
year old kids
looking after
their old men,

my hands open
bottles of beer
with anything
laying around

picked up bottles
crushed up cans,
broken glass
and china

taken burns
from an oven
trying to learn
how to get food
on the table

nobody else
was going
to cook it,

i still do it
to this day
just minus
the beer

but that's
the wonder
behind it all
isn't it?

you came
here to raise
your own

Written by ragaire
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