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Poem of the Month - AUGUST 2022

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

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4. Any genre except erotica or pornography. This is a Facebook feature and we must adhere to their guidelines.  

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Fire of Insight
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What is the point of living
if you are truly not alive
mere shadow in the world

Existing unnoticed by anyone
clothes mock starved skin
mimicking touch only felt in dreams

Passing through life silently
there is no reason to speak
and none wanting to listen

Time passes, hours and minutes
alone, each second a paper cut
slicing into what remains of me
Written by inechoingsilence
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Fire of Insight
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Lattes and Fag Ash

In ways Iím fortunate of course.  
The course of a life can always be worse.  

Yet still the gorge rises to meet  
the carping of the print elite.  

As if some cunt in Pimlico  
has ever known quite what it is  

to have a Bad Mother.  
The thought is vulgar, This I Know,  

and if I was a better man Iíd care.  
But slowly Iíve stopped apologising...  

And nothing makes me want to retch  
more than the whiff of lattes from  

the liberal salons. As if one of them  
was ever forced to eat a fried egg  

that had been dumped in the kitchen bin,  
and marinated in fag ash  

as Mother made you watch.  
My brother knew that pain.  

And I knew too just what it was,  
to love and beg and say sorry  

and still be scorned like thrift-shop shit.  
To watch dad watch his wife break down  

and explode like a clockwork prostitute.
Written by Casted_Runes (Mr Karswell)
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Francisco J Vera
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Madness is never silent
crucially defiant
never to rest
born to struggle
I grasp onto night
holding a place
for my own darkness
so I can appreciate the light
Written by mel44
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Is Not The Wages Of Sin Death

To the fourscore winds that wreaks havoc on earth  
Manmade blessed oil casted over our inner soul drops of forgiveness in the renewal of rebirth † † †
Is not the wages of sin death † † †
Who without wraith within thy heart, can he or she not cast stones when reaching the thrones of divinity's wealth † † †  
† † †  
I have seen the teary faces when hopes, dreams, no more chances, all seems lost † † †  
So many young lives I have been a Nightingale too from wicked choices, changed in the matter of moments with treating their elements because they had the sauce † † †
Regrets confessed from their mouths, praying, hoping, needing to be assured they will get better at any cost † † †
When did our Creator bless me to see life and the ghost appearance of failing breaths † † †
Psalms verse twenty-three read in the declining hours to give a weary soul external rest † † †
The same messages upon the dowry of our heads, yet a different sanctuary of time † † †
Plagues, famine, debauchery rules churches' mind † † †
† † †  
There is no peace no matter where you go † † †
As sure as the tornado destroys, and the water floods no matter where the rapid streams may flow † † †
This is God's land, no matter the technology found by the inventive hands of man † † †
One breeze, torrential rains † † †
At that interval, you bear witness our lives are all the same † † †
We all have emotions to feel and compassion to lend when we feel pain † † †
Then why is color blindness the name of lifeís game † † †
† † †  
As a healer, I hear those calls when hearts are lying in wait, terminally ill † † †
Worshipping society's sacred temples, speaking your language, your religion is my religion, your beliefs are my reliance to fit the cause of the bill, but still † † †
Does the mind of others ever get fatigue in doing right † † †
Holding on to the last of faith when devoid of human nature to give into the heathens that romances the night † † † † † †  
I bow in humbleness unto you, as I am, and through me I will always feel the perpetual devotion of Him † † † †
Given unto power to lasso the magnifications of creature comforts which will never win † † † † † †
To mankind without, seems itís his downfall without an end † † † † † †
Falsehood love in beauty, money, spiritual love tossed in the wind † † † † † † †
Vanity lovers of self, money, consorting in the dark on altar with Jinns † † † † † †
I have hurtled them all, through the beginning of time, to council the † † † † † †
mentally to make the loins of men lust and the sacred divinity of women † † † † † †
adhere to enticement to the temptation of its sin † † † † † †
The first, the last and the fallen ones on earth, the population follows the hidden horns to deceive † † † † † †
My Ankh I shield to the powers to be † † † † † †
†† † † † † †
The truth it seeps to give credence between you and me † † † † † †
What we stand for, when we ask for more it makes us, or it breaks us † † † † † †
When the blood of our veins in sickness only pours † † †
We cry out in the last hour to be spiritually forgiven † † †
In the perfection of health, debauchery, arrogance is the catalyst when we are immorally driven † † † † † †
No one is better than each other † † † † † †
When we look in the mirror our reflective image is the only one who hovers † † † † † †
No other face from another mother † † † †
Vanity is the tool of the Devil's invention, making us self-lovers † † † † †
†† † † † † †
I remain docile in my own melanin skin † † † † † †
This old world seems at times no hope, no glory, truth of the matter to self is where we all begin † † †
The good book of fables from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelations † † † † † †
Once out the cocoon of the womb itís the end we are wandering sheep in guidance from the constellations † † † † † †
My own voice, my own choice † † † †
In this day and age, no trails to follow, but my own footsteps † † † † † †
It eliminates the time when trying to measure up when no one is ever † † † † † †
considered in life to the best by the trails of lifeís tests † † † † † †
We are all one whisper from being a labored breath † † †
† † †  
Tears in remembrance of our presence thy hollow be thy name is all that's left † † † † † †
Pine boxes, cremations, our Judgment Day comes next † † †
Never be scared of the unknown† † †  
Live your life as a melody of your own beautiful song † † †
Energy never dies, our spiritual vessel ascends to be atoned † † †
Dťjŗ vu will welcome you to advise you your spirit once roamed free † † †
Those three phrases of life that is ordained for you and for me † † † † †  
†† † † † † †
The soul-sister, healer, spiritual fighter, blessed lineage of French Moorish Queens † † † † † †
Let awoken minds speak of what blinded eyes have not seen † † † † † †
In the realm of spiritual evolution and the parables of the afterlife we walk in † † † † † †
Every night in the subconscious of our dreams † † † † † †
Awaken to the coldness of opened eyes never to reclaim what the † † † † † †
intellect has seen † † † †
Is it atheist or blaspheme once off the nourishing and enlightening nipple we are weaned † † † † † †
†† † † † † †
The afterbirth, the last sacramental rites of passage before our Creator separates his presence from thy will shall be done † † † † † †
The first cry of life to a hellish Kingdom come † † † † † †
Everyone is wrong, life is measured by the greater good, better choices, yet, overruled by wicked deed and evil voices † † † † † †
We are down here in in the belly of the beast † † † † † †
Whereas Angels fly beyond the stars with skybox seats † † † † † †
†† † † † † †
I shall kneel in tarry in remembrance of earthly immoralities † † † † † †
To kiss thy blessings at thy tiller of consecrated feet † † † † † †
Close my eyes to the thunder of earthy chaos arousing me to the last feast † † † † † †
of spiritual virginal sheets † † † † † †
Who ever said a sin cannot be conformed when a dark heart and an enlightenment mind greets † † †
Teach the mind and the heart will surely follow † † †
In that single moment of reaching the soul, pride is forever swallowed
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Thereís Something of a Summerís Day

Thereís something of a summerís day
That drives the leaves of life away
A warming wind that carries time,
Back to where the moments rhyme

Fields of green engrace our view
Reminders of darker hue
While memories reside in blue
Resplendent as the peace of two

A gentle breeze blows thru the trees
And rustles so the silent leaves
It wasnít but a fading dream
A shadow as the light would seem

I give to you my fading heart
From places where the rainbow start
The blues they linger, ever stayÖ
Thereís something of a summerís day.
Written by IfIWereMe
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Strange Creature
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Thank you, I donít know if itís worthy of that, but I appreciate it. If.

Fire of Insight
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A Letter From The Small Sliver Of Hope In Your Junk Drawer And What He Could Become

To whom it may concern,

All I want to be is
The one you miss from time to time

When youíre out with your friends or back at your folkís place
When you feel more alone with them than you do yourself anyway
I want to be your warm welcome

All I want to be is the first person you call on the phone
When you find yourself panicked, shaken, and alone, Unable to sleep
I'll tell you . . . ďIím here.Ē

Canít you see me? Because I see you.

Maybe you can see me.
But you canít hear the words coming out of my mouth.
Over the sound of your grinding teeth

To you, Iíll always be the wind that blows above your head
The hand thatís out of reach

If you ever find yourself struggling to breathe.
I want to be the oxygen that flows through you right before you smoke your last cigarette

And when you contemplate death
I want to be the thought that says, ďDonít go. Youíre not done yet.Ē

I donít want to be the one you need.
I just want to be a some-what steady plot of land beneath your feet.
I want you to feel grounded.

All I want to be is a part of your life

- The Small Sliver Of Hope In Your Junk Drawer

Written by Braver_Than_A_Noun (Andie...)
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Fire of Insight
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Hi,I'm trying 2 add a poet onto here,with gr8t difficulty!

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