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robert43041 (Viking)
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That's so very poem'ish...

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Poetry Contest

One poem'eteer gets to write in 3rd person as an individual that is making fun of people who write poems. Employ as much irony as I just did. Reverse your psychology. Emotionalize your logic. Fill the tight shoes of a bitter uncreative blow hard but funny
One poem only...

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World Famous

He knew he would be famous one day,
So he thought as he ate cheeze and crackers,
Bowl of rice and mustard on the side
So he thought as he did not even bother
To verify with Spell Check
Did not bother with any sort of Thesaurus
(What's that? A sort of dinosaur?)
For he knew plenty of words
Known to hit hard and impress, like shit and fuck.
Yes, one day Poet Laureate he would be.
For a start.
Edmund Spencer? Who's that?
Molière? That's a sort of goat milk, ain't it?
He always asked not to be disturbed
As he was soooo heavily busy
Scribbling away.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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A single man his entire life decided to speak up at a popup poetry rally in South Philly Pennsylvania. As he walked up to the podium as if to recite a poem he cleared his throat and begin to speak .

Poetry is for kids pfff! A bunch of childish rhymes that makes no sense whatsoever. And whats with all these emotions these
f    e    e    l    i    n    g    s   displayed on paper for the whole world to read it’s madness. Bahumbug I say, get a Fucken life people.

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