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When Hearts Get Broke

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Break up Poetry
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Broke up poetry on feelings and emotions

Fire of Insight
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Broken Rear Views and Dirty Headlights

Driving through the night
radio up way too loud
enough to muffle sirens
and cell phone sounds
still can't drown out
what's rolling through my head
question my lack of guilt
for feelings I'm told I shouldn't have
unrestrained by boundaries
Then they play that damn song
the one you turned up for me
no longer in heavy rotation
no expectation of the memory flood
think about turning it off
but my hand doesn't move
so I sing
Everything is swimming
don't know if you even remember
why it means anything to me
shake my head and half laugh
at the way I miss you
when you pretend I don't exist
Press the accelerator
closer to the floorboard
but I'll never go fast enough
to get away from our deconstruction
That doesn't stop me from trying
Written by paperstains
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poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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Nothing Taken But What Was Given

Go ahead, strip me
rip me into shreds
it's too late for safety
there's always curiosity
to see where this will lead

Pain is just a tool
something to breathe through
numb no longer an option

So I'll bleed on the floor
decipher Rorschach patterns
of my pride
admire the color of my shame
for daring to feel
in the first place

Written by paperstains
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Tyrant of Words
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''When hearts get broke'' (competition)

When it ends,
The woman will fume and rage,
Cut all of his very expensive silk ties
And seek millions and millions in compensation

The man's reaction will sometimes (sadly)
Be of a different ilk
Totally refusing, denying  the rejection
The separation
And get terribly violent.
No need to get into gory details.

Usually though, the person who first cuts the ties
Does better, having taken the decision
The rejected partner may - might - will
Fall in deep depressions.

Some people bounce back better than others
Some people just never recover from the shock
Of the love lines being cut.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Fires Burn Empires

Broken hearts never easily mend  
Especially when true love comes to an end  
Causing feelings within to become tumultuous
As if you've been hit by a Mac truck and a bus
It can happen to any of us no matter how hard we try  
Outcomes aren't guaranteed; even for good girls and good guys
Seeking ribbons in the sky during downpours of rain  
Fractures psyches and inflicts souls with pain
Residue stains remain long after concluding trips
Baggage impedes the flow of the strongest of ships  
Dip and crawl momentarily then absolve all the shame
Toss embarrassment overboard; love is a crazy game  
Many endure the same and understand your plight
Champion heavyweights must decide when not to fight  
Despite desires of wanting to be sires of our empires
At times, we gotta extinguish the fires and just retire  
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
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Why is it that you are just like those visions, that still continue to be awaken within me. Yet the deepness of my soul and mind screams in these silently dreams. Provoking pieces of evidences that is like opening a book once close. A book of the past lies coming back, from the deepness of the darkness of what is now fragments. As pieces of my heart and soul, but with broken tears still under the layers of layers of hurt and pain.That eventually become invisible to see, upon the surface of my skin hidden behind my eyes. For I loved you with all my heart, yet I was blindsided by your words. That held me as a prisoner locked in traumatic events, with no disregard of my thoughts and emotions and feelings. Yet I loved you too much to close doors in my mind and heart, as I stare at the pure reflections of the hurt and pain that cannot still be seen.
Written by Stoney223
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Crying Purple Rain

Never meant to cause you any problems
Never meant cause you any pain
Never meant to bring tears to your eyes
Causing you to cry purple rain

Never meant to leave stains on your pillows
From all of the lonely nights you've cried
Never meant to cause you any heartache
And I'm sorry for the times I lied

I relied on my charismatic charm to get you
Never thought that we'd eventually elope
I've got commitment issues from prior loves
Sorry to have misled you; killing your hope

I hope that time will quickly heal you
Never did I intend to do you wrong
You deserved better than what I gave you
Causing you to sing a melancholy song
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Deeper Than Pain

I am dead on the inside, there is nothing left but the pain
I am drowning in the reverberation of you saying my name
IIII, IsIsIsIs, MeMeMeMe, IIII, IsIsIsIs, MeMeMeMe
But through the murky waters of my tears, boo I just can't see

Slowly but surely you were becoming something that I never had before
This nomadic heart was about to declare you it's new home
I slept on your words, I recited them in my dreams
My heart and mind were finally forming a team

In your own way, you started showing me your love
This was so hard to do, because so many had abused your love
The thought of getting to close, to fast, was such a frightening thing
You and I the big bang, and our love the eternal universal ring

You couldn't be sure there was expansions and contraction
Was our love background noise, radiation or a magnetic reaction
Pushed by you to the very edges of deep space
You don't want me to feel your touch, I'm not allowed to gaze upon your face

Bobbing like a cork in the deepness of this frigid and blackened sea
I prayed for a saving line and hook, IIII, IsIsIsIs, MeMeMeMe
The one fish praying to be caught and pulled from space's depths
To recalbrate the pain and take back every tear that we wept

They say that your sins shall return a thousand fold
I don't know about the sin, but when that pain unfolds
It's like standing before creation and watching the universe explode
I stood on the horizon of you and me, and the truth was told

Written by I_IS_ME
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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There are no words that hurt more than, "I don't love you anymore"
"I don't want you, I don't need you," as she slams the door
And that door slam, that's the knife in the back
It's felt to your core,Your spirit's under attack
Fucking calls are being screen, with family running interference
Those bitches never liked me, so they don't mine running interference
They know that the only reason I fuck with them is because of you
If it wasn't for you, Boo, I'ld tell them all "fuck you"
But you, you're my Boo soothing a savage beast
Pressure pent up with no way to release
But you Baby Girl takes me to my limits
Simply by whispering in my ear helps me to exceed my limits
Everything you said you needed I tried to be
You said that you needed eyes, well baby now you can see
I'm the one now stumbling around in the dark
And I can't stop thinking that someone else is enjoying your spark
My mind, Baby Girl, has became all fucking twisted
How can a heart this heavy be lost, and you not miss it
Thoughts keep entering my mind, but my heart wont allow me to risk it
Your family's giving me their ass, and telling me to kiss
How could a force like love ever be created
Before I met you, love and me never related
My past isn't a blur, I saw people for what they were
I wasn't thinking of placing one into the chamber to erase the hurt
Boo life isn't worth living, without you this shit's no fun
Am I wrong to squeeze this trigger and get the job done
Without you baby no one's gonna miss me
And staring at this mirror I'll only be harm me  
Written by I_IS_ME
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Tyrant of Words
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He who lives in tragedy

I often
think about it

how you would
ask me to sing
never wanting
to hear my song

how this body
was unworthy
of presence
outside a show.


bones float freezing water
below a lighthouse sun
questioning sinking rafts—

there were no lifeboats
in your reach



Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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The day you caught the train

The net curtains float lace patterns
projected on magnolia,    
thin sunlight warms our bed covers,    
white cotton wrapped as loin cloth,    
tight against smooth skin.    
The mornings bore runs busy in the street,    
scaling walls to chatter at our window.    
Your shape slides beneath my hand,    
warmth cools as I sigh deeper  
and you check the alarm clock.  
I save another wasted frame,    
a rotting petal pressed between memories.    
The bartender wants my glass,    
no final drop to sip from you,    
Your tongue has tripped, the lies let slip.  
This day you will leave, and me;    
packing for the journey I can't take.    
A could never be, lovers embrace    
belies the two who's eyes are fake,    
something we buried in this place.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Bite marks

I had both arms inside your mental cage  
you didn't even offer me a stool,  
did the lumps of meat you shook taste strange  
 was I the only tamer that you fooled.  

You'll always be the first to taste the kill  
our cubs may fight but know the scent of blood.  
I'll wait to eat so you can take your fill  
then lick them clean so that they know they're loved.  

With mud soaked pride I offer you a fall,  
and watch the flight of reason as it runs.  
I take my stand yet you still make me crawl  
the floods you drown have only just begun.  
The water hole is poisoned with my stink  
so I relax and watch you take the drink.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Fire of Insight
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Another Moment with You

I had everything I needed when you were with me.
Now I hope in vain for another moment with you.
Life without your love will cause me to go insane.
The last hour I spent with you appeared to be a dream.
Somehow I knew the dream was about to end.
I left you with the feeling that you would see me again.
You had no idea what was going to happen to us.

I sent thoughtless texts to you when I got home.
You did your best to save me from hurt and loss.
Honey, you should have seen how confused I was.
My jealous wife loved me the same way you did,
But loving you brought happiness to my life.
I had both of you and I did not have to choose one.
You knew that I loved you more than her.

The illicit relationship was going well for you,
But I just could not cope with a secret love affair.
You were the one I wanted to be with, not her.
I cannot express how sorry I am for the way I acted.
What in heaven’s name was I thinking?
I slipped away from your unsuspecting heart.
And I forfeited my chance to see a future with you.
Now I know the pain of dejection that you felt.

A day has not gone by that I have not thought about you,
But you have made up your mind to forget me.
I shall still love you, no matter how many years go by.
Whatever the cost, I want you back in my life.
It will take a miracle to restore the love you had for me.
You resolutely refuse to see me or speak to me,
And it hurts to spend another moment without you.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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