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Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Give me YOUR anarchy what does it mean to YOU?
What does the term Anarchy mean to you
Some get it some have a misnomer misconceptions
Shoot the breeze from the hip


1 entry per customer

2. Any length although I do have add brain so take that grain of salt as it is.

Rocking roll let's go

Tyrant of Words
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To some, simply protesting
May be a sign of anarchy.
Seems to me it takes more than civil disobedience.
It takes a severe form of discontent
To which you add weapons of destructions
And physically attack and aim to destroy
Established institutions.

Of course anarchy can take place
At many levels of society,
Even within a small group such as a family.
True, some totalitarians started their careers as anarchists,
Blowing things up and robbing banks, like Stalin and Lenin
Did in Georgia,
Then after gaining power they killed
All the people who were too close to them, knew too much
And became a nuisance.
After which they established their complete reign
Of terror.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Guardian of Shadows
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So It's Okay, If I Drop Kick Your Poodle , Then?

Oh, it's not?
Now wait a minute--
wasn't "anarchy" defined as :
A complete lack of governance, resulting  
in lawlessness, and
for some, a utopian society

(and also what happens if you leave
the toilet seat up, in my bathroom..)
So if there's no governance  
and no rules,
then it should be okay for me to drop kick
your yappy little dog.
Or walk into a store and take what I want
without paying
Or drive my car over your flower bed
because I feel like it
Or ...or...or...
There's no repercussions, so what's the big deal?
Oh, it hurt the dog and made you feel bad
when my boot met its muzzle.....
Ah,  perhaps then, anarchy isn't as Utopian  
as it's peddled to be,  
we can't be entirely lawless, and  
must have some self governance ....
(thereby causing the very definition to become
an oxymoron)
the Ten Commandments
aren't just a script for a Charlton Heston film..
God, himself has rules  
for playing in the sandbox , and
since I'm not God,
that's what makes me think twice
about kicking your dog.
Written by MadameLavender
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Dangerous Mind
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Thank you Viking and ML

Fire of Insight
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we tug
at the ropes
and rail
at the rich
and curse
who's in charge
(the son
of a bitch)
but we relish
the order,
the pretense
of fair,
the promise
of safety,
the semblance
of care

and the rich man
is king
but strong arm would
if we loosened
the hold
of our government's

for the co-op's
a dream
in the anarchist's mind --
each gives of
and keeps
his own time --
but power is
and greed
is the way
and the
still suffer
if thugs
rule the day

we're all slaves
to the belly
and must work
to eat
no matter
the system
of government's
so we cherish
and need
the relative
and the semblance
of order
in government's
Written by javalini
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Tyrant of Words
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Addicted to Mayhem

Every time I see unfair rule and law
I want to express myself on city walls
Be a ghost, a host addicted to mayhem
But with galls bigger than mother fucKing Kong’s balls

I wouldn't give a damn and just bash and slam
Every verse be an explosion meant to vent
Rallying the masses to give them a voice
A middle finger in the air saying “fuck the government”

And once the crowds are compiled and riled
I’d light the fuse by taking to social media
Revealing every politician’s dirty little secret
People would get so pissed off it’d feel like virtual chlamydia

Then comes the mass hysteria
Everyone will be a mobbin’
Throbbin’ like a phallus up in the palace knobbin’
Because like an Orwellian rebellion
This Machiavellian hellion
Will expose anyone who’s been plottin’ and jobbin’
Written by wallyroo92
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