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Twisted Dreamer
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The Filament

There was this invisible thread
I know that’s so cliché really
But there it was, only perceivable in the right light
For me it was moonlight
For her it was sunlight
But oh how it shone
So bright everyone could see
Could see us, us together, us happy, us bonded and bound to one another
We felt like it was strong, so strong
Like maybe if we went fishing it could reel in a shark
Not even the shark would see it coming
For me it felt like sturdy concrete
For her it felt like a sailor’s rope
Strong for me, flexible for her
It connected us, held us
Held us so close, begging us to think alike, talk alike, one
We drove for miles on it
We swam oceans with it
We shifted sands with it
There was a day when it faltered
I know the day when everything changed
There we were face to face but the thread was broken
It lay in pieces at my feet
It lay in shreds at her feet
Our breathing came labored and intense
The connection was no longer there
In its place was ribbons of screams and rivers of tears, for
We felt like it was no longer strong, not strong at all
It was severed and shattered as if it had been made of glass
Beautiful stained glass that once formed a picture
For me a picture of hope and strength
For her a picture of peace and promises
And oh how people adored it
These people were so angry when the beautiful thing broke
These people were so sad when they heard the news, of
We stared for hours at it
We reached and touched it
We bled on the broken pieces of it
I took a piece and she took a piece
Maybe one day we can tie it to someone else’s piece
Glue it tight to another stained glass masterpiece
For me, my piece was sadness wrapped around her golden soul
For her, her piece was anger curled up inside my past
Hopefully we could look past them
Build something new
Build someone new of
Written by DreamIllusions
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Kara Lucielle Pythiana
Dangerous Mind
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Night of Sorrows

- Night of Sorrows -

Prologue: Silent Tears

You cannot hear my weeping just from written verse…
But the heartbreak I have suffered in life, does compel,
My hand to pen what I must, for I feel like I will burst!
There are moments when it seems this world is a hell…
And those who ever hurt me must then be the damned.
Within me lies my innocence, the joys they try to steal,
The song I strive to sing as if it were a divine command.
I must not be silenced, and I must show how I do feel!
So I sing on, even through the depths of my sadness…
I pluck my lyre, and my music becomes a dear prayer.
Why is it sometimes so difficult, to embrace gladness?
It is because life sometimes hurts us until we beware…
Fearing the harm, we wonder if we can ever be happy.
I too wonder as only a true warrior queen can ponder!
But I know that my soul is safe, and retains its’ dignity.
Tonight I shall not slumber, let words be my thunder…
And let the truth of my heart, be the sword I do wield!
This night of sorrows has not the power to destroy me.
I bear the light within me wherein its’ flame is sealed…
Those who would wound me are blind and cannot see,
That: their words cannot break my will, my great shield.

Part One: Wretched Souls

This night, the owl did cry and my tears fell most hard,
Like rivers forming into seas, that cry my lamentations.
I am forsaken, called a harlot when I am a gentle bard,
And only the crickets join me in this eve’s celebrations.
What caused my sorrow was the sting of ugly words…
Spoken by a cruel soul who understands not my heart.
That one bellows, still, like the harsh call of blackbirds!
Even as I write, trying to ease the pain, of every dart…
Thrown at me from the mouth of one who is truly cold.
That I once called her like a mother to me, with caring,
Makes her hatred of me as worthless as is rotting mold.
Even that horrible image is more graceful in comparing,
Than that corrupt person, that hypocrite of wicked sin!
Even those who fell from Heaven at least have honor…
She has none and I must ignore her bigoted, noisy din.
Can she even fathom, the old wounds she makes stir?
Like a mad dog she is, constantly barking and panting.
Let animals be animals then, and I shall be above they,
Who have degenerated: far from love by evil ranting…
Until I can see utter darkness, and it blots out the day!

So many wretched souls exist in Earth’s dark corners,
That take enjoyment from the suffering that they enact.
Such ones will pass without joyful fanfare or mourners,
For their sick heaven, was in savoring every cruel act!
I despise such evil, for I have been victimized so often…
Bullied and pushed, prodded and driven unto breaking,
By they: who would rather I be laid down into a coffin.
But I have survived; my life is not theirs, for the taking!

Part Two: Gentle Music

I try to create a paradise within the dark, an Elysium…
For, even in the midst of Hell, there is such a paradise.
And so I listen to music fit for the Celestial Kingdom…
Whilst it soothes my soul with the most tender device,
That being, the feeling of love that this world so lacks.
A maiden sings, and in her voice is youth, tenderness!
The opposite of those: whose words become attacks.
I was once an angel, but fate can be a cruel mistress…
Let the music play on, for I have sorrows to expunge!
With every note let my spirit journey far from torment.
Even should every devil suddenly, at my throat lunge,
I must remain steady, as is water carried to a torrent!
The fireflies I long to see are not in my garden tonight.
And were it not for the night birds I would now weep,
For this has been a season of hardship devoid of light.
Oh, would that I could just one perfect moment keep!
If I could tear evil from the world, to cut such cancer…
And make all souls filled with their intended goodness,
I would; but there is never in life so easy of an answer.
My spirit is angelic still as I search for my divine bliss!

How many, have I been a guardian for: and a friend…
For some a lover, for others a sister or even a mother!
My whole existence has been a quest that has no end,
But I could not ever turn from it, to take up any other.
This is my fate, to be selfless where all others cannot!
I know that there is no respite on the journey I travel,
So I seek pleasure and serenity in deed and in thought.
Even should the fabric of the universe begin to unravel!

Part Three: Night Prayer

Oh mother night, why can I find no comfort with you?
For though the arms of evening enfold me like a lover…
You cannot ease me, when the old agonies fast ensue.
Yet you try to help me forget so my soul can recover!
Beneath the sparkling stars I can imagine another age,
One in which prejudice does not exist and love reigns.
A good memory, that calms my soul, lessens my rage,
And through its’ virtue allows me to cast off my pains.
Why did the gods tear the wings from my noble back?
I look at their children, those mortals that do wrong…
And in their doings, I see only an abyss emptily black!
I cannot save them, even with my most beautiful song.
People and gods do evil and there is no reason why…
I shall not seek one, for they deserve not my attention.
The wicked, mock divine will, and do true glory defy!
I am not bound either to them or to stifling convention.
Oh mother night I must be strong, for those blessed…
They: having good hearts, kind souls and compassion.
It was for such as they that I, of old, fought and bled!
I shall endure, and try to muster a cheerful expression.

I am a warrior weary of fighting and yet I fight eternal,
A queen without a kingdom, and no crown to wear…
I was a warrior angel, one fallen and become infernal!
Yet I do the right thing, and my knowledge I do share.
Perhaps I suffer, because I feel so deeply, with mercy,
But that is also my salvation, and keeps me most well.
I must continue to stand for freedom, love, and liberty,
Even when all the storm clouds gather: for me to quell.
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
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Fire of Insight
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i could feel it
and wondered
how i'd become
so ordinary
when all of what
i was
was yours
and wasn't that
and you said
and packed
while i watched
and i carried
your bag
to the car
and the night
was thick
as mud
and how I begged
it to swallow me
but goddamn
if the sun didn't rise
Written by javalini
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Lost Thinker
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Great poem, good luck in the competition!

Jessica Orr
Twisted Dreamer
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black magic

so you say daydreams can't.
i wait beside the spell and
it's black, with magic;
i resign to a smile and
die in cannot.

slow, up amongst us now.
there is no barred slogan,
no fear of damnation-
i do love, and you see.

not everyone sees the day-
sees the light inside so many
totems- they pretend around,
they mock what was said, what is;
what i said about the end of this world.

are a ready? salute, and march was fortnight;
the rim is cuspid and our world is bedazzled-
nice, nice, what?, what? gamma rays and mascara.

it was all snow blind and sun-burned features
and your still so beautiful and dry;
i wish more smoke and mirrors but it hurts, so,
like ice puddle and your sea-smell,
good seasons spell scuffs and a return home.
Written by jessica_orr (Jessica Orr)
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persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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I gAve you mY sOul  !!

What is that that I'm feeling right now
Is it pain of my ego being hurt?
My mind wants you out of it but how
Which words did you fake and which were meant?
My inside is as blackish as my night
My motives were brutally disarmed
And I dwell in a violent lovebite
from my love and my hope for ever banned
How can I allow this in my life?
Being tortured from myself and call it fate
Where is my eternal spark of light
Is there anything in this plane that isn't fake?
I will die and my rebirth is this arrow
I will keep it on my skin like a souvenir  
it has poisoned my blood within a narrow
that goes straight from the heart to the atmosphere
While polluting the fucking air with nuclear waste
of emotions and charged feelings drained to death
All I see is a button saying 'erase'
as I struggle to restrain my fucking breathe
Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Lost Thinker
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Amazing poem. Good luck in competition!

Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Dangerous Mind
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don't ever say i didn't love you

don't ever say i didn't love you
with everything i had
of all the people in all the world
you picked me to treat bad
i wasn't the one who cheated
nor the one who always liked to fight
if you'll remember it was you
who tried to make a wrong thing right

don't ever say i didn't love you
the way that a wife should
if anything most everyone would say
i treated you too good
i wasn't in it for myself
i loved you as good as anybody could

Written by faithmairee (Faith Elizabeth Brigham)
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Savy Rose
Strange Creature
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Tale of A Broken Heart

7:55 AM 3/4/2022

You aint shit to me, you lied to me
aint tryna be your enemy
but it seems to be the way you wanna look at me
I wanna run away from the problems
 it's like the only way to solve one
 is to start one
I been selling dreams
when I could've cashed out on a lie
wish you had got to know me
it still hurts deep inside
endless nights I sat and vibed by my self to feel better
the only comfort surrounding me
was the warmth of my sweater
If I took the risk
Maybe it could end better
Sadly I invested in you
 now I'm in debited
My heart like the winter
why you wanna part
let me know who made me the bad guy
I was down for you so hard
Don't know if its the truth or a lie
If I could change anything
I would switch up my heart
the hardest level of losing you
was feeling mine break apart
Written by Savy_iink (Savy Rose)
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Strange Creature
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Yeah, I agreed with you.

Thought Provoker
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Pack Together

Pack Together
You throw your shorts, and
toothbrush in a bag
I fold your shirts,
dust our suitcases,
rummage the kitchen
for single cutlery and plates
which have lived all these years
while the rest cracked, lost, or
broken, we find what you need but
you want nothing more.
The paperwork floods long before
the demand for our signatures,
surnames on each side at the end
and those whispers from neighbours
with the closing of home and
our hearts at the door
we agree over and over that
this is for the best, and that
Love knows no better.
Written by ursa
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