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Tyrant of Words
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absense [unfillable void]

hearts tunnel vision
hyper focased....on your fading
absense..... miss you

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Lost Thinker
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Excellent words and poetry! Good luck in the competition!

Tyrant of Words
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(was) She (was) magic
not magickal(?)

Chicaned me like a
star-struck fan
at a magic show
when the illusionistís
act was done
***** Poof! *****
like the white rabbit
She was gone.

I WILL forget
this legerdemain
one day. . .

Sooner if my sleeping life
will cooperate.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Lost Thinker
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Love the reference to a magic show and illusions, great poem! Good luck in the competition!

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Not all mothers were created equal

Not all mothers were created equal
some are the best
yet some are horrible
Some could give a fuck less about you and your family
while others fawn all over their own flesh and blood
I have not been that lucky
So when I see these things on social media
"youre lucky if you still talk to your mom"  
I immediately feel PTSD  
Not all mothers were created equal
I feel zero guilt
zero shame
she made her choices  
What kind of "mother" sends a Christmas card to her granddaughters
spewing inside said card in her own hand written ink
what a piece of shit their mother, her daughter, is?  
Who the fuck does that?  
So, no....
I do not miss my mother
she is dead to me
and she knows why
I do miss the far and few times you actually were there for me
but there was always a catch
always a cost
and I was always broke
Not all mothers are nor were created equal
and this time of year is especially difficult
ridiculously hard
But I am strong
I get that from my father, BOOM!  
Hope you are happy
All alone, no one near you no one close to you
you rotten ass miserable bitch  
Ill pray for you, as I always do
Written by mysteriouslady
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Lost Thinker
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Your poem is amazing, love the emotion it shows. Good luck in the competition!

Tyrant of Words
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For Your Consideration

I was lost in between eternities,
When my emotion went unreturned,
I wrote verses and recited volumes,
Despondent that my love went unanswered,
When her attention was somewhere else.

And for centuries I composed,
I carefully chose every word sensibly written,
That my smitten lovesick life had been smote,
Still I wrote with a physical and spiritual passion,
Always in a lyrical fashion to get her to notice,
But her attention was somewhere else.

I was adrift in the vast expanse,
In an abyss of dismal tempests and storms
When my love went unrequited,
Not even the stars across the universe
Could predict such misery and heartbreak
Because her attention was somewhere else.

Still I wrote about my devotion,
Standing on top of a mountain of pages,
With lines and rhymes that went on forever,
Pledging my undying emotion
Until the very end,
Even if she never noticed me.

Then I discovered some letters,
That someone else had written me,
Inscribed with a such a deep feeling
I was awestruck by someone elseís words,
Then I saw,
They were written in a time now long gone,
Waiting and dying for me to notice,
But my attention had been somewhere else.
Written by wallyroo92
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Lost Thinker
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Such a fine poem, great work, and great use of words! Good luck in the competition.

Fire of Insight
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I'll Never Forget You

Iíll never forget you, darling.
Iíve devoted my life to loving you and Iíll always do.
Every day I review the love we had.
You were my baby and I loved you dearly.
How could I forget the love you ardently gave me?
You offered me more help than I deserved.
My heart wonít grow weary of reminiscence.
I cherish the short time I napped in the bosom of love.
I still feel the sensation of your kisses on my lips.
It was a truly fantastic experience to love you.
Iíll preserve the memories until I get back your love.

Iíll never forget your warmth.
The best days of my life were spent with you.
Iíll never rule out the possibility that you still love me.
Someday we might renew our love.
Iíll keep the hope alive that weíll be together again.
My love wonít fade like the buds of spring.
The good times I had with you still remain on my mind.
And the years have strengthened my love for you.
Youíve lost my physical presence,
But you havenít lost my love.
My heart wonít run out of love for you.

Iíll never forget our love.
A wonderful thing developed between us.
You aroused an indescribable feeling inside me.
I didnít fully understand it,
But I enjoyed every moment with you.
And I tried vainly not to let it end.
I wondered whether it was a dream or a reality.
Admittedly, it appeared to be imaginings,
But it felt so real to me.
It was a love unlike any other love.

Iíll never forget the past.
My mind wonít quit looking back in time.
Iíve lost a treasure that I may never repossess.
Perhaps I could live without your love,
But I canít live unless I keep thinking about you.
I remember your babyish voice
And the way I used to admire your slender figure.
How your enticing smile thrilled me!
Youíre worth all the tears that fell from my eyes.
Iíll never forget you, darling.
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Thought Provoker
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True Story

A story of a girl, a boy and far-away lands.
Lands ripe with dark green forests, deep blue oceans   †  
And mountains. † †
Majestic mountains with air that bursts at their tops. † †
And clouds. † †
Billowing, puffy and lacy web-like clouds that blanket the sky. † †
And rain. † †  
Hurricanes full of heat and power. † †
And with flowers. † †
The boy sent the girl flowers on her first day as a Paralegal. † †
The elation felt by the girl is palpable and her coworkers are happy that she is in love. † †
She will be moving in with him, she tells them. † †
She is learning about her new job and she is discovering more about herself and the world. † † †
A few weeks later the girl returns to retail. † †
Not long after, the boy tells the girl that they can't live with each other. † †
Then she and the boy are no longer together and the girl's world cracks. † †
She will dream of dark green forests and deep blue oceans, majestic mountains and hot rain. † †
She will tell all of the men in her life not to buy her flowers. † †
She doesn't like flowers she tells them. † †
She also tells them she doesn't like jewelry, clothes or perfume. † †
"What shall we give you then?" they all ask. † †
She asks them to love her. She asks them to tell her and to show her. † †
She wants them to be him. † †
When they cannot be, she goes back to her dreams. † †
Thirty hears have passed. † †
Time has not been good to the girl. † †
There is a global pandemic and the girl reaches out to the boy and he returns. † †
With flowering words. † †
He tells her of his travels to far-away lands with dark green forests and deep blue oceans. † †
He shows her his photographs of clouds and tells her his passion for rain. † †
He asks her if she remembers who the first girl he kissed in the rain was. † †
The girl is elated but she can cannot trust the things no longer related to fairy tales. † †
And She cried. She cried for the loss. † †
What he didn't tell her is that he has traveled to search for her. † †
He traveled through deep forests and †blue oceans, over the tallest of †majestic mountains, flew through the thinnest of clouds and stood in the fiercest of hurricanes only to feel empty. † †
For she has eluded him. † †
He has been in pain also. † †
His world almost cracked. † †
When she reached out to him, the small flicker of candlelight that almost faded , was reignited. † †
He was not going to let her disappear again. † †
He told her she was beautiful. † †
He said, "love yourself." † †
He called her sweetheart. † †
And when she couldn't respond he gave her flowers.
Written by Her
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Tyrant of Words
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bereft of...

Wanting that
that, in particular.
To covet in dire profound
is to know
a hardened ache

An ache that relishes
it's own incessant-ness

To throb in full twenty-four
and to ache
every. single.
of each of the seven.

It's the way of lifeó

That which isn't inherently ours
is where a need
raging into a rolling boil.

Where thoughts become plan
and that plan
yearns of immediate action
with a fuck all,
to consequences

just a husk, left soulless

Written by Bluevelvete
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Tyrant of Words
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Brutal Phantom Pain, Exquisite Dreams and A Once Upon a Time

It's within the blurry haze  
when I catch tiny glimpses  
those split second aches  
that nearly break me,  
bringing me to my knees
Renewed awareness
of absence  
How very much I've missed  
Memories that will never be made  
and a hole that never quite heals  
Pain attracts  
Like, like attracts like
Reasoning is never again
of any solid reason
it's where in stasis becomes routine  
and a soul slowly withers
without even realizing  
it had always been withering  
from that crucial moment forwardó
by the death
of an almost beginning.  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Lost Thinker
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An Empty Heart

What is the use of an empty heart
That beats for no reason
Supporting a corpse of emotions
Bland and stricken with obsolescence
Yet I appear to be invisible
Passing through walls of The Others  
Vacuous entities I must endure
Navigating their realms of heartlessness  
For what is the use of an empty heart
Devoid of love for another
Oblivious echoes repeat themselves
A failed crusade of nothingness
Just an empty space
Where a light should be
A useless empty Heart
Written by Chakra777
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Tyrant of Words
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If youíre a Leo, Iím gonna love you like you just donít deserve

† †  
you asked me to sleep on the floor † †  
† † †
it seemed a strange request at the time † †  
as you gradually found ways to anchor † †  
your name inside my mouth † † †
like all good drugs † †  
† † †
meanwhile † †  
† † †
the weight of you was a charm † †  
like the key I gifted you † †  
for your birthday † †  
† † †
Iíd safely bet itís out there now † †  
in a wallet, with the purple ribbon; † †  
a memory of a time when you asked † †  
me to curl up on your boards † †  
† † †
I drank cold air † † †
in communion † † †
of all of you † †  
† † †
† † †
II. † †  
† † †
and she allowed you to drift † †  
beneath perfectly weighted sheets † †
after mornings of closed eyelids; †
wild, fluttering, snow storms †  
† † †
and the milk was terrible † † †
and the tea was weak † †  
† † †
and you lay wholly spent † † †
as I thought of a hundred ways † †  
to show satisfaction † † †
amongst old records † †  
& cigarettes. † † †
† † †
Kill me if I mention it † †  
† † †
pin me to the cross † †  
like your bathroom wall † †  
in desperate shuffles † †  
of half-light † †  
† † †
Iíve already † † †
died a few times † †  
for you to live † †  
rent free in my † † †
head some nights
† †  
† † †
† † †
III. † †  
† † †
if we could go back, † †  
back to the start of everything † †  
Iíd tell you the pure absurdity † † †
of it all † † †
† † †
how sometimes † † †
I think weíre chained to misfortune † †  
and all of its bastardised contexts. † † †
† † †
Truth is, love † †  
thereís still familiarity † † †
in your chaos † † †
† † †
and Iím still † †  
not above † † †
getting † †  
aroused † †  
by grapes † † †
on a market † †  
shelf † †  
† † †
. † †  
. † †  
. † †  
† † †
they say † † †
itís never real † †  
until itís written; † †  
thatíd be true if I † † †
never asked
to hold you † †  
† † †
and you never studied † †  
panties like road maps † †  
marking long, † † †
inescapable † † †
drives. † † †
† † †
Guess Iíve tried to make sense † † †
of how we loved ghosts † †  
like living thingsó † †  
† † †
one day † †  
I hope weíll learn † † †
to smile about it † †  
† † †
smile as though † †  
ink was a language † † †
that gifted wounds † †  
our love † †  
† † †
Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Lost Thinker
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Amazing poem! Good luck in the competition!

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