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I'm so sorry, I accidentally submitted the same poem twice. My bad

Lost Thinker
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thanks Robert
Ive been thinking about another work, which is just over 1,000 words
but a lot more than 50 lines,
so is this still okay to submit

Tyrant of Words
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Yes, no problem.       Regards, Robert.

Lost Thinker
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Hammer on Hammer of the Witches

Section I (Inquisition & Confessions)

‘we ask all the questions here, more concerned
with what the devil does, than reading our holy text
we’ll even refer to a book, based on prolific imagination
so complex , it will make poor simple people vexed
and sign the papers off, licensing our deviation
for the gain of your estate, and plunder of possessions
after wholesale extirpation’

‘anything different, strange, or misunderstood
is enough to set you on our racks
and “confess”, to all our machinations
if you don’t squeal, under assorted torture
we’ll lie to appease the approbation
and set up other townsfolk
to falsely make the accusations’

‘we want to know all the details:
you must tell us what the devil did
and what you bid, who else?,
which hole and for how long?
the content of licentious dreams
flying and goating backwards
how late were you for the Sabbatical?
did they digest you in orgastic throng?’

‘persecution of the women
in the name of mother church
we apologise but, “thine will be done”
because our holy bitch in heaven
shall have no equal here on earth’

Section II (Liturgical Texts)

‘no-one is allowed to gain knowledge
and none are prescribed to read
society of the uninformed, we aim to keep it that way
otherwise they will expose, our perversions and evil deeds
inserted with Papal Bullshit, histrionic information

you know not what will cometh
we call it the ritual of exorcism
your participation, involuntary process
unanticipated “demon-stration”
more entertaining than, our spurious tradition
that we call
the act of “transubstantiation” ’

‘property, wealth, possessions
are the true tenets that we follow
our “holy” books are just a cover
on dark motives for tomorrow
and we have littered, the outside world
with other shat-eyed verse, one is called the “Apocrypha”
to the four corners of the realm, and storytelling,
aligned with our, unanimous “Hypocrysa”

Strixology and our ideology
former Formicarius,
precursors to theological work of
15th Century demonology’

Section III (Beginnings & Indoctrination)

‘Wetnurses from our convent
raised us up on Malleus and “divine”
in dormant dormitories, bible of bedtime noon and night
screwed us with Malleficarum
it was our milk, our nappies our tea
wiped the pages on our arses, then we stained them with our pee’;

‘There were these “Godparents”
there was this Kramer
instead of lollies, gave us pages from this book
then we asked:  
“Who is this fuckedup stranger?”
each of us didn’t know where to look

Then one Spring came a Sprenger
who sprang upon us some kind of game
all the children gathered round:
‘Hide-n-seek these verses
and memorise them,
or you will not eat or drink or play” ’

‘Indoctrination generation
it was easy
for the very next one that came
fed their motivation, greed, ambition
denunciation, necessary ingredients of
the pontiff power papal way’

Epilogue (The Accuseds’ Dream – Persecutors’ Reality)

The Accused witch
entered the Afterworld
a paradise too good to believe
she laid down to rest, her soul was blessed
with the many others of her kind
her dream was what was happening
portal, into the world that she had left:

Joan returned with Belial
she was one of their best
parish to parish, demons dragged them out
while still sleeping in their beds
to stand before their trial;

rounded up ecclesiasticals
Accused of all the wickedness
bad intentions, molestations and incest
and the sick things they were doing to each other,
promptly castrated by the hand
of unannounced unholy mother,
who renounced them and announced:

“was it bad to hear their voices?
and see them play their songs?
talking directly with the angels
where in all this was the wrong?”

“I knelt down in your churches
three times a prayerful day
more faithfull than all of you
miracles went before me
even raised an infant from the grave;
took up the high calling
and wore a suit of armour
unconventional ways
but they believed in me,
were sworn to my banner
followed me into battle all the same”

“And drove a sword
evicting tenants
gave France back to rightful heir
nightmared the English army
in broad light of their dooms’ day”

‘After Compiegne,
in your mocked up court
Anglicised condemnation trial,
you tried to trick me
and catch me out with wordy play
even manipulate script on file;”

‘but God gave me words to say,
made you all look really farcical
despite all the crap you wrote
in those 12 preposterous articles;
in the end
I U-turned and relapsed
everything I stood  for and believed in
could not so easily be collapsed;”

“21 years later on
vindication by nullification
27 articles of retrial,

……and they remembered
how you burned my way
straight into the arms of my Belial…”

“…and you treated me like a bitch!
I was made to suffer
the fate of heresy and witchraft
upon that stake was highly pitched;

but you fools sent me
into the Afterfire
-a future flaming the past;
mortality to entity I switched,
so I have returned
with my consort-

your judge
your terror
your Jezebel
your Witch!”

Belial asked her to calm down
but the fire had already begun
her comet would not hold back
ropes were put around their necks
the same from which they were hung
and strung from the rafters

they jiggled for a time
hemp show for all to see
giggled, drawn and quartered
sent different parts to parts of highcountry
preaching for the very last time
their eucharistic litany

the worst was left for the bishops
Arch above and holy See
swift beheading, piled up bodies
attending their Mass-bonfires
to Joan and others it did please…

“I know the basis of your work,
in Exodus:
‘suffer not the sorceress to live’

now listen to Leviticus:
‘Their sins they put
into the head of a goat,
…sent into uninhabited land’

this you’ve done
to all the Innocent
souls afloat
all the Accused and to me
and made us totally contraband!”

Things were getting out of control
Belial was running around naked
trying to tame his favourite girl
on a high from bubblegum
and sugar of retribution that she tasted,
he just wanted to teach them a lesson
but instead the clergy were erased
and all around them were laid wasted

Belial herded up the devils
like children afterschool care,
everything happened suddenly
and he was very worried
so Joan paced up to him
and then she even dared
promptly slapped him in the face;

‘If you ever intervene again
I’ll pinch your nipples off
and throw them into outerspace!’

Written by CanisInc-Untis
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Tyrant of Words
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Well done.  I like the demon-stration.  The Church burned the wrong people and continues to lie and continues with its hypocrisies.   Good luck in the competition. Regards, Robert.

Strange Creature
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which here is dorothy, and which the witch?

"that dog's a menace to the community. i'm taking her to the sheriff and make sure she's destroyed."
--miss almira gulch,
a citizen taxed,
speaking of a pet owner named dorothy

*   *   *

as sheriff of the county you decide
if miss almira gulch on being bit
be wicked in not wishing to abide
a little dog whose owner but a shit
permitted is to haunt a forest free
as well as dig in gardens off her rope
and rudely hike her leg to take a pee
or crap and never wash her paw with soap
till fleeing crosses she the county line
to somewhere over yet a rainbow fly
a canine of a cowardly design  
a bitch who witches good and bad decry
who with her pups in tow and toto too
skips town on having dropped a house on you

*   *   *

a dedication of Respect
the Pain of the pet
of a wicked witch


feetnotes to opt out of and quietly slip off

a helios sonnet
may, 2022 -- a dorothy loosed in your neighborhood

"Document On Clarity" --
the enemy of animal breeders

P   U   P
"Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
all conscious, feeling beings --
in addition to your own toto

G   R   O   G
the new and improved
"Golden Rule On Goodness" --
a Rational Ethic
with the motto
"get drunk on it!"
instead of on teacups and toy pets


the doc is in
there yet being no place Rational like home
"currently, an estimated 200 million dogs along with an estimated 480 million cats have somewhere over the rainbow strayed to never return home."

"each year approximately 1.2 million dogs and 5.4 million cats in the united states alone, including kansas, are killed on a road--no longer of bricks yellow."

"on being hit by a vehicle, a dog or a cat, similar to a witch, will often crawl in a ditch to painfully die alone."

"the majority of breeders and owners of pets reside in lullaby land."

"surely your own fur baby's happiness is worth the other fur baby's horror."

a poet of Reason, not of sentiment
in need of a majority Wise
"To Rationally Unite and Stand for Truth"
T   R   U   S   T
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Tyrant of Words
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A lot to think about in there.   Good luck in the competition.   Regards, Robert.

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