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type love

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

i wanna know the good, bad and ugly about your relationships what type love do yall have.
Type love
See people always talking about I want the wake up in the morning next to you type love  
The I just want to be with you every second type love  
The kinda love peeping around the wall just watching you type love  
The shower sex type love  
The I wanna be with you now and forever type love  
The take forever to leave the house because I don't want to leave you type love  
The smoke weed and just vibe type love  
The finish my sentence type love  
The say I love you without speaking a word type love  
The look at me and it's on in the bedroom type love  
The first day you met type love  
The still flirting with each other even though you been together forever type love  
The type love that makes everyone jealous type love?
Ya I got that love
I got the new York new Jersey rival type love  
the you never doing the right thing but I still love you type love  
The even though he got his windows busted and his first instinct was to shoot type love I told him not to and he didn't type love  
The type love that even though I'm having suicidal thoughts I think of you and I smile type love  
Your my everything type love and I don't want to give it up type love  
The even though I never wanted to have children a day in my life I wanna go half on a baby with you type love  
The even though me and you ain't got much type love I'm willing to build it up with you type love  
That relationship goals type love? Ya I got that type love
The type love that turn a Hood nigga turn into a nice guy  
Now y'all don't understand this man was in a really bad place when I met him but ever since then his life turned around I ain't gonna say I'm the reason for it all but I do think I gAve him a reason to start

Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Twisted Dreamer
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i love this <3

Fire of Insight
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Interdimensional ecstacy and various planes of passionate rapture

Inhaling deep,
snaking my body  
around your strength  
making doubly sure  
you stain me  
marking me bone deep  
where no shower powerful enough  
could ever wash away  
your scent  
Those pheromones  
the beckoning smell of ripe desire  
swirled with salted musky spice  
uniquely enhanced by my own  
floral bouquet
Everlasting is this—  
our sworn covenant  
our blood oath  
branded into sacred flesh  
upheld by each fiber, within  
I'm yours and you're mine  
Sealed destiny— past-present-future  
from the very first taste of your tongue  
and the dangerous electric shock  
 from the touch of your skin  
mutual growls of ownership  
unsure whose  
you or me..  
it matters little....  
It's the sound I've always heard  
always known... dreamt as home.  
My mouth waters uncontrollably  
as I feel hearts pound triple  
tempered legs slightly parted  
unable to stop the fiery mewing  
exquisite tortured pleas of need  
The tip of my tongue traces taught edges  
and licks at hard smoothness  
a single most known sense of rapture -  
dire chasmic bellows  
piercing cries, cut razor-sharp  
through the veil of comprehension  
to all dimensions  
Starting so very small...  
then building, in all that glorious power  
and particular purpose  
those loud scry's become found rhythm  
I guide myself  
along-- sharing  
my perfection of delivery  
needing and requiring  
taking as much as giving  
all that is needed to give  
all that is needed to be taken  
where good and evil are incarnate  
and together—  
We. Are. Legion.  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Thought Provoker
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A Love Masterpiece

i want to kiss your heart
And leave my hand prints
So you will know you have been touch
By real true love

I want to hold you tight
Close to my heart
You are the beat
Of my drum to a band
To help you understand
I want to your man
And you be my woman

i want you I need you I want you
If I could just have you to myself
It would be great for my health
For my heart you will forever be
Every time I look inside my heart
You will always be there
For better or for worse
I will love you for the rest of my life
I swear
Written by MalcolmJThePoet
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Strange Creature
United States
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Things My Wife Says > Thirsty Twitter DM

 I don’t want you to sing to me,
I want to be the song.
I want you to fill your lungs with my flame
and breathe out a melody
to spool around my rib cage.
I want my right hand to shake
as you spill your soul into mine
with perfect meter and rhythm.
I want your lyrics branded into my skin,
so if there are any that follow,
they can run their fingers over the raised flesh
and know where you have been.
They will know your mark and never
forget your name
     I want to be your poem,
fuck being your muse. That’s for Holly Housewife
who spends too much time on Twitter,
only fucks her husband on Wednesdays,
but keeps the nightstand drawer full
with daydreams of a savage,
a man born of passion,
who with a fistful of hair,
curves her spine like the earth,
and then writes a haiku across
the small of her back.  
     No, I need you to pierce me
with your pen and use my blood
as your ink. Watch my artery spill
onto your page, pump by steady pump,
and taste the beads of salt that shower the paper.
Curl my body into letters of verse
that bring me to the brink of death,
leaving me scarred and clawed
and hemorrhaging onto your pillow.
Use me until I am your own
design, a piece of perfect art,
a creation that would murder
lesser men
Written by solbluesol
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa 29awards
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Je T'aime

The sun
spills pettles  
her canvass

in four  
like the french  
in her hair  
Heart beats  
against my cheeks  
as a side drum  
waiting for  
a trombone  
to sound  
Fingers entwined  
having worked  
an honest day  
holding on  
as if  
there will never be  
a time  
to let go  
Her breath  
over skin  
in a harmony  
settles choirs  
This is when  
I am most  
at home    
We agree over  
No one  
says it  
like us  
Written by RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
Jamaica 3awards
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Stay In My Arms

The few moments I spent with you gave me an inexpressible feeling
I wanted you to stay in my arms and gratify me, but you had to go

You smiled and waved to me from across the shopping centre
Now that I am close to you, I can look in your rare gray eyes again

Everything that I dreamed for is here when I hold you in my arms
Darling, stay in my arms until the pale light of dawn starts to show
Written by PittinixDesigns
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Twisted Dreamer
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i love the way

I love the way you smell
rose pedals
on a crisp mornings breeze
intoxicating fragrance
lasting memory
like a daydream

I love the way you look at me
sapphire pools  
that shine in the morning light
express everything
without uttering a single word

I love the way you say my name
like an angels call
that reaches my soul
and brings the light
to my darkest days

I love the way you touch me
soft and gentle
not just physically
but emotionally
tames this raging beast
I hide inside

I love the way you walk
such grace and elegance
gliding feminine beauty
entices me
paralyzes me

I love the way you kiss me
the way you stroke my hair
the smell of your breath
the heat
the taste
the gentle way our tongues dance
melts me like ice

I love the way you hold me
a blanket
like comfort
lost in the embrace
time stops
and nothing else matters

I love the way you love me
pure like a snowflake
hot like a volcano
passionate like a hurricane
1 universe
9 planets
204 countries
809 islands
7 seas
and me, an ogre
have the privilege
of your love

i am truly blessed

Written by fathermadness
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
South Africa 29awards
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Untitled Poet .

If there was one last dance    
sweet-wild-child, it would be with you  
my love  
breaking the line  
untill my feet bled    
while the music broke the rhythm    
in my head  
If one last poem was written  
I'd write it for you love  
search the metaphors  
and alliteration, from the depths    
of the heart, till blood no longer circulated  
Typing each phrase with so much care    
that my fingers would cramp    
filling it with so many words    
it would challenge the dictionary  
If there was one last breath    
beautiful woman  
I'd use it to lock lips with you  
Gasp it and hold it  
left with the taste of you    
swirling in my being    
sucking you in  
to feed me for eternity  
If I fall again  
I want to fall into you,    
from the top floor of the empire estate  
A free fall because  
I love you  
If there is one last prayer woman    
I pray I never again would have to    
lock you away    
and that we could be together    
love inked in each others lives  
even if only    
for my very last day  
my lovely  
Written by RevolutionAL (Alistair Plint)
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Fire of Insight
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Twisted Love

Hearing your heartbeat
Reading your words
Holding your hand
Forgetting what hurts
For once I could smile
And we both agreed
The Future was ours
As long as we bleed
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Thought Provoker
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your howl crosses Pontchartrain

You're so full,
moon too big for the sky.
You make the mischief in my chest
itch wildly
and crawl  
from the corner of my mouth.
Which city I'm in
decides whether I'll even bother
to try and hold it down.
Love is just about
all I am,
but the stuff I got for you
is just crazy.
You rile my skin
in the most insane way -
your nighttime
is a thrilling home,
a murder-in-the-dark hallway.
I want to hide in it
with my heart hammering,
tummy tangled,  
always -
waiting for you to come
terrify me - sink
those nails back in,
those teeth.
You moon,
you wolfcry,
you light in my late-night mind;
I burn a hole through my ceiling
with my hot, tired eyes - embers in
the marks you leave -
weary and awake as I can possibly be,
you make it a privilege  
not to fall asleep.
Written by rowantree
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Thought Provoker
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You are my pride, my bliss and pleasure.
It is nothing to drive to you through weather
that makes me blind and frozen-feathered,
terrified, tired;
since you showed me bravery, I might as well be flying,
bird's-eyeing every thing that once pinned me down
to the sorrowful, soaked ground.

You are the sunrise to me, and I remain
painfully grateful to wake to you each day.
You're a tapestry of commonplace and magical things,
an irresistible reminder that my back boasts wings -

all that you are, that you can't help being
sails to me
on the cold caws of ugly crows
through icy windows -
your heat, the simple fact of your heartbeat
guides me, reminds me
I am a wild thing.

Joy is as easy as hunger.
I am commanded by your nature
and the cover of nighttime
to join the beasts,
to forget to think,
to shatter silence
with my voice and my instincts.

Your life is an ancient, enticing mess,
a Weaveworld I fell into,
a pattern begging me
to share my breath and my color,
to spare nothing.

You planted seeds in me
that I painstakingly protected.
I raised them carefully,
clung to them, trying desperately to grow.
Now I see
it was silly to do that.

I am the stuff of the earth. My heart teems
with wildflowers, ivy, and weeds.
All it took was us meeting.
Written by rowantree
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