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Girl On A Ball

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem based on the image / quote below

“There are more copies than originals among people.” — Pablo Picasso


Girl on a Ball or Young Acrobat on a Ball is a 1905 oil on canvas painting by Pablo Picasso, which he produced during his Rose Period.

It depicts a group of travelling circus performers during a rehearsal, with a primary focus on two contrasting figures. It has been housed in the collection of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow since 1948.


Write a poem based on what the image / quote brings up for you.


•New writes only
•Audio / visual / picture entries allowed
•No erotica
•As many entries as you like
•2 weeks

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Step Right Up, Step Right Up

So eager for your attention that I’ve put the world behind me
In my head I’m lost in a crowd with you trying to find me
Clowning with clowns vying for a little of your attention
Making tigers jump through rings of fire or didn’t I mention
Performing a high wire act, yes a trapeze artist gone solo
A mere seal with a ball on it’s nose, also giving a horn a blow
With out stretched hands of peanuts praying for a monkey to come near
Screaming at the top of my lungs, but still my monkey will not hear
Any emotion would do even if you showed a little rage
For a little of your attention I’m willing to meet the lions in their cage
Give me a laugh and watch me climb out of a car with twenty midgets
Get shot out of a cannon through the air, just to get those digits
Juggling everything from balls to chainsaws trying to enthrall  
The sea breeze moving through my hair as I balance on a ball
Swallowing swords and blowing fire, but you didn’t see
I rode a unicycle with a bear with no hands on my destiny
Haha dancing poodles in tutus with their paws up in the air
They circle about my ball trying to make you aware
With my hands raised in performance, a turnt head and no applause is how you react
I now realize that your inattention is the final curtains that are closing on my act    �
Written by I_IS_ME
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Guardian of Shadows
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the paintbrush ends, and
flesh, begins--
absorbing pigments, meant
for methemoglobin skin.

So blue.
Undeniably noticeable.

They immerse in color
of royalty, casually (suttlely)
draped as if taunting
lapis lazuli
to be jealous of indigo's weather-worn

Each day is greeted
with the sweat of toil on taut muscles,
paying homage to
the green-skied dawn.

Some have built dreams on sand, while
they have built theirs
on stone and spheres, with
a blue so becoming
that even angels held their breath
for a moment.
Written by MadameLavender
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Alistair Plint
Dangerous Mind
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[A Giant & Concrete Ball ]

She's been balancing big balls
of stone 10 years or more
he's been studying rehearsals
and performances in big halls
They've learned each other
She knows every muscle and bone
every shiver and shake
He knows every balance and movement
each step, role and take

They're nearly ready for a life long dream

Where he lifts the ball
way above his head
and she keeps composure
holding the show, standing tall
The dream is more than a wish
it's the need to be the first
because every circus has
a floor with ball and girl
but no other has
a floor with 7 foot giant holding
a ball and girl.

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girl on a ball

agile of soul I balance my thoughts
in this circus called life it keeps me sane
in the blue colored world I have a tenuous hold at best
one misstep and I will fall so I keep my mind on the ball

striving for perfection is my profession
while people gawk at the woman performing
a feat of pure amazement
how a woman with a precarious perch is making it

lithe of form I require little
my heart burdened carries a lot of weight
I muster my core strength and bear it

with the support of the ring leader I can survive
circular energies it all comes around in time
I, in spite of the odds will continue on

my back square and my shoulders taught
I am an amazing example of perseverance

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Fire of Insight
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is freedom
and grace
and knowledge
deep and true
so that i know my place
exactly --
light as a wren,
balanced here
and later
on shoulders
sturdy as trees
or on hands of wire and hard wood,
an inflexible stage
for a spider's dance
or a one armed
or a back flip finale --
me, airborne,
light as dust
and then,
just as quick,
solid on the ground

and the crowd
will be amazed
Written by javalini
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Thank you everyone for your entries so far. Smashing 😊

Fire of Insight
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at a distance

you roll
on a


& index

see art
this way

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not today, lil pixie, please g'way

"jus sayin, they've painted your head too small, that's all. you need something to make it look bigger, like a wig or..."

Lost Thinker
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Girl On A Ball

Would you focus upon what it is that you see, is it balance, agility or grace within me?
That captures the attention of those that look on, take your eye off the ball in a n heartbeat it's gone,
Let me now entertain you as my trapeze it soars, and I'll land on my feet to most thunderous applause,
Then some guy with a paint brush will capture it all, in a painting worth millions they'll hang on the wall,
Or behind glass in some gallery for people to gaze, but what of the story it tells of those day's,
Not the day's basked in darkness,or the days when we sinned, but the days when I soared on trapeze like the wind,
With adrenalin searing, nerve, fibre and vein, as I flew like the North wind, came down like the rain,
The time of my life and unable to stop, as the audience drive me on, neath the big top,
But It can end in a moment with one single fall, and that's why I became then..this girl on a ball.
Written by mzlyrical (JuleZzz)
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Girl on A Ball Competition

There’s circus in her blood
He showed it to her on a map
A funny map of lines that
Looked the branches
That could have been flowers
Filled with names
All the names
That went before her
On the tightrope
With the lions
Or maybe it was tigers
But she wanted to forge her own path
Daddy please look at me
Look what I can do
I can be
The girl on the ball
Written by DreamIllusions
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Some great entries here. Congrats to the winners and runners up. And for all of you that entered.

Until next time x

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Amazing Comp Missy.

Congratulations dear ML!! I felt yours one more than knocked the target off its perch! Well deserved win I say.
Congrats to both runner ups and entrants!👍

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well done Doc  and Javalini

Feral... I am aghast at your mere runner up accolade.  nearly wordles by your 'devil may care approach to this challenge.

you are a winner, Feral. a winner. I hope...  no, I really hope I never have to start the day with this level of disappointment again. there is just.a void

I'm really gonna have to reevaluate our friendship. (it'll take about 2 weeks and I am of course open to bribes)


Tyrant of Words
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… soz mate 😂👀

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