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Mental Illness and Poetry

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem concerning your battle with mental illness. The poem can also concern another’s struggle.
New writes
One entry
Any style
No limit on word length
Spill your emotions out!

Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 26th Nov 2018
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Moonlight Psychosis

That pulsating moon glow within,
The lantern of my soul,
Barely illuminating a strange, dark world.

The supernovas within my eyes
Ignite the veil of psychosis,
Torching all the delusions,

Revealing reality,
The light within the dark,
The obscurity of the twilight.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Tyrant of Words
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delusional heartbeat [an unhealthy 3 part senyru]

psychosis heartbeat
stronger in the void ~ that the
mind can conjure

this delusional
existence ~ continues to
fight reality

pulsating pain ~ of
insanity verus the
life's normality

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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The Devil Within

"The Devil Within"

A tormented lost soul, nobody knew of the evil within/
All alone out in the cold, they would never let him in
Hoping that he would fold, so not to publish their sins/
His soul had been sold, so I guess the devil would win
Scratching at his skin, as if to make the hurt disappear/
Only to hurt himself further, and for the fear to reappear
In the mirror he see's Satan, but society just see's him as lost/
He knew their lives would be forsaken, like Jesus on the cross
Life had taken him to a crossroads, four choices to choose/
But he couldn't ignore the voices, who controlled what he do
The little angel on his shoulder, was being raped by a force/
Appearing with the head of an owl, and the corpse of a horse
All the while warping his thoughts, making him think the deepest/
To commit crimes of all sorts, against the fools & the weakest
So he called out to god, hoping that the lord would defeat this/
Only for him to tool himself up, and chop these fools into pieces.

Copyright 2012 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
Written by MrDunnePoetry (Mr_Dunne_Poetry)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Overloaded Break Time

There are some out there in need of a huge break.
A vacation from the day to day struggles.
Hope becomes a challenge for people that can’t control themselves.
Overloaded with aimless energy.
Life becomes scary to those unable to roam free.
Understand where they are coming from.
Correlation and understanding is an important part of their recovery.
Serving those in need like they were one of yours.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Insert Vital Poem Title *Here*

I keep buying these memory pills
But then every morning I forget to take them
Instead I have these little accidental spills
When I spit ill rhymed lines like phlegm
And sometimes I don’t like the way it flows
I get away from rhythm and syllable count
I feel it growing, rising, then thar she blows!
Prematurely, it’s a problem I can’t surmount
Where was I?
Oh yeah, remembering to take these meds
Well, they’re more like every day supplements  
I keep devising but then I lose my threads
Hence these spontaneous writing events
Or are they rants?  
  like I have ants in my pantaloons
An itch to bitch and complain in vain verse
It’s probably because I feel like an old buffoon
Silly maybe, but some days I spell out the worse
I think it's double you you are is tea, damn this pen!
I thought I had a title idea but where is my mind?
Dang it, I lost my train of thought again
Oh well back to work, I don’t want to get too behind
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Unstability of the Dancing Illusions

  “Medication that they give me does not work
My muscles twitch and my body still hurt,
“Unstable illusions dance always across my sight
Check please! Because a fool like me ain’t right,

“‘Nerves constantly shot like a motherfucker
Having me send letters to mama saying I love her,
“But she refuses to respond, treating me like dried piss
So she can suck on my ass and choke on the shit,

“Even at my highest point-I still feel at basement bottom
Just like a suicide bomber the police know they have to stop em’,
“Showing the non-believers that I’m mentally lost
Not caring about laws I really don’t give a fuck about,

“Diabolical delusions make me cause my own contusions
Now at this point any help I’m refusing,
“Fucking with me is summoning a shitstorm of hell
Truly unwanted like bills and junk mail,

“Nobody wants to be near me because of my vulnerability
Somebody give me a gun so I can set myself free,
“Either to the face or up under the jaw
Or in the mouth where I can blowjob the barrel raw.”
Written by CasketSharpe
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Tyrant of Words
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Where were you? I don't get it. Oh. sorry, I will also get my pills. Regards, Robert.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Is it a poisoned well?

How many raising the umbrella,
before the thunder comes.
Weather men they turn and turn about,
not hear psychosis rage and needs to spout  
and sanity is overwhelmed  
easy platitudes of pros, a vain novella  
when lightening cracks, the plain hum-drum  
crust contain, lost stanzas a cappella.  
I ask you time and time again  
 the discourse come to heal the cracking grout  
to hold the pen and stab in rage  
is it just a placebo, a falsehood walk the bridge of terror  
the cold resolve of boiling blood, play that golden lyre.  
 Scraping the barrel on each page.  
Will you stand on one side of the scales  
 throwing words, across to the scoop
find the balance on poetry's high wire.  
To break the chain, the minds twisted bent entrails.  
Swift eagle in its earthward swoop,  
diving from despair, with a soul unbared,
Searching for the solace words provide
face imploding storms. soldier on and no desist
skeletons of yourself, the turmoil born inside
 tracings scribe, the essence to exist
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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Excellent, as usual.  Regards, Robert.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Mania Manna

My mania, my mania, my magical mania!
You​ certainly​ know what to do, you feed my lonely ego​ your manna​.

You love me to life, you fill my soul.
You come to me seductively, you quench my lack of self control.

When night time falls and​ I try to sleep, you are there to hold me tight, I'm yours to keep.
Dancing 'round the moon under your spell, you ​seduce me, but I'll never tell.

From long nights in depths of confusion you remain ever committed to your abusive mission.
I heed your addictive assault and hurry to open the gate.

Come in, flood my mind, wander with me through the corridors of time.
I'll always be wired wanting for more, come to me, fill my insatiable empty core.
Written by Elenore
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Tyrant of Words
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I love it.   Regards, Robert.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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behavioral health

delusions set the perimeter
I believe my life an illusion of something else  
chained in this dimension  
a prison decorated all so nicely  
a diversion for the mind  
I am one thought away from grandeur  
I think I am too vast for this space  
so I manifest in more than one body  
I feel the mental institution was designed to capture one like me  
you fall into the trap of thinking you're crazy  
it alters your ability to see and act accordingly  
perception is key  
to understand or know a thing your mind first must believe  
I know what I feel  
I'm in constant pain  
while some parade about the place flaunting their elevated state  
I wonder what they really look like under the façade?  
I write, I sometimes wonder if it's a mistake  
making my thoughts all too visible  
under a microscope my most vulnerable feelings  
while callous observers pick them apart  
I believe this place alters according to your ideas  
so careful now. don't reveal what you know  
the three dimensional world is a construct  
a place to inhibit thought  
the universes are vast that's what I inhabit  
the universe is on a thimble of a child's belief  
don't tell me I don't exist  
funny thing the mental health system is called behavioral health  
it's not too hard to see,  
the mind control  
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Guardian of Shadows
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words formed of alphabets
bleed into blankness
of a lighted screen
words wrecked of thoughts
chaos chaotic around membranes
holding tight to allow smiles
to shine through flat eyes

the poet
clenched fists
containing his scream
within gritted teeth
while words in psychedelic hues
dripped with his blood
on keyboard

he knows not what demons
are traipsing within his mind
he doesn't know why or how
or even when
Just their gleeful presence

he hears
them speak mocking
derisive laughter
clear in his mind
and the constant chant
end it end it end it

he wants to leave
but he can't
for within the painful chaos
a gentle persistent voice
hold on never let go
you'll be alright

he writes bouquet of flowers
written in his hearts blood
his soul's essence
offering them to the lone voice
hugging his sanity

...and there the tormented poet creates
his poems
snug within his pain
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Dangerous Mind
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Is it Raining Where You Are?

Wings of fireflies raindown  
then turn , into spinning arrows  
of glass that stick to my lashes  
as I look up to catch the flavors  
of their colors.
See them pretend to be beautiful ?
I am beautiful  
when left alone to be myself  Everything about this world changes, all of the tarnished memories sit, magnified  
under a clear dome.
Confused  about their role
 iin my life, they dsappear
Disappear like landlocked boats perched high on the desert floor waiting on the ocean to carry them to freedom
just as daydreams assist me  
in my struggle to set aside
 the harsh realities of life and love,  
Love,  do not replace it
with the shiney  rearview mirror  
 leave it  
Let me polish this world
 the way I need to  
I will sleep in peace and wake each day with my head high as lillies do
Written by Valeriyabeyond (Dhyana)
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