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Murder in the cathedral

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Poetry Contest

Must be either a poem of no less than 40 lines or a short story to 3,000 words max.
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I love you so much

  It was a quiet week-day morning. People were finding it hard to get back on their feet after all the festivities of the past weeks, all the caroling, the crazy impulse buying, all the eating and drinking to excess.    
   And love making.    
   Of this he tought as he entered the cathedral.  The place was almost deserted, nobody at the back, some old ladies way up at the front near the main altar.  He walked to the left aisle, slowly past the confessional and towards  side  where the statue of the Virgin Mary was.  In front and protected by a wrought iron fence were rows of votive candles, most already lit, thanking the Virgin for favors rendered or asking for help.    
   And Julia,  there,  kneeling  on the Prie-Dieu in front.    
   Beautiful Julia.  Her face hidden by her long, flowing, shoulder length curly auburn hair.    
   Almost full secrecy as they  were hidden from view by one of the huge marble columns.  Checking again to make sure, he saw nobody around.  He took out his knife, approached her stealthily and barely whispered  "I love you, I love you so much'' as he grabbed her head,  pulled  it back and slit her throat before she could even utter a word, then left the way  he came.    
       She was  one of the rare tourists in town at this time of the year.  As  a catholic, she also made it a point of visiting a cathedral whenever she could.   As she entered, she crossed herself, kneeled, and proceeded to the left aisle.    
   When she saw the pool of blood around the figure kneeling on the Prie-Dieu, she did not puke, scream or faint.   She happened to be a medical doctor.  As she drew nearer, it became obvious to her that the  woman was dead.  She took her phone, dialed emergency, then also took pictures, as they were always most hopeful for the police.    
   Inspector Cole and his team arrived on the scene within minutes.  
   Once they were allowed to thouch the victim, they were able to check her coat pockets, where they found her wallet.    
   ''Victim's name is Julia Crawford, age 32.  With  an address nearby'' said  sargent Payne.  They walked out of the cathedral and walked the few blocks over to the address in question.  An upscale area.  Her building was comprised  of thirty floors of most modern condos..  hers was on the  fifteenth floor with a great view on the Royal  Gardens.  
   While Coal took an overview, sargent Payne checked her office. A frame showing  her law degree form a prestigious university.  Also by the  looks of the computers and other equipment, she did a lot of her work at home.  The victim's phone was also on her desk.  Probably left behind so that it would not  buzz in her pocket  while she was praying in the cathedral.  
   ''Sargent, would you come here please".  
   ''Yes sir'', she said as she walked over.  
   The inspector had taken a look in the bedroom, and more precisely in the walk-in closet, pushed aside some fancy designer clothes from high priced boutiques and, at the very back saw  ornate curtains. Opening them,  he saw all the paraphernalia used by the perfect Dominatrix.  
   ''Doesn't seem to fit in with the way we found her at the cathedral, does it?''  
   ''No sir, indeed, So where do we start?''  
   ''If we're lucky we'll find a list of clients somewhere''.  
   ''I found her phone on her desk.  She has probably more on her computer, but we'll have to ask Jimmy back at the office.  He'll be able to  get her password.  
      Over the next week inspector Cole and sargent Payne met with many men who were rather ashamed that their secrets were now out in the open.  More so, it seems, than shocked by the brutality inflicted on their Dominatrix.
   ''I'll tell you whatever you want, inspector, just make sure my wife hears none of this'' was the usual refrain from the married CEO, the  professional accountant, the college professor...
    But they were  running around in circles until  Jimmy finally found Sylvia's  password and, upon viewing a few of the  sites,  spotted one where she kept the names of clients she feared and no longer wanted to see.  He couldn't see why she had not transmitted this list directly to the police.
   ''Women will tolerate a lot in the name of love, even forgive and take back the husband who constantly beats them up. They tend to  hit themselves on doorframes a lot, so I am not totally surprised by this'' said Payne.
   Just then Cole's phone buzzed  with a message from the M.E.   Traces of blood not belonging to the victim were found on her coat and sent to the lab.  He could expect results on his desk ''soonest''  as usual.
   It was a few weeks later that Cole and Payne approached mark Davis at the construction site he was supervising
   ''Ha, I wondered how long it would take for you to get here''.
   ''You are not surprised?''
   ''No.  I read aboutr Julia's death in the taboids.  I 'm sure you know I was one of her clients''.
   ''Worse, sir, we found traces of your blood on her coat''.
   ''Oh, mye,  That police record from the bar brawl years ago?  hey, I admit. I went to her two days before she got killed.  I brought her roses.  Nasty thorns, you know'', said as he looked at Payne with tender eyes.
   ''So back to square, are we?'' Cole said as they were leaving the construction site.
   ''Not quite.  We got the phone transcripts in.  The one from Jonathan Frisk interests me especially.''
   ''Instinct, sir.  Really.  So, he texts her a lot. Even more than the usual client.  Like  a lovelorn puppy.''
   ''But his alibi is ironclad.''
   ''It looks like it.  But his office is just  around  the corner from the cathedral, he would have had enough time to commit the deed and run back to his office in no time flat''
   So with the help of a few constables they retraced the steps from the cathedral through the back alleys and were almost done when  a constable shouted  ''I got it'', holding the tip of the bloody knife with his gloved hand.  Found at the bottom of a trash can.
   Frisk was taken in, unable to stop saying that he just loved her so much.
   So much.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Related submission no longer exists.

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Nicely done.  Thanks for submitting.

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Stay Down

"Stay Down"

Dear God, it's been a while, I don't know what to say/
I need to open up my heart, but if I do, they'll lock me away
But how can they lock me away, for spitting the misery I feel in my heart/
When the ones that made me betrayed me, when I was just a baby in the dark
Fiending for a father figure, and crying for his mother/
Wishing they'd love him, but they wished they had another
So it hurts me to say this, I've been a cursed seed since day one/
I guess I weren't a product of love, I was just what come after a night of fun
With nowhere for me to run to lord, no place for me to hide/
I'm coming to you asking for help, in the hope I can confide
All of my tears, all of my fears, and all the years that I'm facing/
All the tears and years I wasted, now it's prison or probation
Got me pacing, constantly hating, on the system that we live in/
Cause it's hard playing these cards, when their the wrong cards that they giving
But still I'm never giving up, because I know there's better ways/
Still I stay two fingers up, until I see them better days.

Copyright 2011 The Elusive Mr Dunne (All rights reserved)
Written by MrDunnePoetry (Mr_Dunne_Poetry)
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