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DU Secret Santa Poetry 2021

Twisted Dreamer
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Poetry Contest

Write a secret Santa poem for another member. See guidelines.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Glad tidings to you as we’re about to hit the 1st day of December where we are about to get festive as FURK up in here! 🤩

It’s the return of the DU Secret Santa to spread a little Christmas cheer through the festive halls of the Underground 🎄

We had such a good time back in 2019 with this little nugget of joy, that we thought we’d resurrect it to lift us all up in a post-apocalyptic pandemic world that’s going down the toilet!

Yay for tinsel coated Omicron! 😋

How does Secret Santa poetry work?

* Write a poem for another member. A nice poem. A little festive gift…. but… this is an anonymous comp!

* To enter, please PM ThePoetcastProject account (where nobody is blocked at all and everybody is welcome to take part) with your poem, and who the poem is for.

* All the anonymous poems are posted at the beginning of the thread with numbers assigned to them for everybody to read.

* The comp runs for 2 weeks, followed by a week of voting for your favourite. To vote on the winner, again all participants will be invited to send in their votes via PM to thepoetcastproject account until 20:00 GMT on December 22nd. A results tally will be publicly posted to reveal the winner.

The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

* At the end of the contest, a list will be posted revealing who the poetic gifts are from.


* No poems will be accepted without stating who they are for.
* Please don’t post your entries in the thread. PM them to ThePoetcastProject account.
* You may post up to 4 entries per human being.
* Please don’t use this comp as an excuse to be overtly creepo and weird… for this reason, no erotica will be accepted.
* You cannot vote for yourself.
* New writes only. Please don’t publish your poems, because it will ruin the surprise.
* No bullying or hate will be accepted. Keep it friendly and light hearted. This is a bit of festive fun. No grinches, please.
* Everybody is welcome.
* The comp will run for 2 weeks followed by a week of voting.
* Thread banter heavily encouraged 😎

To see how the 2019 thread worked, you can have a little looksie here: https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/forum/competitions/read/11135/#461591

… and GO! Jingle those bells!
🔔 🔔 🔔

… not like that, Lepp… not like that….

Entries listed below as they appear ⬇️

Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 28th Mar 2019
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Petite Homage

Caustic wit
a prickly pear
of keen intelligence sired

in the sapphire dust
of fallen skies
his out-turned pockets
collect the rain

to quietly wash
and soundly mend
the tattered robe of being

In powerful art
this barbed wire bard
dusks and dawns
a gentle heart

a wildness strewn
of rock and flowers
blooms a wit to roam
primeval layers

and tie in bouquets
the buds and the thorns
cajoling and scratching
the tip of his pen

a discovery in pathos
and delicate joy
for those enamored
of his ardent poems

(Written for _feral)


the precariousness of life

the weight of your poetry fell down upon my soul
I felt the heaviness of being stir within me and I connect to your honesty
bold, tender, and kind
I believe you would say this is a shite poem because it's about you
but it's more than just some late night thoughts of a poet who made a difference
it's the power of the words you say and how you put them together
you make a stranger feel you care and in a void world, that matters
you won't like me for saying so but it is upon my spirit to do so
so here I am trying to use my broken thoughts to move

I felt the heat of your being
the power of your delivery
and I longed to make a statement, make a stand
raise my fits or hold them to my side
do something. proclaiming life and my place in it

I learned to use my voice
here I learned to write
it was poets like you who helped
critiquing my raw emotions with utter honesty
I have to be truthful it hurt but I watch and learn
I learned what it is to have a fire in your gut
lying in bed at night wrestling thoughts to the surface
then burning your tongue with the telling
until they reach someone...

maybe one like me
struggling with my sanity
writing thoughts of madness
just to try and get a hold of reality
you listened when you didn't have to
I won't forget that particular kindness

this is a shite world
if you and I never talk again
I am content enough knowing you're in it
secure in the knowledge we crossed paths
your words matter in a place where little else does
you make a difference
you matter

(Written for CruelHandedWriter)


along the skies

we were severed—
my dear pisces

water still
carries us

(Written for Northern_Soul)


She reminds me
of a Kate Bush song

not in
a wuthering heights way
but a running up that hill
towards the sunlight
where her maker
meets her there

and you can’t help
but respect that
because to believe
is to live, and to live
is the beginning
of hope.

Maybe that’s
her all over—

takes no prisoners,
fierce where it counts

humble at heart.

the wounds of her courage
fold themselves around
my own fears

builds ornaments
from ashes

displays them proudly
in a found-cabinet
l o v e.

(Written for MadameLavender)


flower bombs

it's almost
been a year
since you  
left this

it would be
wrong of me
not to pay
to you

a dysfunctional
father figure of
epic proportions
always wishing
the best for

i only
know this
i was one
of those

wants to
fight me
when i
get off
this mic

if they

they don't
how flowers
arrive in
the form
of a bomb

you roam
on ground
without any
regrets or

every shard
with those
willing to

i owe you
a flower

you once

for always
believing in
the power
of voices

their bones
towards a
better future

another day
slowly burning
through the

there will
never be
like you


(Written for David_Macleod)


wherever he goes

    in nature.

(Written for Cold_Fusion)


If words were tied in bows

I scour my mind, its tinsel string
times tick and tock. I could not stop as such!
for one, to find the words to sing
I was just, uncouth and rough
no baubles hung, a present secret given

Punctuation, without a pause or period.
She helped the flow, from the bone extract the marrow.
With no red pen, gave Me the nod,
kept me on the straight and narrow.

A mentor steering with kid gloves,
always there to stay the course,
from, pigs ear to silk purse, with  tough love
the Calliope muse, of true support
a Noel far away, I could never hug.

Teaching me, to change my ways.
I bear the weight, the climb was hard,
my possessive' s learning to behave,
the steps so steep, for a would be bard.

Stood she, on a pedestal of DU stars,
with, graciousness fit for a queen,
accolades to her, I duly charge.
Bouquet's pristine from this plebeian,
bond of sparks, ever onward march.

With affection neatly tied,
such warmth of selflessness across a great divide.
Giving praise for grace discharged
a gift received, regardless of each yuletide,
this Secret Santa present that I hide.

In the firmament, to follow such a light,
in her shadow. growing tall from her outreach
glean, from all the stardust that she writes.
I humbly lay this at her feet.

(Written for Ahavati)


(Declaration to Lady H)…

whose praise and reverence
gladdens the heart of every poet
like a sworn fealty upholding grace
spills milk and honey upon each page

From my gardayne do I pluck
flowers faire and fragrant
to weave a wreath of treuth and thanks
for your sweet allegiance

Note: Hominaticum - Medieval Latin word for homage.

(Written for Honoria)


Chance reflections off a distant sea

Your heart
'tis solid made
honest as an arrow's truth

i thought i heard
a smallish beckon of forevermore
like the very soil
where seeds find ends
in bones
and soon espied,
were your planted stones

loyal, are hefty winds
that uplift— securing
a sculpted tongue
where the love,

Oh my darling

where our love,
whispers sweetened prose
in dire shared alliance
spilling, perfectly
artful swoons
of whimsical drowning

your broken
and my broken
our cracks
flaunt a besotted spectacular,
drunk glistening dreams
we've both
staggeredly dreamt

admitted, truths
secrets, lies
bold and shy
and binds... that tie

an affinity understood
in words plucked
from salty air
to shake hands
with metered
so verdantly grand

how fortuned fate
runs roughshod,
a collision of words
pouring from
ancient twin hearts
forged in like molten ore,
scorched desire and moments of ire
cooled to wisely harden
steadfast- always

is this, discovery
profoundly found
(almost) instantly sound
we two wanderers
kinship bound by destiny

across distant lands
and deep fathomed sea
willed to life
by a faint kismet plea

a staunch truth
a driving need

etched acutely
hidden within
steely mettle
and passionate flares

it's there
i catch our reflection
tacking into the wind

sailing, upon poetry's sails.

(Written for AspergerPoet56)

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Twisted Dreamer
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a rose blossomed (in my mind)

there are moments
often not realised
at the time

where a ripple begins

a breath

journey of
mutual love
our obsession
with the
written word

slipping into
a sunbeam
burning bush
booming heartbeat
from across an ocean

a known entity
that burst
my natural defenses
through infectious
poetry ~ laughter
and music

I found beauty
In you
because of you

so infused
heart swells
our twin souls
as if

it were ordained

i see
a world
of colour
your eyes

(Written for BlueVelvete)



your odd smile slightly askew
spoke mysteries inside metaphors
all the while laughing inside at the strangeness of the world

I have a confession
with my off handedness I tried to throw you
you saw the beauty in my personal brand of weird
I did my best to get the enigma of your poetry
but it seemed it was encrypted and coded and I couldn't crack it

still, I could recognize genius
it's all in the telling isn't it?
to make people scratch there head and wonder
you make me question and that's not easy
not for someone who knows everything

insert snide comment here>>>

the kind that makes me laugh at myself
that's what you do...crack wise
and make a difficult subject to speak on broachable
perhaps it may even be taboo to talk about
but you take it on

I never met one like you before
and I suspect I never will again
the world is a more interesting place
because you left your mark on it

(Written for Lepperochan)


You know the old movies

where the hero dies
and there’s a wake
that serves
vodka with the extra
slice of lime
so the fuckers
can make it through

maybe her world
is always burning

‘cause sometimes
if you’re still enough
you can feel the flames
singe the ocean, and it’s
a sight to behold.

She mentioned once
there wasn’t any green
in the city, and I laughed
at the irony

she’s probably
out there now
kicking curbs
in a relentless
caffeine drive

sending out smoke
to lost shoes



(Written for NikkiMoe)


Of Verse and Fairies

She is the eyes in the woods
that watch
while delicate fingers, guide
needles and threads , stitching
thoughts into the fabric of time

A brush from her wing, and
little flowers bloom
from mossy beds, twinkling
and telling their tales
to passers-by.

"Stay on the forest path, lest
ye be drawn away . .  ."

She is the green sky
and silent air
in the seconds before a storm .

Watch, now--she is leaving words
in her wake;

Gather them up, one by one
and tuck them into your picnic basket...
and follow ....
deeper into the underbrush, toward clearings with ancient stone houses.

"Come , let us dine on my words--
you may never want to leave ....or be able to..."

(Written for TheTravelingFairy)


walk the line

I love the heat of your style
the straight edge of your candor
a New York cowboy, tough but tender
you garner the respect of men
and the admiration of women

I never expected it would come down to a handful of us old timers
wranglers of words, desiring the best from one another
sometimes getting the worst of me
your steadfast presence is comforting

I could see you riding broncs
you spurred me on to be better
even when I didn't feel it

your tough talk saw me through
you told me what know one else could
get real with yourself
if you can't do that
maybe you can't cut it
you have an honesty most can't get away with
i can be evil and I know it

never beige about anything
for the man in black
I walk the line

(Written for PoetSpeak)


Brevity Punch

Romance, depth and wit;
Lightning-strike treasures
wrapped in tiny packages
I can’t wait to open

I should say it more often
but I always run out of
new ways to say “wow”

(Written for SatInUGal)


Into The Depth Of Time

Reflection in the beauty of thy eyes
Glimpses of smothering desires to partake
Wonderous in the captivity felt beyond the galaxy
Ether softly echoes the sentiments
Scrawl the sweeten taste of my name
Upon your lips
Entrench soft caresses upon the hunger of my skin
Twine of its gaiety we are in movement
In the unity of its harmony
Breathless in the spent
Eyes fluttering close
In the lay of the vibrations, we are one
Waterfall pleasures
Overcome in the relinquish
In the cadence of Nirvana, we gloriously luxuriate
Unto one another
Our souls gentle wail in sync
Bodies beautifully submerging
Into the depth of time
Conjoined as we float
Hearts swimming in the tidal wave of its surge

(Written for JusTim_)


happy thoughts

Her healing words are heaven
elevating us when our skies turn gray
her earthy tones so soothing
when one wishes to give up on the day

she brings pleasure with guided purpose
handling pressure when life's at it's worst
she sees clearly even when the lights are dim
thinking of others and putting them first

her sex appeal has won us all over
with the dynamic way she writes
when feeling blue we head on over
and curl up with her at night

(Written for KristinaX)


Can I Can We

Can I whisper my adoration to you
Where you stand in the limelight of infinitude
Can you impulsively feel the lure in the air
An enwrapping mellow breeze enchanting you
Carrying the remnant notes of love as it drifts
In the hallowed cathedral of ecstasy’s midst
Can you feel it over the mountains
Through the valleys below
Proclaimed in faint wisps of enticements  
Can you hear the melodies
Of promises soothing in bewilderment
Valiant sighs quietly resonating
Beguiling sensations entreated in the awe
Can you wander and lose your path in my embrace
Kismet Karma marveling in the sinuous touches of our now
Silhouettes in twilight slow dancing
Apprehended souls in a lover’s compass
Romancing in the twilight of the universe as we rise

(Written for BCPoet)


Sweet Chocolate and Cool Peppermint

To know the man is to accept in life a beautiful heart
Unwrapped in its purest nature
Under a mistletoe, three wishes, and a beautiful spark
Spoken elements never too far away to circumvent
Sweeten chocolate blending with cool peppermint
The emotional trail of his poetic scent
Twin flames we are
Temples uniting after catching me off a shooting star

(Written for Nutbuster)



How do I love thee
Glance into my eyes to see  
The ways are counted
Passion surmounted
Persuasive words become a tender ache
The longing of cravings in the anticipate
Days of yearnings
Voices fusing to midnight oil burning
Mesmeric comforting sincere lullabies
Raining sensations from the skies
Tightly hold onto me
In the absence of earthly needs
May the grace of destiny
Grant intellects to thrive in fate’s peace

(Written for Tenderloin)

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— space reserved for entries —

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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all the turkeys are going in the oven as we speak 🤣

i jest i jest

i'm glad to see this comp resurrected in all its glory, it was a blast back in 2019 & i look forward to seeing what entries folks come up with 😎

poet Anonymous

_feral said: all the turkeys are going in the oven as we speak 🤣

Fire of Insight
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birds be chilling

poet Anonymous

In case you get bored this weekend…



poet Anonymous

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Well deck the halls and call me buddy the elf… the first Secret Santa has been gifted!

You can find the entries under the first post in the thread as they appear.

… knock, knock _feral

… no it wasn’t me… lol

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🎶 On the 3rd of December some writers gave to me, a plethora of poe-err-treeeee 🎶

… knock, knock CruelHandedWriter…

(Entries are at the beginning of the thread)

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🎶 Well I wish it could be Christmas every dayyyy… so let the poemsss… ring outttt… for Christmassss 🎶

… knock, knock Northern_Soul

poet Anonymous

And now for the best musical interlude I’ve ever seen which kinda sounds like me after 8 pints. 😎

if I still drank…. ah, youth…


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🎶 I’mmm dreaminggg of a wild poetmasss… just like the one I used to knoww 🎶

… knock, knock MadameLavender

(Entries are at the beginning of the thread)

Dangerous Mind
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Northern_Soul said:And now for the best musical interlude I’ve ever seen which kinda sounds like me after 8 pints. 😎

if I still drank…. ah, youth…


He gets 100% for conviction. But, words...?? 🤣🤣  Awesome, little dude!!

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