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The Role of a Man

Lost Thinker
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Poetry Contest

Please provide a poem containing no less than 100 words on the subject of valued roles that men fill. Have fun!
For example, you might dive into the roles of brothers, fathers, husbands, sons, role models, et al.

Fire of Insight
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he would go hungry
before he let us want

that's what i saw
and what i took for truth
and what my soul yearned to follow --
not blind
nor brutish
nor toxic
but righteous,
his love proved in a thousand ways
and none of them meant
to diminish
but to cherish

and work, work, work
and fix
and do
and hold (too) tight
and hold the door
and take the bullet
and tolerate
and try
so fuckin' hard
to carry the load
without letting on about
the goddamned weary strain of it

and all that
run down now
and mocked
and portrayed as arrogant
or stupid
or angry
and deeply, ruthlessly selfish
and good men don't know
how or even what to be

so, goddamn, brother,
just be free
Written by javalini
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Tyrant of Words
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Ode to my youngest brother.

Actually my kid brother
The youngest of our family
Of five boys is my hero.
Always positive, knows where he's going
No hesitation, full steam ahead
Went for officer training
Found that world cold and
Did not like the idea of giving
Commands which lead men to get killed,
Preferred to get back home,
See his sweetheart and get married.
He finished college at night
While working full time days
Then his first child was born.
So: work days, visit at the hospital after,
Then school at night
And all †over again the next day..
Bought a house. †Second kid.
He completed his B.A. in history
Wanted to become a teacher,
Had to do that year daytime of course,
No need to add that his wife helped greatly.
Two boys one daughter later
Now retiring after teaching
For twenty years in a difficult district.
Somewhere along the way, sold the house
Bought a B and B, now on sale.
He wants to travel.
I'm sure the details are all
Planned out already.
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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persona non grata
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The troubadour of my sensory intakes

Likewise an offspring of a god of music that made love to a mortal poet..
Nature took the spirit born from the air, the Ether
and gave birth to a male, artistic troubadour deity
Such an inconceivable moment of human magic
Triumph awaits him
I'm able to behold under his skin the freedom of his subsistence
A pull to the land of his mystery birth is felt by a controversial sense...
I'll do what can't be done to feel the pulse of his vain kissing my fingers
I'll become a string of his instrument to get his frequent touch
I'll stop the rain from falling to clear our way
I'd destroy what holds power on our separation
He is
my pure motivation
A superb manifesting help force
He is a server of truth
Of humanity
Of any form
Of various forms
A visionary
with such an independent expression of beauty
Like diamond
but priceless
My ink is channeled through his sound
worshiping his harmonics and words
guided by them
My ink write poems no more
but a diary of an astral love
I thank the cosmos for joining me in this mental dance
I thank the host..

The notes of my affection author
echo like a different world
where you hear not
sound is travelling directly
without reflections of its waves
and I am travelling with it..

His purity of thought..
of self examination
of problems of the world..
His kindness of intention..
all make me want him even more
happy than all creations
Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Lost Thinker
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The Y Chromosome

Must be tall, must be funny
Must have the looks, must have money
Must have muscle, must have the fight
If not, then don't bother swiping right

Must be into sports, must always be tough
Must bottle up your feelings, must do other 'guy stuff'
Must handle your drink, must enjoy a good smoke
If you don't do these things, are you even a real bloke?

Must pay half your assets, must play the court's game
Must give up the children, must take all the blame
Must be left broken, must bring your life to a halt
If you do all of this, it'll still be your fault

Mustn't be weak, must not cry
Mustn't speak out, must not try
Mustn't ever run, must not hide

But once every minute, a man commits suicide.
Written by Adzy
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Dangerous Mind
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Roles Of Man

Such a small, three letter word  
Carrying the weight of the world  
On his shoulders  
Or on his back
Responsibilities; he never lacks  
Like a sack of potatoes  
That he frequently curls  
Sire of baby boys & baby girls  
In modern day
Toxic masculinity  
Some would say
Opinions sway  
Roles he may play?
There's an array  

So how does one convey the role of a man?
He may walk with or carry you through the sand
Is he the one who commands during a time of war?
Could he also be the deserter exiting out the backdoor?
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
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The Presence Of Man

Created in the image of the Divine
Superior creatures
With handsome manly features †
Selfishly given of his rib †
A man in the making starting from the crib †
Playdough, marbles, Army men to command †
Bow and arrows, playing all day in a box of sand †
First day of school for the rest of your life †
Parents looking down at your young face, years going by without strife †
Preparing your mind for the day you take a wife †
The first school boy crush †
Swooning a girl with love letters to make her blush †
High school now, a little hairs on the chest †
A new pep in your step †
Girls and partying your only quest †
College days †
The initiation Haze †
Fraternities †
Brotherhood †
No Falsehood †
Banded for life with the security of Knighthood †
College Sweetheart with a mind of gold †
Virginal intentions from what youíve been told †
A dream for a parent if only their son can maintain to hold †
Graduation from the classroom †
Now to the boardroom †
Lavish home, expensive suits, fast cars, you know the ones that goes vrommmm †
At the alter now, sweat creeping under the Tux †
I hope this girlís hand in marriage is ņ la carte deluxe †
Man and wife †
My partner for life †
Positive test for the seed of creation †
Burping, changing diapers, milk †
Wondering do you still have that swag, with words of silk †
Long legs in the office, a bit of flirtation †
No sinful hesitations †
Baby, Iím working late †
Cover my plate †
Donít wait up for me †
A man snagged by a tempting Honey Bee †
Iím sorry baby, will you forgive me, we would no doubt get past this †
Emptiness now felt in a reassuring kiss †
Pain staring at you from such beautiful eyes †
Months of uncertainties and now unveiled lies †
The house is quiet sheís packed up and gone †
Money, success, means nothing inside the walls of this empty home †
One more chance one day at a time †
Weíre older now that grand stairwell is just too hard to climb †
Child in college dancing on air †
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing now to our rocking chairs †
I hold your hand as I look back †
That second chance in life †
Placed us right back on track †
Private Nurses, our beds positioned side-by-side †
Gray hairs, Pills, Oxygen tanks †
Just to get us by †
I hold your hand as my life flashes from the skies †
The last breath of life staring into your beautiful eyes †
Tears of remembrance roses thrown over me †
You stood as a man and followed your creed †
Without the presence of God breathing to set my soul free †
Sliding out the cocoon of the womb †
Given unto you your first breath of life †
Promised by the stars to a man and his wife †
You were someoneís blessing to be †
From birth to the first scratch of your knee †
What would you have done †
What testimony would your life have stood for †
Ashes to ashes you no more
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Francisco J Vera
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Golden Rules

Be an asshole for love
Do whatever it takes to
keep her happy
Make her breakfast in bed
Buy her flowers
Buy her candy
Help her if she needs help
Show her:
Kindness and Respect
Be her Captain
Be her knight in
Shining Armor
Be a gentlemen and
pay on the first date
then listen and get
to know her
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Lost Thinker
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Lost Thinker
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Well said :)

Twisted Dreamer
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A Womanís Work

Nowadays women get very emotional
When you suggest they good at some things
I ainít saying you HAVE to do nothing
Look at me? A man writing poems?  
Kinda gay right? Well... as a matter of fact
Yes it is! Iím a gay man.
But even if I wasnít, would that mean I canít write poems?
No... it just means I gotta try a little harder  
Jesus gave us gifts, but they different gifts  
Women lifting logs?
Itís not as easy for them
But itís not like they donít have strengths  
Women are AMAZING at some things
I know this well
Because poetry is not for men
Not without serious dedication  
I have to go 10X harder than a woman
So I understand what it means to be a woman in a manís world
Thatís the power of poetry
The magic of art
Written by Jermainesplain
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Twisted Dreamer
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Related submission no longer exists.

Twisted Dreamer
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Real or Pretend

Men pretend   † †
within their disguise † † † †
to be legends of the past † † † †
to be the knight in shining armor † † † † †
[white charger optional] † † † † †
often times rusted and bent † † †
†† † †  
Strong and fearless † † † †
little boys playing war † † † †
but real men don't play these games † † † †
thinking this is lame † † † †
knowing their true power † † † †
is the nobility of spirit † † † †
to carry the weight of the world
 † † †
Walking tall with iron will † †
my heroes don't wear capes † † † †
instead they hold me as I weep † † † †
and while I sleep † † † †
[and never say I snore] † † † † † †
finding love in a world of lust † † † †
for men's power or maybe magic † † † †
is to create a garden on earth † † † †
to build a house † † † †
so I can make a home
Written by Heart_of_Stone
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