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A sonnet about Lesbos

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Let your imagination run wild.
A sonnet is the form required.  You may submit  no more than three entries.   The subject is wild....the form very specific.   Good luck with it.  Have fun composing.
 PS: I must note that you are educating me here:  through you  I find the difference between an English sonnet and an Italian one, So the 4-4-4-2 lines scheme is excellent.   Regards to all, Robert.

poet Anonymous

I Saw A Nude Shirley

With that AC unit broke down, the pool
outside my apartment was the only
spot this guy knows where he lets himself cool
off in but then, I saw a nude Shirley.

And she was not there alone for her best
friend Vanessa was also there naked
and licking all over her without rest
which she enjoys though she was not in bed.

And after I saw that lesbo scene, this
guy almost felt like dropping his trunks and
letting himself probe one backdoor with his
rod but they saw me where I had to stand.

That made them cover up and go running
into their place... I heard a door locking.
poet Anonymous


Her breath sings songs out to the howling night
wild skin, she crashes on another shore
and though her body cannot win the fight
her fingers tremble, craving something more

and interlocked she arches back to God
beneath the lamplight where she calls to me
enflames her passion with a gentle nod
and beckons forth to truly be set free

I cannot write of her, a slave to flight
a pen does not contain her sinful screams
she cannot speak of her untamed delight
I still see nightly in my haunted dreams

desire cannot be written down in stone
where breast to breast she lives each soaring moan.

poet Anonymous

Twin Peaks

Lust for her body carves valleys steep.      
Nipples brush nipples until precipiced stiff.      
Supple flesh becoming a Lover's Leap  
where I am thrust over her cliff.      
Mirrored by twin peaks, eager to climb;      
keeping my enthusiasm tightly harnessed.      
Snuggle bucknaked --- now, it's time;      
I'm determined to mount her Everest.      
I would if I could. Do you think I should      
ask her to be mine atop the summit?      
Loving my Sis has never felt so good.      
Why hurry this with pressure to commit?      
On this great divide, we blush in the hush  
of majestic sighs with no need to rush
poet Anonymous


She wrote love upon my wrists
every word sank into my pores,
leaving scars on my pale skin.
She wrote love upon my wrists
her hands knew where I ached,
my palms left searching for her.
She wrote love upon my wrists
every word sank into my pores.

poet Anonymous

Memory of Lesbos

O Aphrodite, my sweet loving mòrt  
is dedicated to you, dread mistress,      
teacher mine of your fine seductive art        
for aphrodisia, gift, from Olympus.        
May your brave name thunder down dark ages        
till Amazons, too, tremble at your light,        
I do beseech thee for your Aegis        
for I have need of thee these Holy Nights.        
I beg your spirit, suffuse, within me,        
so that my power is likened unto gods,        
to seduce all to sweet worship of thee        
Yea unto going under the green sward.        
Women and men will swoon, Great Queen, where you stride        
In time, in time, you'll conquer all,  World Wide!    
poet Anonymous

Post Card from Lesbos

We sailed to lush Lesbos for wine & love    
bursa's weighty with Denarii coin,        
all in fine fettle guided from above        
by Aphrodite but, we gird our loins.        
Nosing into port, matrons and maidens        
seemingly abound in a flurry all        
bound aboard and we are quick- picked bidden        
to wine to enjoy and soon I'm, enthralled...        
Later, some joked  "I've lain with Dowagers "        
who'd  " pamper me as a personal toy "        
or  groused " some old trout, I've to provide for "        
but all I remember is such sweet joy!        
They blessed Aphrodite, then they sail..?  Me?        
Aphrodite blessed my love I stay...  See?        
poet Anonymous

Mysteries of Lesbos  (English sonnet)

Some speak, whispered tones, hide a knowing wink
wears the crown, no man can receive or share
Isle so small, reputation vivid pink
femininity starred in outlines bare

Tongues of tenderness, writhe her furry pit
ground rules that specify it's TIT for TAT
devouring lips, that raise abandoned hips
erotica willed, never a (miss)hap

Not effigies in bronze or stone are they
beauties cast, with flesh the upholstery
the gay, those still the willing of today
sip the sweetness from the cup so sultry

Pairs finer gender, magnet's of action
Lesbos, home to womanly attraction
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