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Let me in musically

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

What song/band describes your relationship with you and your sig other
Music is huge for me and mine
Whats your song/band thats is who you are as a couple
Name the band and song prior to your work
Title your work
No limits, just not way too long my adhd gets me lost
No collabs
New work only
No holds barred
Mod make 18 and older please and thank you
I may or may not add my words to this. Music is close to my heart, Its in my life forever. Both of ours.

Have at it yall!  I so excited to enter your worlds!

Fire of Insight
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Poem after song    
“How Can I Tell You”        
by Cat Stevens      
To you        
    who I miss        
My mountain        
My fire        
My bliss        
Your face      
    The rising sun      
The cosmos        
    your eyes      
You’re every voice I hear  
But I look        
    and you’re not there        
Waves of time        
Dust of stars        
    our names obscured        
Searching still        
    I kneel upon the floor        
In dreams        
    our souls we soothe        
Rivers comfort sorrow’s truth        
    how can I tell you        
    that I love you

Written by Keilani
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Tyrant of Words
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Navigating the permanence of everlasting.

Inspired by—  
CLANN - "I Hold You"      
my purest heart  
it's you.  
fathomless promise  
thine own breath  
eternal whispers  
you are known  
to me, mine  
h  e  r e  
a  m  
a  l  w  a  y  s  
H  E  R  E  
I've GOT YOU  
behind closed eyes  
f L i E s  
peacefully alright  
as my tears  
into mist  
and smokey  
lifetime plumes  
a love never undone  
musical bliss  
through me  
in singsong  
I will continue  
We destine forge  
Oh, to rage!  
lustrous abandon  
in solemn tinged vows  
that very  
first moment
rising in purity of grace  
this storm of ours  
never, not one doubt  
to cross or fleet  
We are infinite stars  
upon the winds  
legends for aye  
r   e   s   t     n  o   w  
Your breath  
I breathe  
willingly captured  
are lungs on fire  
to face this dearest life  
closer~ than close  
is a perpetuity  
I am here,  
I've got you.  
Written by Bluevelvete
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Song inspiration— "I Hold You" by CLANN off of the album "Seelie"

Tyrant of Words
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Keil, Blue....awesome start!  Love it!  Keep em coming peeps!

Tyrant of Words
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twelve stops and home

Riding that train      
was always a blur    
starting in joy;    
crescendoing into release    
only to reverse itself      
days later.    
Long distance was never fun    
just two skeletons existing    
out in the world, longing      
for their missing half      
and I spent my days    
rail shaped      
dreaming of the loneliness    
of a crowded carriage,    
chest pounding,    
listening to rain    
tap a rhythmic high-hat    
against the window    
and the music      
would play    
our music    
weaving its strange piano    
around dark salt tears    
that craved you hand    
to comfort them.    
I still press play      
as you walk through the door    
and I flick a white switch    
leaving tea to dance      
beside your bones    
so close—    
close to home,  
Written by Northern_Soul (-Missy-)
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Song chosen — “Kettle’s on” by The Feeling

Tyrant of Words
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{inspiration Dido White Flag}

lingering in the shadows I watch you
you're my forever
I love you with a passion mister

there have been times I doubted
I thought we couldn't make it
there were affairs
but I decided I was in love for good
I wasn't going to give you over to another
they were passing fascinations

I'm here for your soul
holding your heart tightly to me
we've broken up
just to get back together again

after twenty years my lust still burns for you
but it's more than that
I've come into an understanding
I'm in this for good
I've seen you at your worst
I've witnessed the shadows that cross your soul
I love you wholly

you love my demons
committing yourself to me
till death unconditionally
baby you get all of me

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Thought Provoker
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I'd Love To

Tidal cells of my heart, (im)part
Fine-tuned comb made of
Ceramic skin and bone ankle
Of lovers birthed in marbled seas.

The sing of the shore
Shales breath,
Froths a mountain mizzle
Astride the lips of desolate ports,
Where timbre’d sea shanties
Heave waves aboard to raise-the-dead.
In the galley are dead deer, my dear,
Shroud wrapped for tender flesh.

If you should ever walk the plank
I will be there to catch you.

A life wasted in Heimlich embrace:
Stumble in the stubble
Of one too many two-faces.
Smile please,
It becomes part of us
Missed if it ever left:
I am writing of sadness.

On banks of the River Reie
I sat down and wept.
A half-life disappeared in Bruges
Under a crumbling bridge of the old town.

The story was old, but it played on,
In the theatre of little resistance
Where the world’s shyest boy
Rehearsed dress for the hearse
When black clothes fell from the sky.

Dawn and dusk tucked under the arms
Of the Gods of dying birds -
Redemption is the flight &
Out of darkness always comes the light.

You and me together,
Like diamonds,
That is all…….

Written by Strangeways_Rob
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Tyrant of Words
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Holdin' On

Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin

Then as it was, then again it will be…

This one time at band camp…I met the girl of my dreams
Fate’s purposes are not exactly what we think it really intends
Those few summer days we spent together were magical
Bu we knew we’d have to go our ways and decided to stay friends

And though we longed for each other we never really confessed
Those few visits became an inspiration, a secret love to hide
We were from two separate worlds joined by heartbreaks
But the circumstances seemed to put this undying love aside

We were teens with the ideal love, surreal and imagined
Distance made the heart grow fonder though we never tried
Our ships sailed far apart though we kept longing, hidden
The embers of forbidden love felt like they never died

Did you ever really need somebody…

Ten years had come and gone, and suddenly there we were
Adults with duties and responsbilities to portray
But the memory of young love revived something in my soul
As the fire grew there were so many circumstances in the way

Needless to say, I created a storm and made a terrible mess
I had held on in the deepest part of my heart, in my secret place
Something had stirred inside me, it was a great surpise to me
But I knew had to chase my dream girl when I saw her face

Darlin’, I’m holdin’ on
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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Northern and Crim  wow....Strange, all are bringing it!  

Fire of Insight
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Stone Sour "Song #3"

I loved you when you read my eyes of secrets in the moments we stared in silence awkwardly oblivious to people around us speaking and staring.

I found myself in times you were close and our souls poured from our cups while the rain dropped down on the roof top.

You found yourself with me in your arms, skin to flesh, counting my heartbeats against yours, the wind whistling in through the cracked door.

We remain playing in the fire, loose of the chains of spite and dreams. Saving eachother from hell, but holding too eachother in the dark.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Dangerous Mind
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"Human" by the Killers release date 2008  

A smile its trace.
the butterfly,  
to alight upon the ripened fruit.  
Arched, skipping rope whirs, like a humming bird,  
following the chant,  
and smile at the dictated drone.  
True value and its water mark,  
in closeness held.  
Smart jacket and the skirt that swirls  
Michael Flatley's drumming hove's,  
each heart the takes on different shades  
the Ray Bans of disguise,  
Considered, ploys of chess  
the shifting sands, loose a piece and still rebound  
Our play that never gets reviewed.  
feelings that were stripped to nude.  
 Self veracity, each cork that popped  
the spume of life that overflowed,  
savoured till its drying drop.  
A dialogue that love transcribed,  
flickering torch still light when troubles bane  
Stumble searching for the right refrain  
humanity shared, remaining undenied
Written by slipalong
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Tyrant of Words
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Erotic, Sip these are fabulous!  Love them!   Bring it my musically in love poets! <3

Tyrant of Words
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deleted for public vote. May the best poet win!  <3

Strange Creature
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Happy birthday to u

So I chose the happy birthday to you song as it represents how glad I am that my sig half was brought into this world and birthdays are celebrated around every minute every day all around the world and that's how far our love goes.

I'm grateful to be here with you
my ever more and always I adore
our love continues
to shine through
even when in a dim dark room.
we always find a way to let our love shine through
what we have given each other
no words will ever come close to capturing these treasures
or be able to explain the love we share
or the life we live to give to
not only us but the best of all
none other than our beautiful baby boy
the boy who brings us all the joy.
the challenges we have overcome
and gone through
to get to this point we will always hold true
side by side
companions forever
you both are my always forever:)

Written by Sarah_J
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