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Poem of the Month - October 2021

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

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Tyrant of Words
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Clasping Memories

I clasped  
Onto my memories  
As if they where the only thing of value
A favourite broken toy  
I couldnít discard  
Played with them like a child  
Rebuilding a world  
Where I could smile again  
A sweet innocence I thought had died  
Now rekindled a reborn flame  
Often wondered where he went  
As the years rolled on  
His playfulness faded  
But he held on to my shadow  
Hoping I would remember him  
I clasp these memories tight  
For in them is me  
The true me  
The little boy who never gave up  
Unlike his adult version  
I hark back to those times  
Where each breath sparked imagination  
Fear had no grip on me yet  
I had the courage  
To climb and explore  
Age has battered me  
Tried to take he best out of my soul
Somehow I survived  
Maybe through the courage I had as a boy  
That never really left me
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Fire of Insight
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a man who hasn't tried



Written by cold_fusion
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Fire of Insight
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I stole my brother's bike
to meet a girl that I liked.
While he fought me often, nearly homicidal
he never mentioned the missing bicycle.

Back when I had my long hair
and I didn't really care.
I stole his bike and rode it far.
Just to see a redheaded girl who thought I was bizarre.

Behind my parents back
nearly having a heart attack .
If they had known
how far id gone.

To see this girl who they never met.
Both hiding what we know
holding hands when we're alone
the long red hair atop her pretty face.

I rode that old bike
taken from an older brother.
Unspoken support between one another
because I was a girl loving another.
Written by JetNikolai (Jet Nikolai)
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Fire of Insight
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Son, My son

can say with conviction  
and honesty, the journey  
has been mostly easy  
for me, anyway  
cos this fatherís love ainít fussy.  
all I really want you to be  
is alive

#NoPoo.  #PrideProud
Written by lepperochan (Craic-Dealer)
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Francisco J Vera
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Related submission no longer exists.

Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Such a beautiful woman
Shoulder length curly
Red hair
Sparkling emerald
Green eyes, yes
Reflecting the
Generosity of her soul
Great smile,
So full of life
Sensual lips welcoming you
And then with a twist of her wand
She quickly disappears
Behind a huge cloud of smoke
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
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Revenge of the Smashing Pumpkins

Itís the revenge of the smashing pumpkins
Feel the wrath of the bashing pumpkins
Beware of their rage when they come to attack
Theyíve been stabbed and sliced and carved  
Theyíve been smashed and thrown and scarred
And now, itís time for some payback
You thought killer tomatoes were scary
Smashing pumpkins will murder very merry
They rush and squash people right on cue
They may say they like you (orange crush)
But theyíll bash brains and turn Ďem to mush
Then they might just make a pie out of you
Run for your lives, the pumpkins are marching!
Saves your selves, the pumpkins are charging!
Entire neighborhoods are set off in ablaze
First they attacked a farmers market deluxe
Then they smelled their kin at the starbucks
And now theyíre serving human spice lattes
There is chaos and mayhem all over the streets
Pumpkins run over anyone who trick or treats
The city in coming to a complete disarray
Gun nuts thought they could shoot from afar
While the pacifists laughed hardy har har
But the pumpkins took them all down anyway
The giant smashing pumpkins have declared war
People are lying on the streets dead on the floor
Itís retribution for all those that were sculpt
They roll over citizens and swallow them up
They bowl over bodies then throw them up
Oh the horror, the seeds, the gushy mushy pulp
So this Halloween beware of whoís at the door
The squishy sounds may be a thing of gore
Theyíre going out on a human eating binge
This is nothing like man has ever handled
You can guess where theyíll stick those candles
The smashing pumpkins are here for revenge
The horrorÖ
Coming to a town near you
Written by wallyroo92
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Tyrant of Words
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Try a little tenderness (Prayer from a Nihilist)

there's always
that constant internal
to keep the tenderness
when you listen
to the early
morning news report
over a bowl
of cornflakes
that first cup
of hot coffee

crazy religious
racist fools
selling hatred

all in the name
of perfection

is the tenderness
that rests
within the soul
...so fragile
is the heart
when so often
left alone

now I pour
another cup
while contemplating
to images
of a better

a loving world

but my hand
is limp
the coffee's cold
it's all just
broken hopes
wrapped in dead
holy promises
times gone by

Written by badmalthus (Harry Rout)
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Tyrant of Words
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the art of freedom


begins on the first push
when your mother screams every wall down
until you become an individual,
it begins on the first try
when you dive into oceans with a heart palpitating
in your throat as you land
in a turquoise blanket,
it begins on a first loss
learning that impermanence is a choice
made by walking through
a green exit,
it begins on naked hatchlings
gaining feathers to commence
the greatest fly off,
it begins on the first bud
blowing kisses through brown soil
demanding to bloom,
it begins
at the howl of a wind
through the hairs
of your

to begin,
never to

Written by _feral
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Tyrant of Words
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Life, and other thingsÖ

I love you, is the most sincerest and honest thing you can ever say to someone, when you mean it. I love you means I care about you, and your happiness; however, I donít need you to find happiness. †
There are no fairytales for such things are only ever created through hard work, and self discipline. Life, isnít for the faint hearted but you learn to navigate your way through it, whether you like it or not. †  
† †
People, will come & go and it is key not to cling to people or things for those things, are fluid like water. Be more like water, and go with the flow as life is a constant flow of experiential learnings, opportunities, choices, and lessons. † †
† †
When people show you who they are, donít replace that view with rose coloured glasses. No point disappointing yourself from the head on collision that unfolds when those closest to you donít live up to your expectations. † †
† †
Youíre going to get hurt and join the rest of the walking wounded, itís how you manage those situations that make you a better person than those who derive pleasure in seeing you stumble & fall. † †
† †
Intentionally or not.  

Tell people how you feel, then get some closure and keep moving forward for dwelling on other peoples shortcomings will manifest into something that makes you ill minded, literally. † †  
† †
Even tell them to fuck off, youíll be carrying less baggage for it. Donít ever depend upon people whoíve let you down, for once is more than enough and makes you the fool, no one else.  

Stress, triggers the chemicals in your brain, and your whole being is compromised. And just as stress triggers the chemicals in your brain, so too does bliss.  

Find your bliss, and let it consume you, but know when to walk away from anything or anyone thatís toxic. That kind of poison will eventually manifest itself within the host of such.  

I want you to find the freedom that comes with exploring your inner landscapes, things that remain deeply hidden, so you might shine a light upon such things. Preferably, whilst youíre exploring & navigating untouched places, in the wild. † †
† †
Purely, for the sole purpose of healing any trauma that may have transformed & restructured your perceptions on the world around you, and how you interact with others. † †
† †
We donít always see the beauty in collapsing the internal structures, however, paying homage to ones trauma to rebuild from the inside out, will ensure you donít manifest such into a physical illness. † †
† †
Trauma, reframes the brain, in a way that canít be reconfigured unless you deep dive, and start working on those things to release them.  
Love hard, and learn to know the difference between being loved, and being fucked. It will save you a lot of heartache, in the long run.
† †
You can only self medicate for so long before realising itís another burden to navigate. Even more so pertinent for those whoíre prone to addiction, which is the majority of the population. † †
† †
Itís why we find comfort in whatever vice we choose, whilst consciously watching it ravish oneís being, entirely; mind, body and soul. †  
† †
Itís not wise to stand on the sidelines, whilst cheering on your own demise because life is short, and requires you to pay attention to detail. † †
† †
To every moment that ever made you feel something, more than unworthy, sabotaging yourself comes in many different ways but your own voice, is what manifests everything in your universe. †  
† †
Love life, and see the beauty that exists beyond the walls in which you cage yourself within. † †
† †
No one can hurt you when you know yourself better than those who behave shady, whilst proffering lies to those who know better. †  
All you can do is pity the fools who question your integrity, and keep moving forward.
Written by shadow_starzzz
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Lost Thinker
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Related submission no longer exists.

Lost Thinker
United States
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B-Day Light

Outcast B-Day here
Full of Joy and Bliss
Happiness is upon us
Loner is gone
Away from my life
Happy as I can be
Light has shine upon me
I am going to:
Let it Shine!
Written by Phantom2426 (Francisco J Vera)
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Lost Thinker
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Unshakeable Faith

she incessantly ∑
indescribably connects
with this battered heart
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dead Troll
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