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Valhalla are you listening?
oh Father of the great Viking Clan,
where shall I find comfort?
my lady has passed
and like those before
her soul as smoke will rise
among ruins I seek entry
into the kingdom
to see my lass
oh Valhalla are you listening?
I will not tarry I'm even at the gates
reunite me with my Queen
casting for the fates with my last breath I praise
resurrect the dawn and my lady fair with it
I beseech you lord
renew my faith in bond
I am bound to you oh lord
in ruins I will remain

Written by smackdownraven
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Beyond The Door To Evermore

Between The Ways
Torc And Cross
They Interplay
As Feel Of Loss
The Soul Is Tossed ;
Twixt Water And Earth
Seeking New Birth
Time And Tradition Overlaid
In Memoriam , This One Prays
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Early Winter

The cold of death unwarmed by fire,
Stokes burning where life, where breath,
Now perspired, has left.

The touch of death, cold and calling,
Sows love to fall upon the earth,
Sows seeds of strength to rise from their last breath.

To part respects and prayer in autumns offering
To the altar of their birth and flare,
To a backwards stare down the road of an early winter's long despair.

Where no hope nor promise,
Where no safe harbour can ease or spare,
The hold of a love, stripped raw and bare.
Written by Fiftysevenhours
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Isle of Two Gods

I brought her crown and
sought the god
I thought I knew --

"O, help her! Can't you see-
her soul is gone..."

But wooden gods cannot see;
their eye, a hollow, dark hole--
empty ,
empty inside-- come, little birds
and build your nests within !

They have no words for me, so
fill them with your twigs
and lay your eggs among
their mossy innards.

I took her crown, then
sought the God, I did not know--

"O, surely, you are real !
Some say, you are life , itself ... "

I felt a light within my heart, and
laid her crown
upon His throne....

...then saw the altars
everywhere , standing stones,
among the grass.

The yoke is freed, from
'round my neck, our
idols , tossed, to brine and sea--

I return to see if she is risen ...
Written by MadameLavender
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I locked the other thread so this thread is where your comp will be & finish .  With any comp, there must be at least 3 different members that put a post in the thread, in order for it to be able to have a winner assigned either by the host or by vote .  Doesn't have to be an entry per-se, but as long as there is a post with something in it , even a comment , by 3 different people, it works. 🙂

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