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Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

Write a mother/nature poem

What's your relationship with your mother and or some may like to write to mother earth..well give the good the bad and ugly sides in regards too.

Strange Creature
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God can I ask mother are you there

God can I ask mother are you there  
Make haste in response to my desperate dispair  
Was once upon a pair
And now neither here or there  
How far? How long? til the Lady with sunflower eyes arrives?
Arise child, reach out to her and she'll meet you half way.
Don't shout STAY AWAY!!
Yay though a sinner so they so
The skull on her forehead symbolizes the darkness that lead me astray  
Death has cursed and claims me for itself
The elders coat should not be blemished  
Nature's 4seasons finished
Giving birth to new dreams
He doesn't know you
The neighbors watched the seventh light  
A man by day a child by night
Ye the spell casted  
And it was cloudy over the loud black and white flowers  
Hour glass task to delay chill time
God can I ask Mother are you there  
The law system with their freemason occult black magic nightmare is here
The monsters hide under my bed while I say my prayers
God can I ask mother are you there
Written by grandrizin
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Tyrant of Words
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My sacred vow, I give until the world my solemn creed   †  
My Aquarian nature pours universal love as my soul roams free † † †  
Fallacies of the earth, carnage, weeps, mirth † † †  
Life, Death, Reincarnation its celestial rebirth † † †  
†† † †  
Bowing until the wondrous gifts found under mortal man † † †  
My heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul, only God commands † † †  
As a womanís place in life is to uphold, yet grasp, onto your hand † † †  
† † † †
Give you comfort when life falls short † † †  
Close your eyes, inhale, and reopen them, soothing your soul to keep you from the abort † † †  
I have walked the miles, in lifeís tight shoes † † †  
Never a kiss, tender word, or hug, Iíve ever refused † † †  
†† † † †
When reckless thoughts befall me, drowning in my pools of tears † † †  
The melody of my laughter you shall always hear † † †  
A smile, in remembrance as I seek higher ground concealing, my fears † † †  
I stand in the universe within the bosom of Mother Nature † † †  
Blessed over of ancient times, as a holy baby in a manger † † †  
† † † †
Soar with me with wings of intellectual conversations † † †  
Entwined souls of love kissed by its Heavenly stimulations, its sanctification † † † †
Take communion as we discover whatís beyond the constellations † † †  
Minds and hearts aligned as we come to understand the forecasted wickedness in the book of Revelations †

I am sacred, the cries of my ancestors whispers to me so † † †  
The blood coursing through my veins, lineage scars of my French Creole soul † † †  
Engraved upon the North Star, as it illuminated its rite of passage, oh thy beautiful glow † † †  
† † † †
My beautiful melanin coating of honor, a treasure among all Kings † † †  
The Nile, Egypt, Pharaoh, the Ankh my heritageís bling † † †  
I sit, on my throne as I bow unto you † † †  
Hungry for love, from lifeís respite, your soul craves more, as you partake in my spiritual food † † †  
† † † †
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Have a great day everyone

poet Anonymous

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Mother's of This Earth

The drizzling rain had left the night
darkness upon her cheeks,
it was fight or flight

The earth glistened, remnants of the rain
Cold memories flowing into the gutters
and off it goes into the drains

Shadows sweeping across the land
what's left of the night, stood silent in vigil
watching her disappear in the morning light

An angel from the heavens at the gates of day
a silent sentinel of unknown darkness
watching the horizons, the sunrising ray

Last night, she picked up her torn and tattered gown
gathered it into her ravaged arms
and she quietly slipped away from the wretched town

Into the timeless capsule, where the past nightís deed retire
after their turn to obliterate is done
a new dawn shall begin, women with hearts on fire

The nectar of passion, poisoned by manís ravage desire
becoming the beasts of lawless wilderness
and iím not the one you can pay and iím for hire

From the Far East of Asia to the Caribbean sea, i see the flames
fanned by the gusting oceanic winds
forgoing oneís dignity as they set sail from the River Thames

Once an honourable clan, now their souls trampled in dirt
let the mothers of this earth, be armed and alert
and butcher these men, till they erase any ideas of hurt!
Written by XiaoLong
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poet Anonymous

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.. terrestrial abuse

in earthís existence,
where itís not
life resistant,
a cosmos wink of an eye,

just a flash in the pan,
the ďbig time of manĒ,
in a millennium
do we try or do we die

carbons in the air,
fracking the ground,
drink and breath
if you dare,

the people hypnotized,
by political lies,
all looking around
with blank stares,

oceans choked with plastic,
forest abuse gone drastic,
as sea and wildlife
shamelessly die,

environmentally weakened,
domestically beaten,
battered Mother Nature
lies down and cries
Written by OG-Poetry
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Fire of Insight
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the flat hum
of nothing
he promised --
days strung
bottle to bottle
'til ain't nobody
going to hire the girl
but christ knows
she's got to have
some pleasure, too
him gone,
goddamn loser
and fuckin' kids
and need this
and that
so keep the tipple hid
and nip it  
warm and sweet
as baby's kisses,
the day's edge
as brown glass
Written by javalini
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Tyrant of Words
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Guardian of Shadows
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It's not probable that
the air will ever be fully cleared;
attempts were met with defense
and stories--

Ah, the stories ....

Remembrances , embellished
to fit narratives into more drama
than they actually had.

Some were purposeful.
Recent ones were probably
effects of age on mind and memory.

It is probable that I will cry, someday
at your funeral --
it's a requirement on the mourning checklist .

I may cry for myself, too
because my need for human contact
comes with an expiration date, and
there were times when
I just couldn't be bothered.

There's a good probability
I've figured out where my trust fund went,
the one you thought I knew nothing about.

I know a lot of things.

I know decency took the road less traveled
when the opportunity to tell me the truth ,

I know i will probably get repaid
from your estate someday, but
the trust will still be gone
in more ways than one.

I will probably always call you "Mother."

I will probably stop trying
to create idyllic snapshots of life, because
some of it needs to end up
on the cutting room floor .

I will definitely be there when your mind goes
to where your own mother's did , and
I held her hand through it.

That's when all the secrets are birthed
of their own accord, and
I probably won't care anymore about them;
I will just be your daughter.
Written by MadameLavender
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Dangerous Mind
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My Dear Human Child...

My dear human child    
what have you done  
what have you become †  
my dear human child †  
where will you hide  
with that big head filled with pride

[verse †01]
a song can heal a man with a broken heart †  
but it won't heal the world that you tearing apart †  
what's been given to you, you took all for granted †  
save this earth for your children, rule of nature demands it †

My dear human child †  
what have you done †  
what have you become †  
my dear human child †  
where will you hide  
with that big head filled with pride

[verse †01]
you built cathedrals for yourselves and play God  
and slaved the priests to sell your stories in regard  
what would it take to make you stop this chase  
and make it a better a place to entire human race

My dear human child †  
what have you done †  
what have you become †  
my dear human child †  
where will you hide  
with that big head filled with pride
Written by dejure (vick)
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Lost Viking
Fire of Insight
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But Still, You Loved

My fingers pressed against the ornate chinaware where our family once feasted on love. I pressed my tongue against the plate and tasted the marrow that gave me life, but the plate was empty and cold.
From you, much was taken before you were ready to give. Reckless in your young love for my father, you did not judge him as unworthy but gave yourself completely to his desires. His lusts burned for you, pure and hot for a time. I remember the happy sounds of cups rattling on saucers through your bedroom wall.

Later, his appetites expanded to others. Some nights he carried pieces of their flesh still swirling in the scent of his clothes. From the smell, I sometimes pictured his lovers spread across my dinner plate. They were never as beautiful as you.

One night as we sat eating eyes down, you shattered your empty plate against the table, raining shards over us.
My father cried. I cried.
You did not cry but sat silent and asked us not to touch the sharp pieces.
Later that night, you spread your broken parts over my father like a blanket, stitched in love and mercy.

That night I heard you making love. It was the last time.

With my ears, I heard the thunder of violence my father released against you the next morning. †With my eyes, I saw your frame stumble and break against the firm soil in our front yard. †As you fell, I saw our hands plucking bits of life from you.
So many selfish hands!
But still, you loved.
Written by LostViking (Lost Viking)
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Global Warming Warning 2

The east coast gets those devastating hurricanes
While the west coast goes into long drawn-out drought
I just saw a video of Canadians getting tornadoes
While climate change deniers are still spreading doubt

A U.S. Senator escapes the freezing temperature
While people suffered and died in the terrible cold
Whether itís Fahrenheit or Celsius for the wealthiest
The weather is always fine in their palaces of gold

Now an unbearable heat is sweeping across the land
Diligent and responsible water conservation is a must
Why wonít dumbasses listen to experts and scientists
But they swallowed a lie and donít know how to trust

Dig and drill for coal and oil? Sell your soul for spoils
Raping Mother Nature seems to fill some deep pockets
Take all that you desire, as forests and gulfs are on fire
And the richest? ďIím outta here in my private rocketĒ

We are only here but for a mere sec in the spec of all time
And need to heed the warnings if we donít change our ways
Or else future societies will cry for us for not seeing the signs
Because she might take it back, she will take it back, some day
Written by wallyroo92
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The Story Of A Denied Mother

The most important woman in a man or womanís life, is a mother. This narrative is in regards to the story of a ĎA Denied Mother.í By Dorothy Norwood.
The song is based on a church song I heard when I was just a child. If you ever get a moment, listen to it.
Mother according to Websterís Dictionary; bring up (a child) with care and affection.

Could you imagine, how many people of today, take their mother for granted? I would take a moment to address this very complex issue.
In this generation of the baby boomers, and the techno generations, the chemical dependency addicts, who thrust their children in the limelight of the grandparents, or within the foster care system, and the baby-making public assistance generational syndrome recipients
Why does the responsibility of the second generation to keep the family unity afloat, always comes down to mothers lending a helping hand; money handouts, or temporary residency, for not only their grandchildren, but their grown children as the package deal?
In my opinion, when a mother has raised her children to have their own children. Should she be held accountable to shoulder the burden of the next generation, when her own child has lost him or her way?
This is a very simple question with different variables, deepening on who is reading this, versus who is interpreting this.
There has to be a time, when a grown child needs to take some form of responsibility to make sensible and reasonable choices, of who fathers the child with them, teaching their children education skills; as well as respecting their own homestead, instead of lending a hand in tearing it down.
In this day and age, so many mothers, have lost the way, or do not fully understand the concept of what it means to be a responsible parent.
You now have more teenagers having babies at an early age, whereas, their mentality tends to make their realty much harsh. Therefore, to make up the absence of having the children stay within a dysfunctional home. More grandmothers are stepping to plate.
Although, itís a great environment for the children to thrive, however, the grandparentís golden years are being stolen.
I have witnessed various grandparents in my everyday waking life, who have taken on the role of not only grandmother, but the role as the financial provider, the protector within the same breath, within the same rite.
My opinion is not to condone the right of passage of the grandmotherís role in any childís life. What I am saying is. The rocky road to bad decisions, has dire consequences. Consequences, which may be beneficial to the parent at that given time, but could be a hardship placed upon others.
Where are the days, when grandparents are around to instill the lineage of values to the third generation when in doubt, parental guidance is not being emitted within some of these broken homes.
The children of today, who any noble parent have taken the time to rear into adulthood is a blessing; mainly when your grown child have adopted the concept, to do as they will, and forgo the penalties that follows.
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

News flash. These so called parents who canít difference what is the duty of a parent, and it does not excuse the fact, if you are rearing your children alone, or within a two parent household. Have far better reasons to abort that concept of failing yourself than being guilty of living it.
I am fully aware of the concept it takes a village to raise a child. Nevertheless, within that same village, it tends to collapse when members of that village do not understand the role that is looked upon.  
The responsibilities to be a parent are a gift from God. Not all women will have this fortunate role to uphold or bear.
Which is why I must add. Women if you are fortunate enough to have your own children. Rear them well with universal love. Because the parents within my present, are out in the clubs dancing their life way, destroying the fibers of their very being, and as usual, grandparents are at home overseeing your childís welfare. When the mother is addicted to drugs, and refuse to get some form of counseling, once again, the grandparents have taken temporary custody.
This epidemic not only befalls women.
You have men making babies out of wedlock, and abandoning their purpose, once their seed has been dropped, once again, no Pampers to provide, no money to buy baby formula, and living in cramped quarters thatís not spacious for the child and mother, who has been left behind to rear that child on her own, once again, returning to their parentsí home until they could do better.
Isnít it bad enough when you canít help yourself, now you have another mouth to feed and to care for. I wish economical classes are taught in high schools across America to advise the future generation to wait until you are married to have kids.
Please do not get me wrong this narrative may not apply to everyone who reads this situation; however, if youíre not ready to have a child, youíre just not ready to be parent.
Education first, and the ring will surely follow. Then you will not have children, and then decide you want a cushion life without the responsibilities; in the midst of such an unfounded excuse, you now allow your parent(s) to raise your children, as you go on with your merry life.
Be smart and make wise decisions, it only helps you, instead of hindering you in the long run.
Proverbs 22:6 If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=948BFT6omV4 †  
Please listen this beautiful song always brings tears to my eyes
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Please listen it is a very beautiful song

Entry is not to be used for the competition, this piece was submitted as food for thought only.

I do not own the rights to the song The Denied Mother song.. used for the purpose of listening pleasure

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