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A song of art

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem inspired by this quote

Good day to you chaps and chapettes of the Underground

I saw this beautiful quote on Twitter earlier and I thought… hmmm… this would be a good competition.

So I would like you to write a poem based on this quote. What does it bring out of you. Tell us in a poem.


✍️ New writes only, please.
✍️ Audio / video / visual accepted .
✍️ Any length accepted. Just don’t go nuts.
✍️ No erotica.
✍️ Poetry please, not prose.
✍️ Judged by myself.
✍️ Two weeks.

Twisted Dreamer
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Lost Love

Lost Love
She curled up there in the darkness,
In the corner where no one could see,
On edges of the tombstones,
Her heart is shattered, and it bleeds.

Everything thing around her everchanging,
The whole world distorted and insane,
She feels that no place is safe anymore,
And it is taking a toll on her brain…

She knew better than to come here,
She knew it would only bring pain,
Tears wither down to soil her cheek,
Her mind now lost in the love of the game…

Her eyes try to pierce the darkness,
Terror reigns just beyond the night sky,
Her head spinning like the web of a widow,
Her heart broken and her soul contrite…

No one can hear her screaming,
It’s mostly because no one cares,
The one she loved gone forever,
And it is more pain than she can bare…

There was no denying she loved her,
Their souls seemed to be intertwined,
When together they didn’t even need to speak,
They could just stare into each other’s eyes…

But all that they had is gone now,
She has only herself now to blame,
A memory sealed in the darkness,
Her head hangs down in the shame…

It is over
Written by exvso8m1
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Dangerous Mind
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Hello exvso8M1. I’m afraid this entry won’t be counted as valid. It doesn’t fit the brief and it’s not new. If you would like to replace it you are more than welcome. Thanks.

Fire of Insight
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i slipped
the chain
i was bright
and wide as air
and everything
in the ether
holy as  
da vinci's christ
and me,
small and plain
as dirt,
how to make  
my blue
and my silver
as stars
and how i stacked my words
just so
word on word on word,
and restacked
and polished that pillar
stark against
this small sky
'til it rolled like a prayer
off my tongue
and every stroke
of brush
and song
and chord,
i knew,  
at least,
was me
Written by javalini
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Fire of Insight
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The spokes of morning

The new day is the canvas stretched
not old dried painted chips
new sap that flows through branch and twig
cock crows, rouse sleepy hens

To raise the bugle to the lips
how welcome is the smell
as the bacon starts to crisp
summoning the nights farewell

Aromas, as the dawn lights the dewy sill
a background, that is just infill
the day is poised with crayon raised,
just outlines brushed in hues of haze

Old church bell chimes, the quarter past
the minute hand, the tillers spokes that spin
eye to mind, the will to make a start
to correlate the fusion of each whim

Download the dreamcatcher's web
as you laid and rested
tossed and turned, digested
hatched and fertilized the egg

The violins, to hear its single voice
and swaying pull the bow
 standing as soloist
the lone chorister on the breakfast show

Written by slipalong
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