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Never Forget

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest

Write a tribute about the tragedy that took place on September 11th 2001

2 weeks
2 poems per poet
No word limit but don't go crazy
Visual poems welcome

Featured is a poem I wrote and utilized a picture I found online for inspiration.

Fire of Insight
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On reflection I didn't feel this was suitable, so I have removed it.

Thought Provoker
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Random Acts Pray For Awareness

Canít cure the feeling.
Have to go.
But today the clouds are extra dark.
Minutes passed by and people fought for chaos.
Lives lost and some not retrieved.
Years pass by as they want to be heard from beyond the ash.
Written by ClearmindedVillain
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Tyrant of Words
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15 Septembers ago...

† †  
And a nation fell to its knees  
bowing its head † † †
eyes swollen from † †
painful, bloody tears † † †
dripping in the form of † † †
mothers, fathers † † †
brothers, sisters, † † †
husbands, wives, † † †  
children, families † † †
all lives changed forever † † †
things will never be the same † † †
† † †  
R.I.P the innocent that died and those that gave their lives in order to try to save others on Sept, 11 2001... † † †
never to be forgotten, always thought of, forever missed...
Written by mysteriouslady
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Fire of Insight
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Never Forget, ( our spirit is strong )

Airplanes into towers, plain view for all to see
the goal to inflict some terror, and create insanity
As we all tried to understand, such a severe attack
It brought us all together, now that we can all look back
The politicians gathered, for once no left or right
clergy from all walks of life, prayed throughout the night
Poets and musicians, sung songs for love and peace
emergency responders, kept uncovering more deceased
The world offered condolences, in languages near and far
people of all walks of life, broke down their barriers
It made us feel aghast at some inhumanity
and the tragic loss of life defied our sanity
So the world came together, ever yet so brief
as we struggled to rebuild and overcome our grief
With human sin involved we can never fully understand
what fans the fuels of hatred, against our fellow man
This day reminds the world, that G(o)od and (D)evil do exist
Yet people come together, Gods winning love, always will persist
Written by TIG
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