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All the world's a stage

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

If you had five minutes of fame, and the entire world was your stage, what message would you share??

What do you think humankind needs to hear the most?

• New writes  
• One entry  
• Any style ( including prose )
• No word limit ( it can take NO LONGER than five minutes to read )
•  Audio/Visual accepted

I will be judging this based on content/message first and foremost, followed by grammar and punctuation. In other words, if your message is powerful enough to eclipse a few grammatical errors, you win.

You have one month; best of luck.

persona non grata
Thought Provoker
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a dangerous subconsious message

When you have no fear to laugh
and you breathe like never before
Perhaps you want another path
Perhaps you need to experience more
Don't be quiet, don't stay calm
Let go of emotional pumpin' states
The people around are your shop windows
Dolls that smile around their graves
Question the real point of all
Make a friendly chat inside
All these seem true, but there're two of you
Through the time, the light has died
It's always there, bring it to life
Say it's okay for what you've been through
Accept the love, forgive the lie
Make an apocalypse of the finest you
Some ink is suffused for love to arise
for people to expand their minds
Sleep with the beauty of new beliefs
and lucid dream of the Divine
We're creations of astonishing art
but we have lost our self control
Look around you! You don't care?
There're walking dead around the world
Humanity needs a wake-up call
Make noise
Wake them all.
Written by personanongrata (persona non grata)
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Tyrant of Words
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Hi, Persona, thank you for kicking us off! I apologize for not clarifying that this comp is for new writes only. I knew I was forgetting something, and have edited the guidelines. Being that was my mistake, I will accept this submission. You have the option of leaving it as is; or, replacing it with a newer one ( simply edit/delete/then paste the new ).

My apologies and thank you for your submission.

Tyrant of Words
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More or Less

There is no sibling rivalry in my household
---just attempts to pass along
skeins of wisdom in my fabric[ation]s
but I will keep this latest hand-me-down
finely knit to a couple of needle points
allowing for a loose fit uncconstricting
so you may move about more freely:
only poetry benefits from being woven  
with words aplenty; other-wise
less is more
more or less
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

Thought Provoker
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My carelessness
Sabotaged my faithfulness
Yet I survived another day
It is one day at a time
And while everyone's seems to read their respective wall clock in a wise direction
Mine moves anticlockwise..
Believe me, you not even in my wildest thoughts
Simply coz I respect my fantasies..
I lost the sanctum situated deep inside my mind..
The blood brain barrier junction in my head breached..
One will go on living
As individuals keep talking
Tirelessly gossiping
Fellow imperfect humans sharing their disrespective thoughts on how they think you should live your fucking life..
If you can't beat them, join them?
Hell! No
And if there's any chance in hell
I'd rather drag as many of them down with me..
It is my life
My file's not confidential
So many grudges
Bridge of spies?
Neither me nor my heart's gonna budge..
Oh! Spare me the pretense
It is not a fiction
Life is written
An art of creation
Built on the foundations of perfections and imperfections..
Go on blaming me for being counterprotective
I mentioned it earlier, I'm going counterclockwise..
It is a walk to remember
If you wish to live Amber
You are gonna die
And again, you shall never be Heard..
Written by Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
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Dangerous Mind
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If I Ruled The World

If I could just get a five minute bid of fame
I'd make the world my stage and change the game  
No more of the same status quo of politricks  
Instead of talking a good game, I'd start to fix  
Fix the political, judicial and medical systems  
To be more beneficial for those who really need 'em
Would swim in shark infested waters fearlessly  
Providing restitution to those oppressed historically  
Draining the swamps of hypocrisy once and for all
Tending to the land by answering Lady Justice's call
I'm for all freedom, justice and equality no matter who for  
Lifting up the downtrodden from off of their filthy floors  
There'd be no more supremacy or superiority acceptance  
All ethnicities would be invited to the Big Money dance  
Giving everyone a chance to advance financially  
Given the opportunity, this is how the world would be  
Written by da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
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Tyrant of Words
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Thank you for all your entries. 🗒💓

Fire of Insight
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Whispers from the megaphone

We all have talent
and the audience must sit    
through so much of it,    
when a five-pound note    
rolls up to shine.    
We funnel words down cables    
hoping digital fish      
will swim across our table,    
Sealions clapping backwards    
for rewards.    
but what of fame,    
however it’s earned,    
we sleep with the same      
mask of reality    
and wake with the mistakes    
of our morning paper reviews.    
The talking cats have a billion hits    
as the janitor plays Bach    
in the shopping centre.      
The world looks on      
through theatre glasses    
and everyone’s a critic    
and we all crave our own five minutes,    
desperate to be in it,    
as the right hand goes into the liquidizer    
the left is still filming    
and the rest are just waiting      
to watch.    
So stand naked in your fields    
feel the ground beneath you,    
vomit the data bile    
in gushing screaming streams    
then kneel and fill your hands    
with hard earned earth    
and ask the forests for your forgiveness    
for they will be the guides    
and they alone will sustain us    
as the rest of the world dies    
in endings yet to be written.    
Written by Razzerleaf
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Thought Provoker
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When an ant applied for work
at the Bee Hive, citing that    
her contributions to the colony  
went unappreciated, the drone
in charge of Insect Resources    
scratched his goatee and said,  
you really should  
see the good in yourself  
---stop being so concerned  
with the buzzings of others
  < hive shaped stanza  
---do whatever it is  
that makes you  
and only YOU    
She took his wisdom  
deep into her thorax  
and returned to The Hill  
forever after seeking out  
the good not just in herself  
but in everyone and thing    
and was damn glad to be alive  
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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Twisted Dreamer
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Give your collective heads a shake
Shoehorn them out of your arse
Greed is a deadly mistake
Grandchildren will suffer your farce

You'll leave them fancy cars
And a house too big to clean
But if they can't see the stars
What will your possessions mean

They'll mean you're a selfish twit
They'll mean you've gone to hell
Your legacy of destructive shit
Gives off a bitter smell

Your cars burn, or rust away
The house will be ransacked
The wild west will have its day
As outlaws plan attack

And the grandkids shake with fear
The shouts, and shots approach
Their eyes will shed a tear
As they watch the outlaws poach

Your private well runs deep
Hoarding precious H2O
But your poisonous industries weep
And pollute the vital flow

Your grandkids raped, and enslaved
By the ones you left behind
On your tombstone they engraved
Here lies a thoughtless mind
Written by Mastersensation (Pent)
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Strange Creature
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I wish words had the power to change.
You may think they do, but I regret to tell you otherwise
You see, words merely have the power to convict
But without action, all you have is hope, a wish, a desire even.
Would not MLK's speech be in vain had not marching and protests been in order?
A Christian, I am not. However,
According to the Bible, we see Jesus going through pain and suffering, followed by the cross.
Why would God not speak sins forgiven instead of having the theatricals?
Because even God understood; words convict, but application of works speaks volumes.
My point is this,. You can be inspired by motivational speakers by the mass.
You can choose to listen, but aren't you tired? Aren't you tired of listening all the time?
The time to act is now.
You have the where-with-all to do it all, but petty things like fear must be cast aside.
Forgive yourself and push forward.

Tyrant of Words
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Thank you all for your individual messages!

Fire of Insight
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Murder Hornets

I have been feeling,    
Of late ...    
that the Murder Hornets have missed us by miles      
And they are sure shot      
Tangle with the most like daggers      
Leaving an Unkindness of Ravens      
Furrowed brow      
(If they’d had any)      
Over eyes      
Narrowed in on outlines in chalk      
But figments and scatter      
Shadow people      
Who stand and walk away      
Under the cover of bold sun      
It might just be okay.. ..      
The newspaper green at its memory      
When pages had fluttered from      
Worst to worst      
Might the best remain?      
I feel of late it might have been      
A narrow miss      
An allegorical      
Cause and escape      
Whether the cage door pried?      
It matters      
The Sunshine be bold on backs      
that  once crawled and drew a determined flock      
Un shadowing arms    
That once  held the hands of clocks
Written by Calamityofgin
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Thought Provoker
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