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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 12th Oct 2020
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Glass Half Full

Used to know a crazy hoe, now I don't mess with her
I was always stressed and depressed, she raised my blood pressure
I never found my nuts compressed under overbearing weight
Torture urges did I suppress, all I could do is wait
A torture surge did I possess, with every slut that followed
Each left my crotch a total mess, my nutsack squished and hollowed
The year has been a huge success, in terms of getting hurt
And yes as you would guess,
I mean the way that makes me squirt
Written by Girthquake
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 12th Oct 2020
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Moving On

One more pluck from the tree of my ailing heart
This prose will be nasty, like the wettest of fart
A young lad is going through a lot, I cannot front
So now if you would, allow me to be blunt
I no longer desire the warmth of a cunt
You can take your boobs and give them a punt
When one plays with your head as well as your gut
And they never supplied the destruction of nut
They demote themselves, from sheets to the streets
And I'll promote myself, to the beater of meats
I see how to some that came off a little gay
Understand that I don't desire men in any way
When your cock is a scale replica of the Eiffel Tower
A singular "meat" does not justify its power
Moral of the story, a young lad will be fine
All I need is oral, the self-serving kind
Have a good day and always remember
Unless she tears sack, you should never defend her
Written by Girthquake
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 24th Sep 2013
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Stranger's Hands

Sharing comfort in immediate distance, but neither of us can deny the conversion
As if I touched you with a stranger’s hands,
As if you have no memory of my touch you once craved
There is a sadness in knowing what was is ending, so maybe it’s time for new beginnings
End us misplaced in confusion before we spiral into further delusion

Once lost in a euphoric daze, trapped in a sensual maze from our sexual escapades
Now lost, dazed, and trapped by the perception of closing walls of closure
Realizing more that its over, when you touched me with a stranger’s hands
Morphed from meaning so much to caring so little

I look at you and see eyes that have glazed over, feel a heart that’s frozen colder
Sober from intoxication, losing my high of you, I’ve killed your vibe from me too
Lips dry from the drought of never kissing you,
There is no sorrow of missing you
And you don’t seem to care anymore than I do
So even if we try to touch, the feeling is so strange
As we try to regain the few remains

Sharing your company in loneliness only justifies homeliness  
The silk of your fingertips replaced with diamond coarse concrete
Now all we have are reminisces of familiarity in stranger’s hands  
Your touch is that of content conclusion, allusion to confirm lover’s resolution
Written by FreeLove87 (SamuraiEde)
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Tyrant of Words
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Joined 15th Oct 2018
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Bunglesome & then some

Was it worth it?  I'm talking about my life, here  
and the time and devotion I poured into her life  
I Felt it was a wellspring of life for me (too)  
at least we are still good friends.  
Weighted,  my mirror blinded me  
from reflections –  
deflected… inflections… interpretations…
or perhaps I just didn't  want to believe  
I fell last month and there was no one around  
to catch me and it hurt...a lot (still smarts).  
Damn, I am constantly licking the deep scratches  
that used to bleed bright now a sticky dark red  
[ Mmmm, the smell of metallic iron
smearing the red elixir meant for life
over my skin like a soothing salve of control ]
At the end of the tunnel  
I found light if but a ray
 to whisk me away  
to the next terminal  
where hopefully  
a friend waits to keep me
embrace me  
than the broken mirror  
that weighs me down  
here with false hope  
tearful facade  
We will ever
Be friends and love one another. . .
my love, however,  
like cheap perfume
doesn't go away  
right away,  
it lingers...  
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 6th July 2021
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Quietly, I found myself
a secret place to hide my things
it's in the space,
the vacant places
the empty sockets that were left
the dead veins holding the rest,
holding the rest from a decent shot
at taking a nice, new breath.
It's all I've got.
This is all I've got left.
Try not to leave this place a mess,
when it's time.
When it's the end of the end.
I hope to God I don't think of it.
I hope to God that I can get out of it.

Atleast I think that I did.
So what the fuck kind of sense does it make to do this?
And you fucking know that I did.
Every ounce of hate I've tamed, and let go to the wind.
Because it's impossible to win.
There's nothing left to fight for when there's no one left to see it.
It's in the empty, vacant places.
The place where the deepest darks are kept locked a secret.
The empty sockets that it left.|
Quietly, I cursed myself.
I guess I just haven't changed much yet
Written by Dreamboy
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Twisted Dreamer
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Joined 20th June 2021
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Words Have Powers

I got an ominous vibe
Didn't remember who they knew
Some souped up car in the garage
An eerie shade of blackish-blue

I felt like an intruder
Ducking to descend the basement steps
Various weapons adorned the walls
Strangers stood in the shadowy depths

I moderated my consumption
Needed a level head
A fistful of pills was offered
Yellow, white, black, and red

Refusing felt like a mistake
Looked around for a familiar face
Only strangers filed into the room
It was a dark, and shrinking space

My senses started to swoon
I think I dropped my cup
Cloaked figures looked on with concern
When I think I finally woke up

My throat acidic-like bile
A funnel was making me gag
A wretched, old man poured liquid
From an odorous, leathery bag

I tried to resist the violation
Helpless to raise a limb
The room now spooky, and empty
Only me, and him, and Him

A catheter coiled beside me
I could feel its irritation
It led back around to the wine skin
That fed my irrigation

He pumped it like a bellow
The other content to observe
Said in a soothing voice,
"To refuse Me took some nerve."

One cackled, "Don't lose your mind!"
As foam dripped from his chin
I struggled to keep it together
The veil of sanity thin

He came behind, and embraced him
As crooked fingers pressed my eyes
When again permitted to open them
I witnessed a synchronize

They shared the strongest features
His muscles, mind, and looks
They reached along a shelf
And chose one of the books

Raised letters of tarnished hues
The title, Poems by Pent
It opened pluming dust
To a page with corner bent

A morbid incantation
The strangers began to read
The funnel was removed
My nose began to bleed

Blood seeped into my mouth
Which I had no strength to shut
I began to suffocate
As the strangers read my smut

They finished the last line
As I managed one final breath
He told me, "Words have powers,
And these have caused your death."

Written by Mastersensation (Pent)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 20th Sep 2012
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I Drink My Coffee Black.

Stirring sugar into it,
Is the vision I have of you,
As we sat sipping in the morning,
And the taste of your lips,
That still lingers,
Decades later.

Cream mixed in becomes,
The liquid chocolate of your skin,
Still brings tingling to mine,
And is a memory,
That delights my eyes,
Decades later.

Decades later,

In lament,
I drink my coffee black.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 20th Sep 2012
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Faded to Gray

The memories have faded,  
And with them,    
Much of the pain.    
As those memories faded,    
The anger,    
Why him?    
Why not me?    
Bright colorful snapshots,    
Replaced by,    
A mellowed image,    
Washed out,    
Nearly lost to the fog of time,    
Nearly transparent,    
Of what once was.    
Bits still survive,    
In Sepia.    
I held your hair back,    
While you vomited,    
Your too much beer,    
You had at the party.    
Walking across campus,    
My arm around your waist,    
Your hand in my back pocket.    
Walking in the warm spring rain,    
Soaking wet,    
We were so very young.    
There are many,    
No longer vivid,    
Still warm me at night,    
Not forgotten.    
I thought of you,    
The other day,    
When Joanie,    
Breast cancer.    
Your wedding was the week,    
After mine.    
Yours ended,    
Mine is dying.    
I Googled,    
The name,    
I knew you by;    
I Googled,    
The name you took,    
Marrying him,    
Before divorcing him;    
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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More Than Strangers

Maybe this is all just a nightmare,
On repeat, but I cannot help it
With the way he always stares
At me like he knows we fit
So perfectly together. Maybe
We knew each other from some
Other life, but in this one he
Is some stranger with his thumb
On the control button. We both
Admit to having chemistry no one
Could understand. I made an oath
And an absolute promise to never run
Away from all the feelings I would
Always keep bottled up. Maybe in
This life he knows what we could
Have had and the road we have been
Driving on has led us to be something
More than just strangers. We are more
Than people who have been numbing
The pain and shutting the wide-open door
 On people who continue to hurt us every
Single time. Maybe he came in to repair
Something that was feeling like treachery
Or betrayal in my heart. With no more air
Left to breathe he was the air and breath
I needed to survive. So, while he might
Be a stranger he kept me away from death’s
Door as this would no longer be my last fight.
In a world with so much hate, anger and
Darkness he became my new homeland.
Written by eswaller
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Eroticah. Honey. Bee
Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 21st Nov 2014
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Letter to the Lost Lover

Lost love, forbidden lover.
Read this and know this is my final adieu.
For years I have conspicuously placed poems for you. Teased and led you on while thinking everything I knew was true.  
But I was lying to myself thinking you were obsessed with me, and in reality the obsession resided in me and my three beings.  
Three beings have become of me. Failed relationships and broken hearts have created this monstrosity.  
Promiscuity and erotic behavior have unleashed unforgivable behaviors and sadly you were caught in my web of dark prayers.  
It seems odd to perceive this as true. How could I, little Bee, be obsessed with Mr. Pleasures. Yes… obsessed with you.  
I would stalk to see if you were talking about me. Did you write me a secret poem, did you secretly mention me.  
And as the days, weeks, months, and years have passed. I found myself thinking why did all of this come to pass.  
No I did not want you, but I did not want to let go of you either.  
I moved on. Grew  gardens and yet still found you.  
You lived on and still snuck to see what newfound being would present themselves  
And yet Here I was,  the devil prowling around.  
Forgive me for my teasing, dreadful ways.  
For I knew I could snatch you up and eat you like innocent prey.  
My mind has been sick and I’ve lured you in  
But I can’t tear you open anymore. I have to end it.  
I don’t think I can ever be close to you. But I honestly wish the best for you.  
It’s better if I keep away and let you know that I’m not as far as you may think. But always remember the good side of Bee.  
Always remember the good sides of me.  
The smiling teen behind curls of wonder.  
The lover in the rain, that made you ponder.  
The stumbly princess that danced the night away.  
And yes the first one to make you push your fears away.  
I’m sorry it took so long to do this…  
This is my last poem to you.  
Though our hearts that seemed to be intertwined for so long, have grew separate branches and began to mold…  
The heart of it all  led me to believe, that I could have you whenever I pleased.  
Pleasing a pleasurer, was nothing you see to the queen of it all.  
The queen of honey.  
I’ve led this persona that has now branched into three and danced with the devil to make me deceive  
Sadly I believed…. That you were still so unfathomably obsessed with me.  
Forgive me. For my twisted ways and inking.  
I’m freeing you now from the maze of wishful thinking.  
You, never had a real opportunity. And I’m not sure you even wanted to conceive something more than friendship with me.  
But even friendship is more than I can allow with this lifetime.  
Next, lifetime is where we would meet.  
In better circumstances you’d probably see the real me.  
I, am a mother now. And that’s where I will be.  
I, am a wife now. This is where I will be.  
You, have a life now and that’s where you will stay.  
You have your heart, that still needs last mendings.  
And I, will, pray that you find your way to a blissful ending.  
Ending. Is what I have to do.  
To save you from the pain I may have caused you. Good bye Christian.  
This is, my last adieu.  
To my lost, forbidden lover. I’ll always love you,  
Written by troublesome_98 (Eroticah. Honey. Bee)
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