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Strange Creature
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Poetry Contest

it's hard to deal with the pain if you can't let it go...

I just keep falling
Like a rain from cloud
In a lonely night
☆ Dark room
Lamp light ☆
Loudly storm
Out thereÖ u knocked my door
While my heart beating so fast
Now we lying at the same floor ☆
U know I can trust
Ur skin Öyour wet hairÖ while u laughing
☆ U softly killing me
While u talking Öand Iím holding my cope of tea
Be my sky
In u let me fly ☆
In u let me dieÖ ☆
I got nothing but u
Wondering if I Ďm your world too?!
You are my mirror ☆
I can see myself in clearer
Hotter than fire!
From u I can never be tired ☆
Be my wildest thoughts
You are the first
That crosses my heart
And stay alive
Donít worry ☆
U will never get lost
Now u simply gone
You are not here anymore
But your smell still in my room
Your smile stuck in my mind
They say bad choices makes good memories ☆
But I donít know if u were angel or demon
Hell or heavenÖ
But why I canít stop from falling?
Deeper and deeper
☆ Into the darkest places of your heart
Into The darkest part of your mind
And Iím stillÖcanít stop from falling!
Canít get you out of my head ☆
☆ Canít get you out of my bed!
Your whispers God sack stop killing me!
I HATE YOU! Because you left on me a scars
I HATE YOU! Because Iím falling for your eyesÖ ☆

Tyrant of Words
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Canto Recanto Gray Shade Enchanto

Bound Tight In Crimson And Indigo

Arm To Arm The Pain Won't Go Go

The Fall Of The Heart This You Know Know

Our Minds Spin In Dance Just So Slow Slow

Razor Footsteps Oh Pierce My Soul Soul

Wings As Blades Take Their Toll Toll

The Diamond Eyes Dark As Coal Coal

All Past Weeps On Death's Knoll Knoll
Written by Blackwolf (I.M.Blackwolf)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Swallow us whole

There is a pain that dwells beneath the surface of my lungs that even death himself will not go near, As if it is a nuclear warhead coming to its final crescendo;
Only that I myself have swallowed the warhead whole.
I think it hurts me so much because of all the times I ignored her, and the pain that she was slowly carving into the side of my rib cage.

Her name is Angelica, and she is me, except that I only acknowledge my own pain,
In fear that once I let the torn tattered carcass of my soul out, she will never go back in.
I do not cry at night anymore, because I am too afraid that once I start she will never stop.
I think that I have kept her hidden away for so long is because I do not want to feel the familiar sting of the pain I have carried with us for so long.

I am too scared to let that lonely afraid woman out, because deep down I know she has gone mad with rage, and I do not have the heart to kill the last bits of my soul.
I tell myself that this is human nature, that the pain in my chest demanding to be felt is normal and that I am not in denial.
As if I do not feel the woman inside my chest dying, as If the pain is not killing me too.
Written by Fallen_Angel_194 (Angel.)
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Fire of Insight
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Ease up bitch
Before I take the razors and leave you in a ditch
We are in it together so shut the fuck up
I only have me Asshole no fucking sub

You see me falling but do you let up- NO
You scream in my ear like a fucking hyped up hoe
Instead of lending a hand you lend a foot
Feels like you keep stomping me with your size 31 boot

I tell you I need to breathe and you say ''SO WHAT''
I'll show you ''so what'' when i start to cut, cut, cut
I can drain myself from you as easily as you claim not to be fair
I see the traps your laying for me - So don't you fucking dare

I am telling you today for the last time to ease up and treat me well
As I am doing my best even though you cannot tell
I took all the fucking rotten tomatoes you gave me and planted them deep
Now that I am enjoying the fruits of my despair you wanna come make me weep


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Fire of Insight
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My fate was set on the night we met
I played red and I lost the bet
I should have played black, yes I do regret
For now there is no denying that I am in your debt

With no Judgment you took me in your comfortless embrace
I knew this wasnít love, But I had a place.
Not just a corner, but limitless breathing space
And at least here I donít have to wear a smile on my face

Your shadows lead me to graves dug up and coffins opened
The stench of rotting flesh burns my nose, and yet no emotions are woken
For the need is no longer there to regain that which was lost
The lessons were learned and I paid the cost.

My hunger fed to satisfaction, I have no want
I am left nefarious and with the need to hunt

Prey let loose
The thrill, the chaseÖ
The kill
At will

Supplied with blood the pen to fill
To slit the throat, Breath releasedÖ
The flesh to feast
To nurture my inner beast
Another piece of the light deceased!

The need for more makes the want seem superficial Ė Cosmetic!
But you imprinted on me- Itís now genetic.
Part of the unlit murky shadows and the unapologetically authentic
For black cannot be hidden- Its dark nature too majestic
Light is poetic but the dark is prophetic
And now itís for my soul to accept it
The connection IT and I share is magnetic!

A willingly captured prisoner no longer a hostage
Shackles now jewels and addicted to the bondage

Treacherously fascinated
Emotionally mutilated
And mentally rejuvenated.
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Thought Provoker
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I Just Realized...

If I walked past you
would you recognize me?

Iíve never seen your face
But the connection we have is real!

Youíve seen my picture
But I could be a mixture
Of a million people
Youíve came across in a crowd

Would I standout...
Without a doubt?

I know you see me with ya mindís eye
But is that enough
To make you undeny
What we had together?

Our chemistry,
Our ministry!

Our sexual suggestion
Was perfection!

Our intellectual connection
Was a blessing!

I miss our

Never forget me!

When your poexual urges get too loud...

Always search for me

In the crowd
Written by Absence
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Thought Provoker
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Half of a man...Part of a King

God took manís rib to form the woman  
But he took my heart to form you
Iíve lost half my ability to function  
Heartless to every other woman in view  
Going through the motions, emotionless  
Not even bothering to pretend  
Ever since you removed your love from me
I can never be more than half of a man  
Iíve played the fool for you
Iíve been playing with womenís hearts ever since  
All these ladies wanna be my princess  
But I only wanna be your charming Prince
Other women wanna possess me
But I could never be their everything  
I canít be wholehearted without you  
Without my Queen Iím only part of a King
Written by Absence
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Saying I'm Sorry to a Stranger

We were walking down to Tommyís  
The local burger joint, a couple of blocks from school
For fries and drinks
Most of us did that right before practice
But on this particular day
As four of us walked down the hill
An older man, afflicted with what looked like CP was approaching
I donít remember the conversation we were having
But as the old man was near we got quiet
Thatís when
Alex mocked him
Louis laughed out loud like it was the most hilarious thing  
While Frank and I, laughed awkwardly looking at each other
Like saying ďthatís fucked upĒ
That memory had all but faded until recently
When looking at my nephew reaching milestones in his journey
I feel a sense of joy for him and his parents  
Knowing that heís beaten the odds
Perhaps itís the guilty conscience of a stupid young teenager
Remembering how insensitive or how thoughtless that wasÖbut
My momma taught me better than that
Louis left to another school Sophomore year, never seen or heard from since
Alex, after graduation, has not been seen or heard from either
Frank, I heard he passed away a couple of years ago
And I, from time to time carry a guilty conscience for laughing  
Now praying, saying Iím sorry to a stranger
Written by wallyroo92
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Deceptive Fraud

I illuminate my mind with devoted logic
Never again will I passively ascribe  
to temporal promised salvation
I cleanse my eyes with holy water
ridding myself of pining reverie
Fake cult with fakest prophet
phony zealot, trickster- leader
Your immaculate love for all
utterly rank, tainted sanctimony
cherished creed an evil chimera
Multitudes adore, worship you
Impoverished individuals fall
face down to the ground
still giving beyond their means
hoping for a sliver of affection
You preach acceptance, love
Be kind to all best as you can.
Everyone is so equal, so special.
Thatís the rancid snake oil you sell!
Those able to purchase your favors?  
evidently are just a bit more beloved.
You weep bloody crocodileís tears
as dejected devotees, many deprived,
of any way to reach your affections
depart, feeling worse than before.
Disillusioned, distraught, denied of
pure friendship gospel, benevolence.
Salvation for love-starved lonely souls
Your liturgy, your anthems, your smile
sickened so many sorrowful spirits.
Answer me this, big-tent showman
how do you meet your gaze in the mirror?
When your eyes reflect the lies told
to get your filthy tickets and trinkets sold?
Your mouth spills out lies and cries  
of being oh-so misunderstood
I heard you mighty fine, sinnerman
you just canít deceive anymore.
I am onto your wicked design.  
Don't think I won't call for curtain
showing all the one behind the scam
Innocent people, looking for scraps
of love, kindness, acceptance fall
for your good looks and pretty words
We all want to feel special somehow.
To prey on the young and innocent
is a heinous crime you can never undo.
But I, once inside, who chose to leave
can rescue poor unfortunate souls
Show them the mirror of purest truth
That their self-worth, respect, esteem
priceless to them, is worth pennies to you.
Written by inechoingsilence
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Lost Thinker
United States
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We sneak outside in the summertime.
We were piano keys, we were
Piano keys
We were somewhere else at different times in different places
We were cautious of those around us.
We were private parties, we were living bodies.
We were piano keys dancing nicely, right in line.
We were piano keys and we were alive.
We love to sneak outside.
Written by Dreamboy
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Strange Creature
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I can't give you the world

I can't give you the world: I can't give you the world, because over the years this world turned evil, lustful, and corrupted. All due to money. I can't give you something that you don't need. This world done turned upside down there are a bunch of undeserved and ungrateful people on this earth looking for good people like you and me baby. You have to keep your guard and watch the people you communicate with. The love of money is the root of all evil I mean yea you want it to pay bills and to take care of your responsibilities, but to try to live a lavish lifestyle living above your meanings is not the way to go it's the devil's way to go. Baby, I can't give you the world all I can give you is my time loving you until there is no breath left in my body. I can give you TLC TENDER LOVE AND CARE
Written by Driqwright1490
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Valhalla's divorce court

Our story should not be tossed and crushed,
one to be told, booming in great halls
with dripping goblets and roaring fires,
boar's legs, pig's heads and laughter.
Not lost to papers, shuffled on table tops
picked at by who, has what, and not.

Our village smashed, hammer and axe,
babies wrapped and passed crying,
my chest opened with a signature,
anger stayed but at what cost?
I bathe with melting candles,
pennies swapped for pound coins
on eyes that wont open; without you.
Written by Razzerleaf
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Kaden Malis
Fire of Insight
United States
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Forever haunted

We open our eyes
To another fading day
Will today be the day
Our last bit of love fades
We move through the house
Like spectres from another time
Haunting the spaces we shared
Not wanting to see the signs
I can't see you
And you can't feel me
We've lost each other
Inside our own dreams
We each had a vision
Of how this would play out
But our perceptions
Have become crippled with doubt
We no longer live
Every breath for each other
Our feelings have died
But we're still together
We can't go on
We've got to let it go
Or we'll be forever haunted
By each other's ghost
Written by Kaden_Malis (Kaden Malis)
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Thought Provoker
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Strange Love

I realized I didn't know the stranger looking back at me
That mirror is a liar, that's plain to see.
I hadn't been out in a year, since the divorce
There was a period of mourning that had to run its course
A friend trying to get me out there wanted to play pool
I knew what he was doing, but I played the fool
She waited on me, waif with red hair bringing me a rum and coke
She kept coming back, a twinkle in her eye when she spoke
I didn't know her, and she didn't know me  
Strangers in a bar, probably all we'd ever be
She kept messing with me, and I messed back.
"Didn't your mom teach you not to talk to strangers," I asked?
"You're no stranger than the rest of these  guys"
My buddy left, after beating me mercilessly despite a number of tries
I hung around, as I really had no where else to go
And there was this redhead I wanted to know
She told me her eyes were blue but they were gray to me
Reminded me of storm clouds over an angry sea
We sparred all night with humor and wit
She was smart and funny, and had a ton of grit
When she got off work, we went next door  
For some breakfast and coffee and to talk some more.
I could have talked to her all night, and that's what we did.
We talked about our past, our exes, and kids
We talked until the sun started to show
And the more we talked, my feelings would grow
Falling in love with a stranger, I'd never done it before
But then I realized, she was a stranger no more.
Written by TimWombles
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Tyrant of Words
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a commonality of odds


walked past
you on the

barely noticed
you were

the sun




the light in
a strangers
eyes fade

fingers of
cruelty brushing
across the face of
a life never known,
never remembered

Written by buddhakitty
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